Scientists made a discovery– quite by accident.  They were testing a new form of carbon for toxicity but discovered it increased the lives of lab rats by 90%.

Did you catch that?  I just added it in there…

90% longer healthier life?


“This is the biggest news in chemistry I could have imagined,”
…Robert Whetten on carbon 60, University of California, Los Angeles.

More results of the benefits of carbon 60 on the Wistar rats were found:

  1. Memory and learning speed were increased significantly (Wistar rats).
  2. Age related cognitive decline and tumors of the animals were completely prevented.  Potential negative effects of environmental toxins and radiation were eliminated.  Test animals on C60 lived long, vigorous and healthy lives. C60 does not exhibit toxicity at even absurdly high doses and is safe.
  3. Telomere length is directly related to lifespan. Telomeres wrap the ends of the chromosomes, keeping them stable.  Oxidative stress has been found through research to be a significant cause of telomere shortening, the main cause of aging.


Ok is this fakery?  Is this quackery at it’s finest?  Well, it’s turns out that no, it’s not.
Here are some peer reviewed scientific papers:

The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60]fullerene.

Sub-acute oral toxicity study with fullerene C60 in rats

So great, if the Wistar rats lived longer, could we?  Is that why we should take Carbon 60?   Long life is only one reason but most take carbon 60 because it detoxes the body in an astonishing way making one feel young, improving health, improving confidence, motivation and well being.

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Carbon 60 is 172 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

Our process

  • We use the highest quality Olive oil, pressed from Koroneiki olives directly from farms in Greece.  No other oil can deliver Carbon 60 in the way Olive oil does.  Some are using avocado and coconut oils but there is zero evidence these oils distribute C60 to every cell.  Lipidomics shows these and other oils will work to some extent, but can in no way compare to the efficacy of high quality olive oil.
  • We pulverize C60 millions of times over a week.  So far, we’re the first and only manufacturer to do so.  We invented the process!  Pulverizing C60 raises it’s frequency.   C60 is greasy and clumps together.  Clumps of carbon 60 are called  nC60, while molecules are called C60.  These clumps are in the microscopic 300nm range.  Imagine ‘clumps’ of carbon 60 trying to dissolve in oil?  It would be like trying to dissolve a toffee bar in water instead of dissolving grains of sugar.  Sugar is granulated to make it easier to dissolve.  But C60 is much more difficult to dissolve in oil.
  • No metal is used in our process.  This pulverizing is conducted in an inert atmosphere to prevent crystallization.
  • We use powerful sonication (21khz) to ‘open’ the oil and dissolve the carbon 60. However after a certain length of time with the sonicator, the process reverses. It took much experimentation !
  • We DO NOT use toluene for any reason!

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Hydrogen combines with oxidative free radicals which produces water.  2 molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen give H2O.  The hydrogen molecule is very small, so small in fact that it cannot be kept for long in steel containers because the hydrogen molecule can easily fit between the molecules of steel and escape.

Hydrogen remains in the body for about ten minutes before it escapes.  Recent studies have shown the carbon 60 molecule has the ability to capture hydrogen molecules, stop them escaping and deliver hydrogen to the entire body.

So when free radicals meet the hydrogen in the cage of the carbon 60 molecule, they combine to form water.  Eating an apple is said to produce vast amounts of hydrogen, which is captured by the carbon molecule.

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