Report- February 26th 2021

26th February 2021


Dear Reader,

Thanks to all our customers, the response we received on the new products was overwhelming. We are getting busier and busier! Shipping delays due to the virus are far less than they were at Christmas. In fact in many cases, there are no delays.

Heart Glue

This is a phenomenal product. It is for releasing past hurt and grief. Of course, regular readers will ask- if it brings out grief, is there strong downtime with this stuff?

For new readers, when one clears out emotions, they don’t simply vanish. They are E-motions, which means the are energy in motion and they must go somewhere. So they come up to the surface and can be felt as ‘downtime’.

So with Heart Glue, it’s not exactly downtime per-se, the detox or ‘cold turkey’ of the emotions feels more like disillusionment, not depression or black downtime.

We always begin with one drop per day, and and then increase the drops per day you take, until you feel a comfortable level for you personally.

If you are a brave soul and take a lot more, try exercise or physical activities. Be creative, do something creative like drawing, painting a.s.o. and this will help with downtime, and remember to breath 🙂

During these periods of downtime, it’s so easy to forget that it is the Heart Glue that is working and your life is not in the toilet! Try to remember- Aha! this is the Heart Glue! It is working and will pass. Gradually you will feel happier and happier as all grief is released.

Does taking Liquid Confidence with Heart Glue help with downtime?
Yes it does! It works extremely well. It is literally like putting your hand inside your chest and taking the downtime out!

So we have created a new product. We modified Liquid Confidence a little using alchemy, and combined it with Heart Glue. It’s not for sale just yet, but we’ll get there lol.

Liquid Confidence

Anyone who takes Liquid confidence soon realizes just how powerful it is. As I noted, if you take Heart Glue and then Liquid Confidence, it is like taking a broken heart and filling it with love- all in one go. It also gives one a sense of hope which is nice.

Will Liquid Confidence get rid of feelings I have been having in the past?
Absolutely it will. And it doesn’t take three months to work. You will notice it’s effect on the day you take it- very powerful.

Will Liquid Confidence help with a job interview?
Again, yes it will help and will help with any kind of exam. It will help business people and people involved with sales.

It gives one a huge boost of confidence which can be used for multiple purposes- even romantic reasons.

Love Potion

I’m still working on the art work for this because I wont let anyone else do it! Here is a sneak preview..


As I said previously, Love potion is for those who are ready for love.

What do I mean, physical love? emotional love? spiritual love?
I mean unconditional love to oneself and to others. That is what is necessary. Yes it does all these things- emotional, physical, spiritual love and also makes one very highly attractive in the eye’s of others, and makes others be attracted to you.

But it is best if one uses Heart Glue to remove past grief before one is ready for Love Potion. You can still take Love Potion, and it will do it’s best to remove hurt and pain, but that is not it’s speciality. It’s speciality is unconditional love.

Hair Serum

In the past, we have said using the Elixir on the scalp to aid hair loss would help, and it does. But the Elixir is really a powerful healing tool and not exactly designed to grow hair back.

So we have created another Alchemical product for hair loss. It is a very masculine product and will make men feel all-male. It should be applied to the scalp, from the ears to the top of the head. Only ten drops daily is needed. Any more will simply be a waste of product.

One should notice a difference in about three to four months. It does work for women, but it is great for men!

The Present

Living in the moment is the ultimate in staying in ones power. It is not merely the verb ‘sliding’, it is sliding itself.

The Anglo-Saxon word for wise or being wise is; ware. So, when one is, a-ware, that is very wise. Try to be aware of hot and cold on your skin, what your body is feeling, what you are looking at and what sounds you hear.

Then forget all that, it’s all gone now. Be Aware of feelings, sights, sounds and impressions anew, in the room or space you are in.

The present is a present or gift because one’s power is revealed and one is empowered.

Confidence is a concomitant effect, Not a result. There are other benefits too. And with power comes health and youth. People who give their power away- wither.


You are not perfect, and you are perfect because there is no-one like you. A tree may have warts and protrusions but it is perfect as it is with all it’s ‘imperfections’. This is what we are pretending not to know.

Many thanks to Mr. S. from Norway for this report:


I’m currently on a healing journey and my goal is unconditional self-love. 
Which product would you recommend that I take to compliment the shadow work I’m doing? 
Heart Glue or Love Potion? or both? Again, the desire is to come home to myself.

Further, I would like to let you know that I’m absolutely in love with my solar charm, it gives me an overall sense of wellbeing and protection. I’ve also had very intense insightful dreams that have helped me in doing my shadow work, so that’s brilliant! I’m very excited to see what more it will do for me as time goes on. 🙂




Best Regards

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