Carbon 60 Status Report- 9th October 2020

9th October 2020

Dear Reader,


I think for everyone, the last few weeks haven’t been working out maybe as they should have. Perhaps the planet went through some kind of wobble? Anyway let it go, we’re starting a new week.


Prostate Gland
Following on from last report, I’d like to reiterate that it’s important not to apply too much to this area. A small smear is enough, maybe the tip of a finger once a week to begin with.

I know there are scallywags out there who will ignore this advice, but you have been warned! This area has a lot of blood cells and is more delicate than one would think.

The place to apply the Elixir is between the testes and posterior. We’ve done some tests and estimate that my prostate in that of a 29yo and I am waay past 29 haha.

But keep in mind that I have been using the Elixir for about 1.5 years now on my body generally and as noted in the past, my body age would be about 46.7yo.

My prostate will continue to reduce in age to about mid twenties but will not get any younger than that. Now I only apply the Elixir every 8 days as that is more than enough.

If you experience any pain at all- stop and give yourself a break for a week or two to recover.


Many thanks to Mr. J.B. He has been using the Elixir on the testes area and sent us his latest blood results for testosterone.

Blood Results_(BMH)_01_10_2020

As you can see, the average testosterone count for a 47yo male is between 8 and 29.
Mr. J.B.’s testosterone is almost 29!

You can also see average free-testosterone is between .2 and .62 for a 47 year old male. But J.B.’s free-testosterone is .54 which is very healthy.

He used our previous Elixir not Sekhmet Elixir. Mr. J.B. describes his application and the amount he used as: “I’ve used the elixir from time to time on the testes”. I would take this to mean 4-5 times over a six month period.

I am certain that his testosterone will increase much further in due course.


Money and Spirituality
Buddha, one of the great teachers on Earth dealt with acquiring a lot of money this way: He taught that it was okay for a man to earn any amount of wealth provided he uses that wealth with wisdom and selflessness.

He said to his disciple, Anathapindika; “It is not wealth and power that enslave a man, but the cleaving to them. He who possesses wealth, and uses it rightly, will be a blessing unto his fellow beings.”

There is no positive Karma for giving a millionaire $50. But give $50 to a hungry child and the Universe will bless you 10 times over for it.

Best Regards

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