Carbon 60 Status Report- 25th September 2020

25th September 2020

Dear Reader,


The subconscious…

Business is steadily increasing for us but at some point it will explode. I don’t think that is too far away to be honest.

California Fires

Shout out to Mr. C.P. somewhere in the middle of the California fires who took time to write to us. Lets pray he and his loved ones are safe.

Mr. C.P. mentioned the smoke is so toxic, C60 can barely keep up with resulting damage, but we advised him to try rubbing a very small amount of C60 Sekhmet olive oil or Elixir on lungs area.

If any pain is experienced in the lungs after application, that’s good because it means the damage is being drawn out and healing is occurring. We also advised him to stop application of C60 if there is any pain at all and resume application after 1 week.

This is very important and it’s easy to forget what a ‘healing crises’ is. To go over it quickly, a healing crises is when healing is occurring so rapidly that it causes pain or a healing pain.

So if you experience a weird pain somewhere, look for the cause- did you hurt that area recently? If not then it’s likely the alchemical carbon 60 is healing something at a deep level.

So again it’s best to stop consuming C60 olive oil or applying the elixir if you feel pain somewhere, give it a week and resume.

Prostate Gland

A customer wrote and told us that since using the Elixir, his prostate gland has reduced in size and wanted further information. Prostate gland issues can affect 1 in 3 men as they get older.

As men pass the age of 30, their prostate gland becomes slightly bigger each year. It produces stray random cells which can join together and form cancer.

If the Elixir is smeared on that area, it will cut out these stray random cells and help prevent cancer like a healthy diet would, except in a far more powerful way.

Sacral Chakra
When there is emotional hurt of some kind, a man’s testosterone levels reduce. Why is this? Because hurt is insecurity and that belongs to the feminine principle. Testosterone is a key factor in desire and low testosterone reduces desire.

Not only that, this hurt or past hurts ends up getting caught in the sacral chakra and a mans performance is badly effected to the point he becomes feminine, sort of ‘caring sharing’ as his masculinity is destroyed and is rendered impotent.

If one has problems in this area, it’s best to remove the cause of hurt for example negative people or person first before anything else. If a man concentrates on becoming more masculine in his outlook, testosterone naturally increases. It’s amazing how our emotions can effect hormones like testosterone.

Other methods are of course auto-suggestion, raising kundalini and chakra work, to clear out all the old hurt and negative emotions.

But thankfully Red Lion is here!
As I said a small smear of Elixir on the prostate gland will cut out stray cells and help prevent future operations. But one may experience some pain there as healing occurs. So it’s best to only apply a smear of Elixir once every week to begin with and then twice per week but never daily.

One should NOT apply the Elixir daily to the prostate gland daily as it’s a very delicate area containing a lot of blood cells. Only a person with cancer should apply daily and even then extremely gently and under medical supervision.

Age is really an injury to cells. The fact that this gentleman’s prostate gland reduced in size means it is reversing in age back to what a 20 something young man would have.

Remember the Elixir heals on all three levels- spiritual, emotional and physical. Not only is this man receiving physical healing, the Elixir is helping to cleanse his sacral chakra of negative emotions and heal mental anxiety. The result is excellent functionality, performance and staying power.

Please note we cannot make claims and the results this gentleman experienced may be due to something else completely. Others may or may not experience age reduction of the prostate gland.

Testosterone obviously has a huge effect on all aspects of men and I have mentioned the incredible results people have had from applying the Elixir on the ‘family jewels’ area in a previous newsletter, including huge muscle buildup.

Try to avoid tea, coffee and alcohol. Cranberry juices is very good especially for one’s kidneys but drinking lots of water is vital.

If you have any questions, feel free to put them to us.


Best Regards

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