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12th February 2021

Dear Reader,


It seems that everyone is tired recently and people have not been getting their usual sleep. People seem to be lethargic and tired. Not sure what is going on, it’s as if there is a drain, or frequencies are rising.

Whatever the reason, over-thinking is the enemy of sleep. Try to calm your thoughts during the day to a trickle. Focus on the present moment and where you are rather than thinking of work when at home, and thinking of home when at work!

Try meditating if only for a few minutes and build from there. In fact it is difficult to stay awake when meditating 🙂

Heart Glue
We have a new product which we’re taking advanced orders for, because some people have requested it before we go into full production.

What is Heart Glue?
How many people are haunted by broken relationships? About 70%! It is made from plants which have decomposed very slowly, and then treated Alchemically. The alchemical side boosts the power or potency or elevates the frequency of the product to high levels.

Heart Glue is wonderful for releasing grief, for building a foundation for the future and the future as a happy couple. So it clears away the past and builds bridges to the future.

But Grief is not only about broken relationships, it is about people who have passed on from this life and getting over that. Often, this type of grief is buried very deeply and sometimes people can even feel abandoned by their loved one.

Also, grief of say loosing a business, loosing one’s youth, an illness, a pet animal a.s.o.
Heart Glue helps by closing the door on the past and opening a new door to the future so that one is free, that nothing from the past holds one back.

What is the difference between Heart Glue and Love Potion?
Love potion is huge physical and emotional attraction. It is for people who are ready for a relationship. It teaches them self love, but it does not teach them the about the conflict of the past, it does not lay the ghosts of the past to rest.

Heart Glue allows people to step forward, it will not make one magnetic or make someone magnetic to you. It literally mends broken hearts in a wonderful way.

Special Offer- Heart Glue
Not available to the public as yet. Please click here.

Love Potion
We are also taking advanced orders on Love Potion and Liquid confidence. Again, Love potion makes one love themselves and makes one magnetic.

If given to a partner, it will make them more attractive to you and make them attracted to you.

Love potion is very passionate and as I said, it causes huge physical attraction with the consequent affects on one’s body for another.

Special Offer- Love Potion
Not available to the public. Please click here.

Liquid Confidence
This product is only available to readers of our reports, but as always at a discount.
Thanks for your support.

Please click here to take you to the Liquid Confidence shop page.

From one of our customers..

Is there any chance that the Elixir can be applied to treat or mitigate a really bad case of Morgellons disease?

You must understand the Elixir from the point of how it operates. It is an alchemical product. It does not operate on the physical body but on the life-force behind the body. The life-force of cells is the structure or foundation on which health rests.

Cells can get many diseases and cures are found for each illness. These cures operate on the physical matter. But what happens when you increase the life-force of a cell? Suddenly all illnesses are healed, because the only reason the cells developed disease in the first place was because they have a life-force which is low.

Fruit and vegetables are good for us, because they contain more life-force than fast food from the takeaway. The more processed a food is, the less life-force it contains.

When life force is low, it is like playing whack-a-mole with diseases. You treat one and another one comes along. It is low life-force which is responsible.

So yes indeed, the Elixir will likely help a great deal or cure the disease. The gent in the video below had a rash on his chest for 9 years despite trying everything from the drug store.

One application of our product in one night cured him. Please go to about the 7 minute mark and the end of the video has more about the Elixir.
Many thanks to K. Elmer for this video.


Best Regards

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