Carbon 60 Status Report – 23rd October 2020

Carbon 60 Status Report

23rd October 2020

Dear Reader,


We’ve had a request for advice from a customer with breast cancer. We don’t make medical claims, but a smear of the Elixir should be applied under the arms on the lymph nodes- every second day.

The Elixir should also be applied to the breast every day for one week, after that, every second day as the Elixir may be quite draining.


Now we have Queens University Belfast certification of our carbon 60- The only carbon 60 company in the world to have University AND commercial certification.



We’re still developing genuine alchemical charms at the moment. What we’re going to do is make charms for each chakra.

So there will be 7 different types of charms. For example, one corresponds to the sacral chakra and another to the heart. People who have suffered sexual abuse have strong negativity in their sacral chakra.

But using a charm for the heart and sacral, one is sending love from the heart chakra to the sacral chakra to heal it.

Another charm will bring abundance, but how it does this is by bringing luck but also working on one’s negative blocks to wealth and abundance.


When using the Elixir- try to be aware of what is happening to you. Notice any healing downtime? An odd pain appeared and disappeared just as quickly? Your sense of overall well-being has improved? No colds or flu? No illnesses or illnesses getting better?

Try this

Place a very small amount of Elixir on a candle and burn it for the World for healing. As usual I expect women to do this more than men! Yep, I’m being totally sexist here haha.

What this will do for you personally is bring mental health and help you to be peaceful, peaceful calm and peaceful.


Best Regards

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