I am interested in ascension. Do you have any suggestions on where to start w your products? I will be 72 in March and have been working with a sub-quantum (r)evolutionary catalyst to increase my frequency.
I am very healthy and robust, flexible and curious about attaining the rainbow body.
Blessings to you & your work,

The carbon 60 olive oil will raise your vibration, but a detox of the emotions occurs. But old negative emotions are brought to the surface to be cleared, and this can cause downtime. If you take too much, this detox of the emotions can even be quite depressing, but this is not depression per se.

So how much you clear old negative emotions in order to raise your vibration is really up to you. Start with say, 3 drops per day for a week or two and see if you can handle that. If so, then you can try 4 drops per day a.s.o. until you find a tolerable level that suits you.

But sometimes it can be easy to blame life and easy to forget- you are in fact clearing and the Alchemical carbon 60 olive oil is responsible!

The elixir is phenomenal for healing your body, but if it is only evolution you are interested in, then the Elixir will not do that as effectively as the C60 olive oil.

The second product I would recommend is heart glue. Please see our newsletter of Feb 12 for more details.

The third product I’d recommend would be Love Potion, as it will give you a strong feeling of self-love.

And the fourth- I would recommend Liquid Confidence which may help with ‘downtime’ created by the C60 olive oil.

I would recommend the above in that order. But then there are the charms, which are very specific as to which chakras are targeted, and very powerful.
I would not place the charms on my chakras (stronger than wearing them) unless I was sufficiently advanced as they may bring out a lot of emotional pain to be cleared.

Thanks for your inquiry.