The Etheric Body

Everyone has several bodies- the Spiritual body, the emotional or astral body, the Etheric body and finally the Physical body.

The Etheric body is the blueprint of the physical body. It vibrates at a slightly higher frequency which means most people cannot see it.

The Etheric body contains DNA information, where each cell should be placed. It is the master organizing field, responsible for growth, physical shape, the repair and recovery of damage and illness.

But all these spiritual bodies interact with each other. The health and harmony of one’s mental state can either support or disrupt the emotional body.

Some forms of cancer are caused by electro-magnetism, why? Because the Etheric body is influenced by electro-magnetism, for example radio and phone transmitters.

There are plenty of studies on the link between leukemia in children and electromagnetic fields. How does the medical establishment explain the effects of electromagnetism? The truth is they cannot- while they ignore the existence of the Etheric body.

Emotions are e-motions or energy in motion. This ‘Energy in motion’ filters down to the Etheric body and either supports good health or creates disharmony in the form of an illness.

But negative emotion which has found it’s way to the Etheric body may take years to manifest as a physical illness.

Often we have no clue that we are in fact already ill in our Etheric body until it is too late and the illness manifests as a physical illness months or years later. In other words, the blueprint has altered because of negative emotion long before we realize we are ill.

Of course, we can ‘de-manifest’ the illness in the same way- by constantly adding positive and healthy thoughts, which creates healthy emotional energy in the Etheric body.

But once an illness has manifested physically, it is incredibly stubborn and would take a Herculean effort to de-manifest. It would be the same thing trying to de-manifest any physical matter.

Unfortunately, new age people have been led to believe it is a matter of faith- yes it is but super-human faith.

Alchemy uses the fact that matter is incredibly stubborn. Alchemically influenced matter is on an extremely high frequency physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Alchemical potions are like millions of concentrated thoughts, and extremely strong emotional energy all concentrated in this stubborn physical matter.

This concentrated emotional energy in an Alchemical potion is easily capable of altering the Etheric body. Then the body will quickly heal itself.

The medical profession attempts to use physical medication to heal the physical body and sometimes they succeed. But as long as they ignore the Etheric body, true healing will elude them.