Perfection of the Carbon 60 molecule

Solvent Free!

Solvent free in the commercial carbon 60 world means solvents have been boiled off through heat.

But toxic solvents can become trapped within cavities of the carbon 60 molecule. It is not possible to remove them completely.

Red Lion Biomedical does not use any solvents to begin with.
The term ‘Solvent free’ is not exactly true because if solvents were used, there is always traces of solvents on the C60 molecule.

Red Lion DOES NOT use solvents or dissolve carbon 60 in any solvent whatsoever at any stage of the process.

No Sublimation

We do not use sublimation either as the extreme heat distorts shape of the C60 molecule.

Proprietary Separation

Red Lion have invented a completely unique method of separating carbon 60 from other fullerenes unknown to the scientific and commercial world.

Holistic Carbon 60

Red Lion separation method is a harmless, non-toxic and natural process.
NO solvents are used at any stage.
In fact we at Red Lion do not purchase solvents.

The only solvent we use is olive and coconut oil!