Vulcan’s Fire


The Power of Fire

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Vulcan’s Fire

This product is thee most powerful product Red Lion is currently producing.

Vulcan’s Fire is a multiplier and will multiply the effect of any drug, vitamins in food and many others things.

It will also multiply our Elixir by 5 times making this an incredible product.

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Ankle Injury

A customer sprained their ankle and sent us an email asking for advice. This advice can be applied to any similar injury for example sports injuries.

Swelling needs to be reduced as quickly as possible to avoid nerve damage.

  • Apply Arnica cream to the swollen joint, wait 15 minutes.
  • Apply Vulcan’s Fire on top of the Arnica Cream. The Vulcan’s Fire will amplify the potency of the Arnica gel many times. One may feel tingling around the area.
  • Take 2 Ibuprofen tablets , wait 15 minutes.
  • Take several drops of Vulcan’s Fire to amplify the anti-inflammatory effect of Ibuprofen.
  • Lie down with the leg raised up against a wall or headboard for 30 minutes or an hour if you can.
  • Apply Sekhmet Elixir to the ankle. The Vulcan’s Fire should have dried in by now.


Sekhmet Elixir should be applied AFTER Vulcan’s Fire because it is a spiritual healing product.

Whereas Arnica gel and Ibuprofen should be used before Vulcan’s fire as they are not spiritual healing products.