Phoenix Blood


Joy is coming…

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One of thee most powerful products Red Lion is currently producing.

Phoenix Blood brings incredible, unexplained joy. A sense of well being.

The Sun Shines

What will Phoenix Blood capable of?

It is advisable not to take take this product unless you have been taking Dragon’s Blood or Vulcan’s fire for a few weeks.

What Phoenix Blood will do is bring great joy, incredible joy. Joy that cannot be explained.

It is like people start laughing and they don’t know why they are laughing it’s like- I just feel happy! It’s a sense of well-being.

There are medical benefits too, there are quite a lot of medical benefits to it. Autoimmune diseases are one example. It will be amazing for the disease ALS.

It can work on MS and it would also work on motor neurons disease because is makes part of the body relax or it make joy which releases endorphins. It relaxes the tendons and muscles, so it will help with muscular dystrophy.

But it is joy, unexplained joy as if this joy has come out of the blue and a feeling of this incredible inner peace and happiness- wanting to spontaneously burst out laughing, it’s a feeling of upliftment or elevation which of course will bring confidence and self love.

It will help some of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease because it is a very muscular disease. Because the heart can be affected, purely because the heart is a muscle it will help the heart, but it does not close ventricles, it will not close the valves.

Dragon’s Blood is a powerful product, but Phoenix blood makes Dragon’s Blood look weak!

Dragon’s Blood, like surgery, can cut out trauma whereas Heart Glue mends broken hearts. It’s not advisable to take Dragon’s Blood if one has lost a child for example. The Dragon’s Blood would cut the trauma out too quickly and one needs time to grieve over something like the loss of a child.

But Phoenix Blood makes Dragon’s Blood look as weak as dishwater it is that powerful!

It could be taken directly, but I don’t recommend taking the product directly as an accident can happen and you take 3 drops instead of 1 drop. It must absolutely be kept away from children.

Please begin with 1 drop in a glass of water for the first week and then increase to 2 drops in a glass of water the second week. However I would not go over three drops daily- even when taken with water.

After several weeks, you can take Phoenix Blood after taking Vulcan’s Fire. Vulcan’s Fire must never be mixed with anything but taken prior to alchemical products and after medical products.

If taking Vulcan’s Fire first, waiting 15 minutes and then taking Phoenix Blood, only take 2 drops of P.B. in the morning and 1 drop in the evening- in a glass of water.

Again- you must build up to using this product. It’s power is too great. If you feel acid in your stomach, back-off for a while until you heal and your tolerance builds, then continue with a lower dose.