The Remedy for Vaccine Injury Syndrome

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This product is aimed at people who are suffering with side-effects of the vaccine, but this is a miracle product for everyone- vaccinated or not.

Contraccine operates on a very high spiritual frequency.

Even though this product operates on a high spiritual frequency, it is quite grounding. This means it is a good aid to sleep.

Feeling cold and tired all the time is one of the signs of the vaccine. Contraccine gives a feeling of warmth and well-being and that brings peace, it gives peace or a peaceful feeling.

People who have one foot in this world and another foot in another world, in other words spiritual people or people who are not very focused will feel this grounding effect- it will ground them and make them more focused.

Contraccine is very good for cleansing, clearing, changing and very good for the digestive system.

However, as a remedy for stomach issues, as usual you may find issues ‘seeming’ to get worse. But this is the issue being healed, it’s called a herxheimer reaction.

It is excellent for the blood, the fire in the blood. It calms the blood, it cleanses the blood. The kidneys clean the blood through urine, but Contraccine cleans the kidneys and the blood.

Atrial fibrillation (Afibs) happens when abnormal electrical impulses suddenly start firing in the atria. These impulses override the heart’s natural pacemaker, which can no longer control the rhythm of the heart. This causes you to have a highly irregular pulse rate.
Contraccine can calm and ground Afibs. Afibs leads to exhaustion and tiredness but Contraccine removes this stress.

Contraccine is a remedy for at least three dozen things so again, it is a cleansing medicine and cleanses all areas of the body.

A Hungarian doctor has told us the basic version of this medicine healed a woman who was close to death.

Her heart was failing, probably myocarditis. He felt he couldn’t charge her money for the product lest he profit from the dying but congratulated Red Lion on this achievement- after 3 days she was 75% better.

But Contraccine is on a much higher level than the basic version. It is a miracle product and has taken decades to develop.

We need to get this product out to as many people as possible. So if you know of a doctor who is sympathetic to alternative medicine, please tell him about Contraccine or even get him to trial the product on a patient who is suffering with side effects from the vaccine.