Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth


Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth with Ignis Potio in coconut oil.



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Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth


What does this Elixir do?

This product can reverse ones age by 10 years to begin with and then a further ten years.

How to use this Elixir

Preferably, Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth should be used at night. In order to REVERSE age, the body heals and repairs itself at night and this is the best time to use this Elixir.

It’s best to apply to one’s face and to one’s feet. The reason is, the Elixir will travel up and down, meeting in the middle. So the whole body is restored, not just one’s face.

Or if you have an injury, for example a knee or back injury, apply it to both knees or your back as well as your face.

When you get to the top level, it’s unlikely you’ll have any illnesses, but if you do receive and injury, you’ll be shocked at the healing power of this Elixir.

Top level, what’s that?

We cannot sell this Elixir to beginners as their body would not be strong enough for it. But one can purchase regular Sekhmet Elixir from our shop page and after they use a jar or two, then they may purchase this product.

There are several levels one must go through before one’s body is strong enough to use this Elixir.

After one has used the basic Sekhmet Elixir, then they can move to Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth with .5ml fire potion in it for women and 1ml of added fire potion for men.

If a man is particularly effeminate, he may need 2 X 30ml jars of Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth with 1ml of fire potion before moving on to the 2ml fire potion version.

How many jars of Elixir does it take to reverse my age by 10 years?

It takes between 4-7 X 30ml jars of Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth to reverse one’s age by ten years.

To reverse by 20 years in total, it would take between 20 and 25, 30ml jars. However!

There is a version which has 4ml of Fire potion and then a higher version with 4ml and Red calcium + Chloroquine added to it. Using this version it will not take 20 or 25 jars, it will be far less.

How young can I become?

You can reverse your age to early thirties but not much further. However! If you keep using the Elixir, you will only age very slowly after that.

Running out of Time

When people reach their 50’s and 60’s, they begin to make plans according to their age. They may not start new projects, a new business or begin a training course for example.

They plan their relationships with their age in mind. They plan what age their partner will be and how their life will progress a.s.o.

In other words, they plan for a slow steady decline and live by that.


Using this Elixir, one has to completely rethink what age really means and new plans have to be made- for a new life.

Feeling wonderful and young- again

After you begin with the first 1ml jar of Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth, you will know for sure- yes! This is going to work because I am looking younger already!!

Yes! I can see how 4-7 jars of this Elixir will reverse by age by 10 years! I can already see it!

But using this product, one feels so much younger and good, feeling really young again and and healthy. This feeling is quite incredible and it stays with you 24/7.

One feels so amazing in their body- all the time and you can feel the skin on your face is thicker and younger. Feeling young again is an odd feeling and I don’t think one ever gets used to it!


How long does it take to use one jar of Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth?

It takes about 2 months by my estimation. So one could reverse their age by 10 years within 8 months. And I’ll repeat it- you’ll know on the first jar that this is possible because you will feel it and you will see it and other will see it within you too. you will feel absolutely amazing.

What happens when I get to my 30’s?

When you REVERSE your age back to your 30’s and you keep using the Elixir, you will age very very slowly from then on.

Ancient Wisdom

Red Lion is offering you the chance to be young again! This Elixir is a safe version of the Philosophers stone. Although the Philosophers Stone is much faster; it is not without it’s dangers.

Nicholas Flamel’s Elixir of Youth is based on many decades of research and through the kind intervention of Spirit.

The reason that Spirit is making this available now is that the New Age has begun when many mysteries will be revealed.

Are you serious?

No-one can tell me that what I have experienced personally is false simply because I have experienced it.


We have testimony after incredible testimony from clients going right back over the last 5 years on full view in our newsletters. Red Lion talk the talk- and we walk the walk. We have healed auto-immune diseases and hundreds of other conditions.

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