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Red Lion Love Potion

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As requested by some of our customers, we are taking advanced orders of Love Potion.

Love Potion is a genuine alchemical preparation composed of the plant- chondrus crispus and distilled water.

The frequency/vibration of chondrus crispus has been elevated to a potent level.
Other passionate energies in the form of ‘red electric fluid’ and Divine Energy have also been added alchemically.

What does Love Potion do?

Love potion prepares one for love. For example one is worried, in the dark, maybe someone who has shut down and thinks they cannot love again. Or a person who has an inability to love, for example they think they are too old, or unattractive. It’s gone stale, cynicism, dreams of love are for the young, worry and darkness,  a closed heart due to fear- or previous hurt in relationships.

With these negative attributes, one will attract the wrong type of person thus continuing the cycle of poor relationships.

Love potion prepares one for a loving relationship. With an open loving heart, one will attract a person with an open loving heart- like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together is truer than we think. 

It’s about self love, being loved, offering love, moving forward and then blessings, the sun shines, what is correct right and good. It ignites something.

One begins to be magnetic because an open loving heart full of joy is what all want and then they flock to you, leading one to a happy relationship. It opens doors.

Like loosening a stubborn boulder in ones heart, lifting one’s spirits to make everything work. Then all of a sudden, bright times happy times, abundance and comfort, strength, courage and victory is the result but it is not a fast process. It takes time. The path is lit.