Panaceias Tincture


We have the [spiritual ] cure for cancer

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Panaceia’s Tincture

A GENUINE alchemical panacea which can and will cure dozens of illnesses in the Etheric Body, which leads to complete healing in the physical body.

We have many different bodies- the highest is the Spiritual body, then there is the Astral body then the Etheric Body which is closest in frequency to the physical body.

You may be aware of this Etheric body for example when you wake up suddenly- it will feel as if you ‘jump’ back into your physical body.

The Etheric body is therefore the blueprint for the physical body.

A disease will manifest in the Etheric body and in time, it will manifest in the physical body as cancer or Parkinson’s disease a.s.o.

When the disease is cured in the Etheric body, physical healing must follow.

We do not claim a physical cure for cancer, we claim a spiritual cure for cancer and other illnesses.

This product should retail for $298 per bottle, but we understand it is unproven as yet. Therefore we have reduced the price to only $91.4 per bottle.

Everyone has dormant cancer cells in their body from birth. These never ever cause a problem normally.


However, Panaceia’s Tincture is so powerful, it will destroy the Etheric body of cancer cells leading to the death of ALL cancer cells in the body.

Because there are zero cancer cells left in the body, one can expect to live 10 years longer.

NOTE: Panaceia’s Tincture must not be taken with Vulcan’s Fire.

Normally, Vulcan’s Fire multiplies the power of alchemical products by 5-6 times with the exception of Panaceia’s Tincture- they ‘fight’ each other.