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C60 Sekhmet

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C60 Sekhmet

C60 Sekhmet can be applied to the skin. It is very good trans-dermally through the skin, but men’s skin is tougher and C60 Sekhmet will not absorb through the skin quite as easily as it does for women’s softer skin.

So men can take slightly higher doses of C60 Sekhmet through their skin, and women should be mindful as their skin will absorb product more quickly.

Trans-Dermal Effects of C60 Sekhmet

Applying to the skin is very similar to consuming drops. But if there is anything on the skin, e.g. a growth, a bump, a mole, the growth will fall off.

So, you may be taking 1 drop of C60 Sekhmet orally but decide to apply it to a skin condition instead. You will still get the same benefits as taking it internally. You do not need to do both.

Women applying 1 drop of C60 Sekhmet to the skin could easily overdose on it by consuming it and applying it the the skin. The effect would be too much healing, too fast.

This could be healing the emotions too quickly leading to downtime or even healing depression lol. It also may result in a slight fever. C60 Sekhmet should not be underestimated.

Some females of a certain age may have an allergic reaction to it, but the general population of women are fine. Elderly women may want to patch test first. It is particularly strong.

Senior Men

I received a question from a client. His friend who is 80 years old asked how much should he take?

First of all, this man is in a lot of pain with joint and bone problems. He cannot take 1 drop daily.

At the beginning I would advise him to take 1 drop every 6 days for 2 months. If he is solid and stable after 2 months, then increase the dosage to 1 drop every three days. If he takes any more than this, it is liable to flatten him on his back!

I noted previously that C60 Sekhmet olive oil is good for bones, but the Sekhmet Elixir is very powerful, maybe he should use Sekhmet Elixir instead?

Yes, it is true Sekhmet Elixir is very powerful especially if Vulcan’s Fire is applied first, but with C60 Sekhmet, he will actually FEEL a difference and that is important for him.

He will feel joy, clarity and his emotional well-being will improve significantly, whereas Sekhmet Elixir will simply heal without these concomitant effects.

He will sense a difference, he will see a difference, he will feel a difference in himself which will do wonders for his outlook on the future.

Will C60 Sekhmet help with arthritis?

Yes it will heal arthritis in the Etheric body, which leads to healing in the physical body.

C60 Sekhmet is very good for bones and joints, but the fact this man is feeling something is very important psychologically.

Thanks to Mr. E.P for this feedback on C60 Sekhmet with added Ignis Potio..

“I started taking 1 drop per day of the new c60 with ignis potio. The first day I felt very positive and it felt good. The 2nd day wasn’t the same I was feeling good but something was happening that I couldn’t figure out.

The 3rd day I have an Iwatch that told me my bpm was 125. I thought what’s going on? My heart is beating faster than normal. I haven’t felt that in years, so I was alarmed.

So when I would think of it [my heart] would start beating fast. So on the fourth day I thought let me put [C60 Skehmet] on my arm. It subsided a bit throughout the day.

But even though I felt that way. My heart reacting to my thoughts, I always felt composed. I was told it was natural And would adjust to the feeling. It wasn’t uncomfortable just some anxiety but it goes away.
Wow instant evolution! Thanks E.”

What is going on?

I have to qualify this. Mr. P’s frequency is already high. He is a joyful person and has used Red lion C60 olive over the past 6 months.

He has also been taking Phoenix Blood recently. I feel because of these two products, he has let a lot of his past go and has been living in the present for the last months.

When he took C60 Sekhmet, his heart began to beat and skip! This is tremendous evolution for Mr. P. – it means joy!

Mr. P. told me he has a lot of experience with alchemical products dating back to the ’80’s.

So, he has a very good idea what alchemical products can do. But he noted he has NEVER experienced any alchemical products quite like C60 Sekhmet where 1 drop daily for 5 days was enough to make his heart sing with joy.

I advised him to take a break from C60 Sekhmet for a few days. Then he took another drop and bang! His heart started beating and skipping a beat again 🙂

Now his power is growing, his wishes and desires will manifest much more quickly and he is on the Path!

Now if this happens to you, don’t worry, you do not need a defibrillator! I myself have had this feeling for a few years. You will feel your heart beating too- if you live in the moment and are joyful.

At the beginning, certainly it is unnerving to feel ones heart skipping a beat and beating strongly. But now I look forward to it.

You should chase this feeling.

Thanks to Ms. K.U. for this report..

“My husband was a non believer but the dragons Blood and Elixir combo helped during gout attacks on his toe.

I will also tell you this works on dogs, although I would not again use it on a young dog. She acted very hyper, although for old dogs with no energy, this will work wonders to brink out the puppy energy again.

I only have the C60 oil I make from concentrate and Lemon oil left. But…My favorites were the Elixir, the Dragons Blood Line, C60, LC, and Lemon Oil.

Every aging woman must have these essentials…maybe consider a beginners combo pack.

I can only take the Panacea Tincture on the month between urine drug test so I can keep getting my pain medication for my arthritis.

In America they will not let you have pain medicine if you test positive for CBD oil. I like it very much !!

Keep doing what you are here to do best… spread good health one spirit at a time. I am sure good fortune will pick up mathematically at an exponential rate from now on.

Cheers!! -K.”