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Alchemical Lemon oil- pure Fire

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Also known as- Alchemical Lemon oil.

Do not take directly- please mix a few drops in water.

Do not take AFTER taking Vulcan’s Fire or the Vulcan’s Fire will multiply this product to a high level which may not be good for your digestion.


Apply one drop to crown chakra twice per week to rid oneself of distracting thoughts especially when passionate or to clear out old conditioning.

Apply 1 drop to sacral chakra daily to heal the chakra from abuse and past conditioning.

Weight Loss
Take one or two drops in a glass of water twice per day- morning and evening to release fat from one’s body. After 4 weeks, one’s metabolism should increase by 60% to 80%.

Taking internally will also cleanse one’s chakra’s from the inside out.
Applying externally will cleanse one’s chakra’s from the outside in.

Please do not apply to solar plexus, heart, throat chakra’s or third eye unless you have experience.