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Due to the length of time it takes to manufacture our carbon 60 olive oil, and subsequent developments including a 60% increase in effectiveness, it became impossible to  sell at our original prices.
However sales have actually increased and because of extra volumes, we can afford to pass that on to you.

22% SALE!

Red Lion Carbon 60 Olive Oil is operating on a
15 working day back–order list.
Please see below.

Fine Grade Carbon 60– 99.99% dissolved in Olive oil, pressed from Koroneiki olives.



Dear customer, it takes a total of 4 weeks to manufacture your order. So we’re operating a 15 working day back-order list, which means you can order now and will be included on an order list which is currently about 15 working days before shipping.

Please be patient– we’re on it!

Dear Customer, we’re pleased to announce that we have discovered a balance point in the pulverization process. It was another happy accident which turned out to be a key for many things, including raising the frequency yet again of our pulverized product.

As a result, our Carbon 60 Olive Oil product will feature this new development from now on.

Thank you,
Red Lion team.

60% increase in effectiveness!

Dear customer, we’ve recently increased the quality of our product (yet again!) with various operations and higher quality olive oil.  It is 60% better than all previous batches and sensitive people will notice the difference.

However we’ve kept the taste of our C60 olive oil product as smooth as always, but you may notice a hint of spice from it.

Disclaimer: We make no claims, guarantees, assurances or warranties about carbon 60 olive oil whatsoever. The product is presented as a mixture of carbon 60 and olive oil and is sold for use by independent researchers and for lab research and testing purposes only.

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