Red Lion Carbon 60 Olive Oil

Red Lion Carbon 60 olive oil contains approx .8 g/L of C60, dissolved in Organic olive oil.

Olive oil is the best carrier for carbon 60 as it has a special blend of lipid fats which every cell needs.

Therefore carbon 60 is carried to every cell in the body by the olive oil when other oils cannot do this.

What is C60 and how does it work?

Carbon 60 is a molecule in the shape of a football with 60 carbon molecules.

It removes oxides from cells and prolongs their life as a result.

It does this by trapping toxins in the C60 molecule, which is then expelled by the body.

One will feel this effect as if one feels physically clean and healthy.

Because the body is not fighting toxins like free radicals, it has more energy to devote to staying healthy and living longer.

We recommend beginning with one drop daily and increasing that dose until one notices contraindications; for example lack of sleep, feeling too energized etc.

Red Lion Carbon 60 olive oil has been put through many alchemical processes. Alchemical products not only heal physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

If one takes too much, they may experience ‘healing downtime’, feeling low down or quiet.

Healing downtime is uncomfortable, but long term, one’s emotions are healed. The result is joy and happiness because of this emotional cleansing.

The more ‘healing downtime’ one experiences, the more joy they will feel.

If you experience healing downtime, feeling too energized or lack of sleep- reduce the quantity you take to a comfortable level which suits you as everyone is different.

Red Lion C60 Olive oil is the only carbon 60 Olive oil to be certified by a University.

Our C60 olive oil is certified by Queens University Belfast.

Red Lion Carbon 60 heals 9 year rash overnight!

One gentleman had a rash on his chest for nine years despite trying everything from the drug store.
He also tried carbon 60 from other manufacturers which had no effect whatsoever.
He was given Red Lion alchemical carbon 60, which he applied topically.
The rash disappeared in one night!
Our C60 Olive oil has the same healing power when taken internally.

Please see this incredible video:

Customer Reviews:

From Ms. K.T.
I just finished making my first batch of C60, using your concentrate with Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, and Rose Quartz…. and wanted to SINCERELY thank you. I had been taking another company’s C60 in olive oil for 2 months now…with some beneficial results that came to a plateau after a while. I did NOT have an Emotional Response to their product.

When I tried your C60 for the first time…something amazing happened, and I’m not exaggerating…..I felt an allover feeling of tingling in my body and a inner focus and high feeling of “being in love” and happiness/peace! I wasn’t expecting that spontaneous feeling. The next day when I took my morning dose, the same thing happened.

It sounds very kooky… and I would never tell my husband or anyone else, but wanted to give you the positive feedback on your creation. You are definitely on the right track with something spectacular and unique in the marketplace, so please never give up. So many good people are in need of what you create.


From Mr. J.B.
On a personal notes, I’ve been using the “Alchemical Carbon 60 pulverized” topically arround 0.1 ml every other day or so and what amaze me the most beside the effect is how accurate is your description of what would happen, the overzealous part and the coming out of old memory and difficult experiences of the past. I only eat and drink in a 3 hours window everyday, so maybe I get more effect from smaller doses.

Seems a bit too good to be true, I just hope nobody will try to sabotage what you’re doing, this could literally change the world, (the Maya predicted that a new era will start in 2012, the year of the C60 rat study ? ) or maybe I’m still in the overzealous phase, anyway I hope you take good security precaution for yourself and the product process.

I”m interested in Alquemy now, I see you give hints in the newsletter or maybe it’s just clear instruction ? It is worth is to wander in alchemy Forums ? Lot’s of ideas poping in my mind, I feel like having good ideas is not the hardest part, but make something happen out of it is.

Thanks to Ms. D.R.S. for feedback on the emotional side of things:
I started taking your C60 after hearing you speak to KElmer. I was drawn to your discussion of energy/vibration and intention and knew it was important that I take your version of C60. I have been taking C60 for approximately a year.

I started with Purple Power and I liked that version very much but could not afford it (I am a retired Elder who works part time to make ends meet). I tried 3 other kinds and finally settled on C60 Labs (from Iowa in the U.S.). I was not as delighted with it as with the Purple Power, but it was significantly better than the 2 other brands I tried.

I took about 5ml per day because that was as much as I could afford to consume and still be able to take it in a consistent manner. I felt it was helping with general health and energy and as an elder with a few persistent health problems, I was happy to have C60 in my life.

THEN I tried your C60 and I must say it is significantly different than any other version I have tried. I am almost through the 1st bottle and will tell you my early observations. First, at this time, I cannot take more than approximately 1.4 ml without it strongly affecting my physical self. The response I have when I take closer to 2 ml is what I would label as a strong reaction that is a deep healing and uncomfortable generalized unsteadiness that is hard to define [downtime? bringing up old emotions to clear them?]. If I stop all plans and setttle down to meditate, I can breath through it.

The meditation is usually quite profound and spiritual in nature. It has happened to me twice. Not that I knew what it was or what caused it the 1st time it happened. I just felt “weird” and off and did not go to work because I was unsteady in a general way (physical and mentally). The 2nd time I tracked it better and muscle tested my suspions. Yep, it was your C60 and me thinking I should up it to 2 ml.

I had started with 1 ml as you suggested in your enclosed paprwork. I thought that was very small but wanted to follow your directions and go up as needed to 1.4 ml. I did not feel tingles or a strong sense of energy etc but did feel more grounded. As time has progressed, I believe I am more balanced in my masculine/feminine aspects of self. I am less prone to excessive emotional responses (still emotional but more balanced and better recovery of emotional events like the death of a dear friend and the loss of a position at work due to attrition). I feel the emotions but can quickly come to a “glass half full” and “what have I learned” thinking/feeling approach to strongly challenging life events.

My health is stronger as in my immune response seems stronger, physical challenges feel easier to handle/recover from. Where I work, the physical environment is challenging (old building/poor air/ancient carpet not cleaned etc). Many people and much respiratory illness that spreads and then respreads as people get re-infected. I have gone through this set of events relatively unscathed and have not had a cold for this season.

You mentioned in one of your newletters that you have heard from your customers about physical changes but not much on vibration/balanced emotions/balanced masculine and feminine changes. I waited to write because while those kinds of changes are more subtle and harder to observe as changes, I believe I have witnessed them in myself. I meditate and work on my own self improvement pretty much on a daily basis. I think that consistent observation of self has helped me recognize and track the above subtle changes.

I am VERY grateful for your work and your approach to creating C60 and wanted to say thank you. As I continue to observe my own changes, if they are significant or even just a continuous but observable steady set of changes – I will keep you posted. I look forward to eventually trying your elixir (when I have saved enough money – it will happen, I have faith). Again thank you for the work that you are doing.
Sincerely, [D.R.S] – North Carolina, United States

Thanks to Mr. T.Z. for this review..

I would like to tell you a similar story of my C60 experience. I used purple power first then listening to some YouTube videos that said it’s all the same stuff. I looked up prices and potency levels that one guy posted on YouTube and bought Good and Cheap brand. It was awful tasting compared to Purple Power. So next I tried Red Lion and it was buy far the best tasting. Very mild olive oil taste.

After taking orally for awhile I noticed having more energy and that I was moving around with a quicker step. Just feeling all around better.

So I get very dry skin in the winter. Having to put lotion on or oils after showering. I decided to start using the Red lion C60 on my lower legs and besides getting rid of the itching and dry skin it was healing. I had old hockey and work injury’s that caused bulging veins.

They have completely shrunk down so they are not noticeable and are starting to go away. Like back into the meat of my leg. My wife can’t believe it. She thought I was crazy taking and doing this stuff but now she’s buying it. Thanks for this miracle product.

All our product act spiritually first, which leads to powerful and almost immediate physical healing.
Therefore we do not claim any physical medical cures
We claim spiritual cures of disease.

The root cause of all illness is spiritual, which then manifests as a physical illness.

Medical drugs can only affect the physical symptoms of disease, whereas alchemical products heal the spiritual cause itself which is a far deeper and more permanent type of healing.

Once the negative spiritual aspect of disease is healed, physical healing follows very quickly.