Vulcan’s Fire Information Sheet

Vulcan’s Fire can be taken internally or applied externally in combination with other substances.

Please do not mix Vulcan’s Fire with anything at all. It must be a two step process. Mixing Vulcan’s Fire with anything else like carbon 60 olive oil destroys the amplifying effect.

Spread Vulcan’s Fire on one’s skin in a thin broad coating. The more skin which is covered in a thin coating, the more the skin will absorb. The skin should be quite dry after a few minutes.

Here is handy rule on how to use Vulcan’s Fire-
Physical First! Second Spiritual!

Physical First
If you wish to multiply the effect of a painkiller- the painkiller is physical. Take the pill first and then Vulcan’s Fire.

Or you are taking medication for a disease and wish to amplify it, again, that is physical medicine and should be taken first before Vulcan’s Fire.

Or you wish to enhance the vitamins in food- again physical first so take the food first and then Vulcan’s Fire.

Second Spiritual.
There are few alchemical products in the world today, but these should be considered spiritual. So as the maxim goes- spiritual second.

Take Vulcan’s Fire first, THEN take the spiritual product, for example Liquid Confidence, Heart Glue, Red Lion Carbon 60 olive oil, Love potion, Dragon’s Blood a.s.o. second.

This rule also applies to the Elixir which is also a spiritual product. Apply 2 or 3 drops of Vulcan’s Fire to ones face and second- apply Sekhmet Elixir. Or apply V.F. to another area that needs healing and then Sekhmet Elixir on top of that.

Massage the Vulcan’s Fire into the skin and again- apply a thin coating spread as far as possible across the skin.

Vulcan’s Fire procedure for taking internally with alchemical products

  • Take food or have your dinner.
  • Take up to 5 drops of Vulcan’s Fire internally.
  • Wash the Vulcan’s Fire down with liquid or water but not alcohol.
  • Wait 15 minutes.
  • Take spiritual products like Liquid Confidence, Red Lion C60 olive oil, Heart Glue, Dragon’s Blood, Love Potion etc.

Vulcan’s Fire procedure for taking internally with medication

  • Take medication for example paracetamol or cancer drug
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Take 1 or 2 drops of Vulcan’s Fire
  • Drink plenty of water at least 1 liter
  • Increase dosage of Vulcan’s Fire gradually watching for adverse reactions but 9 drops daily is excessive.

Vulcan’s Fire procedure for applying to face/skin area

  • Wash face with soap.
  • Allow face to dry throughly.
  • Apply 3 or 4 drops to face – massage in well.
  • Allow Vulcan’s Fire to dry and absorb into the skin. Skin must not be oily.
  • Wait a few minutes and apply a thin coating of Elixir – massage in.
  • Do not use moisturizers
  • Apply Vulcan’s Fire to feet chakra’s (sole/instep)
  • Allow time to dry.
  • Apply Elixir to feet.

So the food grounds, the water is the emotional component and then we have the spiritual products.

This three step process of Earth, Water and Fire flows and works beautifully together.

The time of 15 minutes represents the air principle. So there we have the Four Sacred principles in one alchemical operation- Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Until we perfect the cure for cancer, anyone with MS, Migraines, Parkinson’s a.s.o. can use the plant ‘Feverfew’ in the meantime.


Despite the hype about this plant, it is very weak medicinally speaking. But, what is special about it is- it is a Female/Water/Magnetic based plant and that is what we need for (fiery) MS, Migraines, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

Because Feverfew is so weak, the only way it can help with these diseases is if it is combined with Vulcan’s Fire.

Vulcan’s Fire transforms Feverfew almost into a completely different product. Those familiar with the true meaning of the Yin-Yang symbol will understand the dot of the female in the male with these two products.

I’m getting carried away here, but without the Sun (V.F.), the Moon is a pale insignificant speck of a place.

When the Sun hits it, as in the full Moon, many understand the power of the full Moon or La Luna and that is where we get the word lunatic from.

There are many studies on the effect of the full Moon on psychiatric patients and others. Click here for an article by the BBC if you’re interested in this subject.

The Sun does not give rise to lunacy thank God, this place is crazy enough! But the power of the Sun combined with the Moon gives rise to all sorts of things including lack of sleep.

Vulcan’s Fire has a similar effect on the Feverfew plant- it is transformed.


It takes time for Feverfew to build in one’s system. We are currently sponsoring a client who has suffered migraines all her life and will let you know how that goes.

What you give you get right? Ironically, we ourselves are being sponsored. A company has approached us to sponsor one of their most treasured 20 year employees who is deteriorating rapidly with MS. We are very confident!

Vulcan’s Fire and Feverfew a will help with cancer certainly, but could in no way compare to alchemical CBD/cannabis oil for potency.

So, if you suffer with migraines, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, MS and so on, purchase Feverfew and use the two step Vulcan’s Fire process. The Feverfew should be taken first.

If you have not been building Feverfew in your system for days and weeks, or even if you have and you get a migraine, try taking Feverfew and 4 drops of Vulcan’s Fire. Wait one hour, then take more Feverfew and another 4 drops of Vulcan’s Fire

Here are some questions from Ms. N.V.
hey Marten, hope all is well, i have a couple of questions for your regarding your Vulcan’s fire product. Before i do that, here is my experience with that:
first night i took a couple of drops only of the VF, put it on my face, let it dry and then put Elixir, then went to bed. Very early in the morning i woke up cuz i had a sensation in both of my kidneys, like someone was stretching them out.
Interesting fact, i get the same pulling sensation (too weak to call it pain) when I’m fasting, and usually it occurs on a third day of my dry fast. Just to let you know, I’m a health enthusiast and strongly believe that my body is my instrument, and since I’m an artist, i have to keep myself tuned up, that’s why i eat clean and fast twice a year.
I was quite surprised to find out that those two drops of VF got me into that state of detoxing so fast. Next day i skipped, as you reccomended, and did a bit more on a third day, but i was disappointed to find out that i didnt have any reactions whatsoever.
Then i started putting almost a whole dropper each night and i can tell you, not every night, but i would experience random pains here and there, they were mild and nothing to worry about and not consistent at all. Now its been two weeks and i think my body totally adjusted to this product, so i feel completely nothing.
But a glorious thing happened! my hubby started telling me how great i look😁😎..and he is not an easy person when it comes down to such thing ( i know, that’s his worst quality, its ok, i can live w that) so one day he said: Bab, you look great, seems like you r getting to bed on time finally ( and i didn’t at all.not even close..) the other day he was like: your glowing what are you using? 
I actually noticed it myself. My skin looks…different. its my third week now and im gonna drink it if needed!.. ladies, this stuff does something..! the only adverse reaction i ve noticed which has been pretty consistent since i started using it that it added to my already fiery temperament.. i would overreact a bit more often then i wanted to, but im still not sure if its from it or from life🤔
So that’s all i have to say for now, Marten, and i want to get two more of the VF plus the Elixir, since they go so fast. My only question here, since i dont have any reaction at all from it now, can i start using this combo in the morning as well? also a full dropper is ok? again i have no reaction. I still have a whole bottle of Dragon Blood, can i use it on my face if VF runs out? Please let me know🤗😘🙏
thank you!!

This is the fourth report from 4 women including yourself. TBH, the Vulcan’s Fire and Elixir combination was designed for extremely sick people. The last thing I expected was reports of glowing soft skin!

It seems that not only is skin rejuvenated on the area it is applied, but the whole body- and after only two weeks! I am delighted.

One lady recently began to have a rash on her arms and neck- inexplicably. She did not know why this happened because it had never happened before.

But upon further examination, it turns out she has a family history of eczema, but with her, it was so mild she never really knew she had a problem.

So, the combination of V.F. and Elixir found its way to her arms even though she had been applying it to her knees and face.

The V.F. and Elixir are magnetic to disease. They find illnesses people do not even know they have and heals them. They experience a weird pain, and it disappears as quickly as it arrives.

That is why you experienced weird pains here and there. The V.F./Elixir is healing things you might not know were issues at all.

But having no more symptoms simply means there is nothing more to heal and you are extremely healthy. I think using these products is an effective way to examine the body holistically for health issues.

When everything is healed is that it? No, not at all. The Elixir simply does not stop there, it keeps working to reduce age because aging is simply cell damage which it continues to repair, albeit in a way which is not noticeable but continues reducing age regardless.

No plastic surgeon could achieve the result you got, not for a million dollars!! Even if they could, the results would be ‘plastic’ and not genuine healing of the skin.

Dragon’s Blood is particularly useful. It can be used in combination with V.F. although a few drops of Vulcan’s Fire should be taken first, internally with water, wait 15 minutes and then take a few drops of Dragon’s Blood. It will make you a force to be reckoned with!!

Can Dragon’s Blood be used instead of Vulcan’s Fire? Well, ‘sort of’ is the answer.

Vulcan’s Fire is a completely different product than Dragon’s Blood. Vulcan’s fire has gone through 5 extra alchemical steps and its power and the power of those steps are amplified many times more than Dragon’s Blood.

So, Dragon’s Blood applied under the Elixir is better than nothing, but it will not and will never be capable of doing what Vulcan’s Fire can do.

As regards a full dropper? Would that not be very oily? It must dry into the skin. I would prefer little and often. Patience!! Three drops of V.F. to face and forehead is more than enough- wait for it to dry in for 10 minutes and apply a thin, very thin coating of Elixir.

Healing and age reduction must be a gradual process or there may be consequences we have not foreseen. The body cannot be forced to reverse its age, we must work with the body.

Could you plz give me ingredients again?

You know I stopped using full dropper of VF, I’ve noticed I am a bit too forceful with people! I know when liver is cleansing you can experience that but honestly I don’t want it, especially when my kids are around. Also I was way too wired up at night and it affected my sleep when I used the combo twice a day. So for now I went back to 3-4 drops once a day only.

Also, I would wait only a couple of minutes in between VF and Elixir but you ve mentioned 10 min is that right? So I wasn’t doing it correctly..

If I take VF internally like you suggested and then Dragon Blood ( internally as well or topically?) is it ok to do it at night? I’m afraid I won’t sleep after that😅 sorry too many questions..
Thank you very much!

Both Dragon’s Blood and Vulcan’s Fire contain a resin from the Draconis Palm palm tree called Dracaena draco which is absolutely non-toxic.
It has been used for thousands of years. Dragon’s blood was used as a dye, painting pigment, and medicine (respiratory and gastrointestinal problems) in the Mediterranean basin, and was held by early Greeks, Romans, and Arabs to have medicinal properties.
Dioscorides and other early Greek writers described its medicinal uses.
Our Dragon’s Blood product is also made with distilled water, whereas Vulcan’s Fire is made with organic canola oil.
Because it is so fiery, yes it will make one ‘a force to be reckoned with’ and too much will indeed make one too forceful. It’s the same with alcohol, alcohol will make some people aggressive but in small doses, alcohol will make them light and happy.
So please don’t even think of drinking this concentrated fire!!
It is very powerful and healing in small doses.
Also I was way too wired up at night and it affected my sleep when I used the combo twice a day. So for now I went back to 3-4 drops once a day only.
You’ll find your own level in time. I would recommend you apply 1 drop to each chakra in the soles of your feet and 2 drops to your face- that’s 4 drops in total.
Then add the Elixir on top of those. But as I said, you’ll figure out what is ’empowering’ and how much is ‘aggressive’. The balance lies somewhere in between a full dropper and 1 drop!
You may be able to take more in time, but just let all that fire settle down in your body for now. Patience!
For the V.F. and Elixir to travel to your feet, that is a long way. But if you are cleansing the chakra’s in your feet, you will also be healing skin from top to toe- face to feet and this is the best way to reduce the age of all skin on your body.
You may find applying 2 or 3 drops to face every 2nd day suits you…
Placing Vulcan’s Fire on one’s feet chakra’s will ground a person and clear them of past negative issues.
As regards sleep, use the products in the morning. But Vulcan’s Fire is actually a very good sleeping potion. Symptoms are getting a deep sleep but waking up not in a hazy sleepy daze, but feeling energized and ready to go after a good sleep.
10 minutes or 5 minutes or 2 minutes- so long as sufficient time is given for the product to dry properly into the skin before applying the Elixir.
If I take VF internally like you suggested and then Dragon Blood ( internally as well or topically?) is it ok to do it at night? I’m afraid I won’t sleep after that😅
Well, do you need to take Dragon’s Blood? Taking it internally, it is for emotional healing, confidence and empowerment- I don’t think you need those qualities!
Perhaps you could gift the Dragon’s Blood to someone who needs more confidence in themselves which will give you good karma 🙂
So please do not be concerned. There are zero chemicals and the amount of Dracaena draco or dragon’s blood in the products is in fact microscopic- regardless of the fact that it is non-toxic in the first place.
It is the power of spiritual alchemical fire you are experiencing forcefulness, not the ingredients.

Here are some more questions regarding Vulcan’s Fire from Mr. M.T.


I have all of the following:

Vulcans Fire
Dragons Blood
Liquid Confidence
Love Potion
Archigenes Seal
Red Lion Carbon C60

I have been taking c60 with vulcans fire and read in the last news letter that cancels it

Now I am taking it just like the newsletter mentions with food 5 drops of VC wash it down with water wait 15 minutes then take the rest

My question is in which order should I take them and how many drops of each if I am taking VF and if I am not taking VF
And would I apply the same 15 minutes if I am not eating food when taking them

I know the c60 dosage
5 drops of VF
1 drop of Seal twice a day
I’ve been taking 5 drops of the rest

Are those the right doses and what is the correct order to take them in so they don’t cancel out each other?

Best regards

Dear Mr. M.T.

My question is in which order should I take them and how many drops of each if I am taking Vulcan’s Fire. And would I apply the same 15 minutes if I am not eating food when taking them?

It does not matter which order you take the products. The order only matters where Vulcan’s fire is concerned and when you take Vulcan’s Fire.
It is best if you take Archigenes Seal or alchemical Lemon Oil before Vulcan’s Fire. The spiritual component of Archigenes Seal is too powerful to be multiplied.
I know the c60 dosage
5 drops of VF
1 drop of [Archigenes] Seal twice a day
I’ve been taking 5 drops of the rest. Are those the right doses and what is the correct order to take them in so they don’t cancel out each other?
Try 2 drops of Archigenes Seal twice daily. If you notice heartburn or stomach acid, then take a break for a week then tart again.
They do not cancel each other out, only the Vulcan’s Fire can be destroyed if it is mixed with anything else.
If you feel you do not notice any effects, then double the amount of Dragon’s Blood you take up to 15 drops daily and then dial back the quantity you take to a comfortable level which suits you.

Dear Client,

Here is yet another report on amazing skin healing using a combination of Vulcan’s Fire and Sekhmet Elixir..

My skin over my whole body is as soft plump and supple like when I was a girl. No moisturizer added at all. The skin everywhere just BECAME PERFECT!

Possibly collagen was stimulated…I don’t know.
It’s like my skin jumped backward into a time machine.
Ok. Im going to be graphic, but I rubbed the excess on my breasts and nipples… feels and looks like I had a breast lift. 😄

Ik, on another note…I tore my Achilles’ tendon because of the hard time I have walking with my knee issues…I have been in terrible pain with that.
I used the 2 step process every time the severe pain came back on the heel. Since the pain is intense…applied 2x per day for 3 days. I know that’s a lot, but my ankle asked for it. 😃

Today I can’t believe how good I can walk again. I am convinced there was some serious healing. No pain.

Whenever applying the 2 step process, I felt intense heat radiation throughout my body and especially my hands…then a slight tingly itching or sunburn feeling that goes away.

I can only describe this heat one way. It felt EXACTLY like my first Kundalini experience…where my body felt aflame with HEAT and PASSION…like my body was pierced with a flaming sword.

One image came immediately to mind. Please check out the Bernini sculpture of “The Ecstasy of St Theresa.
What do you think?

This is a very good guess. The combination of Vulcan’s Fire applied first and then the Elixir on top of that ‘waters’ collagen. This is far from the only report of this amazing effect on skin.

The Lady below told me that she feels she no longer needs to use moisturizer. She tells me her skin is the softest it has ever been.

My skin is still so soft. My mother commented that little wrinkles i had around my eyes were gone…….
Im constantly amazing at how its helping my Body.
I am so grateful to spirit for bringing Red Lion into my life and may they always be proud of the great work you do to help others.
Love and light to you

Thank you Z. for your report 🙂

Here is another Report from Ms. G.

Hi Martin,
I Had to put into writing details of a healing crisis i had last week.
Woke up Monday morning and my shoulder was sore. Thought i had slept badly on it. But as the day wore on it got worse.

Driving to work and home from work was torture. Trying to change gear in the car and the pain shot down my arm into the elbow.
With the intensity of the pain it made me recall an injury i did to the same arm many years ago.

I had come down off a ladder and missed the last step which unbalanced me and fell against the wall with my full body weight. It Seemed a simple thing to do but the pain i suffered with for weeks after that was very bad.

No physio could relieve it or no pain killer either at the time. I Couldn’t sleep either. This had happened at a time of great stress so it was definitely a release at that time.

The pain last week felt the same as it did then and i was expecting to have to endure at least 2 weeks of it and possible physio to resolve it, but it went as fast as it came. Gone by wed morning….totally…..a first for me. Definitely a release….but im glad it was short lived

the elixers with vulcans fire and the dragons blood are doing their work for sure.
My back pain is gone. Ive suffered with a mild to bad back pain for the last 10 years. Old injury. You get used to it always being there. Gets worse when i exert myself with lifting or gardening etc but ….ITS GONE

It was strange to wake up and not feel it one morning….thought it was a one off… but no….its still gone.. and this is a week since the healing crisis.

Ms. G

Again, thank you for taking the time to write Ms. G.

Thanks to Ms. D.S for this review on Dragon’s blood. This is an interesting report in that it shows what Dragon’s blood does for one’s confidence. We are getting a lot of similar reports.

Hi Marten –
I wanted to send you my next update on using Dragon’s Blood. As I reported when I first received and tried Dragon’s Blood – I get definite positive energy when I take it and it continues to be an uplifting experience.

I am aware when I need to take a day’s break from the clearing of old patterns this product encourages to happen. I pay attention to these kind of messages from my body and I skip a day here and there as needed.

I have been using the Dragon’s Blood under the healing elixir on wounds/skin issues that are not healing easily and it most definitely boost the healing process.

I have experienced this on skin lesions and on skin rashes. I also use (gently, not daily and sparingly) Dragon’s Blood under my organic skin cream, which I use daily.

It has made a difference in the texture of my skin, the luminosity of my skin and I am beginning to think it is helping the elasticity of my skin.

I also wish to continue to praise C60 in olive oil. I still have not gotten a cold or flu for over 2 years now and my immune system seems to be exceptionally strong.

I have been exposed to those with Covid and those who have taken the “jab” and have had no repercussions in my health.

Red Lion C 60 is amazing and I wish everyone were taking it it. Once again Marten I thank you for all you are doing with your company and products.
You sir are magic!
With much appreciation

I would not recommend using any moisturizer while using Vulcan’s Fire by the way. First it is not needed and second, we do not wish to amplify any toxins or chemicals used in the manufacture of moisturizers.

Here is another report on spiritual healing of the disease ALS. This is the disease the scientist Stephen Hawking suffers from..

Hello Dear Marten!
It’s me R.N. First and foremost thank you for the wonderful works that you and your team are doing to bring joy and healing into the lives of the suffering.

I am taking The Dragon’s Blood and The Vulcan’s Fire a gift from you! I recently went to my neurologist for an ALS followup. Well here are the results of her examination.

I have gained a few pounds, my stiffness in my limbs are more fluid and movable, I am able to sleep at night for short periods of time without my breathing and lung respirator, I can also eat certain solid foods without choking, the pain in my joints has decreased a lot, and finally I can now walk further with the aide of my walker.

I am very determined to fight this disease as hard as I can. And any suggestions or products you have I will gladly follow.

Again, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your Blessed Works!

Mr. N. Canada

Mr N. is giving us this report after only 2 weeks. Thank you to Mr. R.N. for his report, we shall watch his progress with great interest!

Deborah our shipping manager can be somewhat critical of her skin as she suffered 2 decades of Rosacea. The rosacea disappeared after two weeks as I said before, by using the Elixir.

People commented on how young she looks, in fact she looks younger now than when she started working with us! She tells me her skin is the softest it has ever been.

But since she has been using Vulcan’s Fire, she now describes her skin as glowing and that is some description considering Deborah’s somewhat self-critical mindset!

Panaceia’s Tincture with Vulcan’s Fire

Please can you help me choose which of your products to start with. I have gut dis iOS is issues and have suffered with SIBO for the least 5 years and have also had breast cancer in that time period. I’m keen to feel better but really don’t know where to start and what to choose. I’ve tried CBD hemp supplements before and they have aggravated my symptoms. Any help would be much appreciated.

We would recommend a combination of Vulcan’s Fire and Panaceia’s Tincture. Vulcan’s Fire will save you money in that it will multiply the power of Panaceia’s Tincture by about 7.5 times. IOW using Vulcan’s Fire as a multiplier is the same as purchasing 7.5 bottles of Panaceia’s Tincture.

Panaceia’s Tincture is exceptionally good for the gut and for cancer. We believe it to be the most powerful anti-cancer treatment in the world.

You may have emotional issues which are causing these illnesses, for example regret, loss, hurt etc. and to solve these emotional issues, you should take Dragon’s Blood.

Dosage of Panaceia’s Tincture should be only 1 drop per day if you are taking 3-4 drops of Vulcan’s Fire.
But you must take Vulcan’s Fire 15 minutes BEFORE taking Panaceia’s Tincture.

What you are experiencing by taking CBD oil is healing symptoms. You should be glad that it is working!
Marten tells me it is because the CBD oil is bringing the issue up to be cleansed, or releasing the disease. It’s called a herxheimer reaction where the illness becomes temporarily worse.
This also happens when a vaccine is taken. One gets temporary symptoms of the disease. So consider Panaceia’s Tincture or CBD oil similar to a vaccine in that symptoms will get temporarily worse. So when you take it- yes you will get healing symptoms just like you would with a vaccine, but you have to push on through.
So our advice is to take 1 drop of Panaceia’s Tincture a day but do not take Vulcan’s Fire at the beginning.
If you get symptoms, then stop taking Panaceias Tincture for a day or two, then when your stomach settles back down- go back to taking one drop daily again etc etc. Keep backing off like this until you can take 1 drop daily with no healing symptoms at all.
When you have reached a tolerance where 1 drop will give you no issues, then begin to take take 1 drop of Vulcan’s Fire AND then 1 drop of Panaceia’s Tincture.
Again, you may get healing symptoms, stop taking both for a few days and allow your stomach to heal, then take 1 drop of Vulcan’s Fire and then 1 drop of Panaceia’s Tincture again.
Eventually you can take 2 drops of Vulcan’s Fire and only 1 drop of Panaceia’s Tincture, then 3 drops of Vulcan’s Fire and one drop of Tincture etc.
If your system is that sensitive to CBD oil, we fear your system is extremely fiery, and now is the time to cool it down with the tincture before things become much worse.
Panaceia’s Tincture is much much more powerful than CBD oil. CBD will help, but we feel it will not cure cancer but Panaceia’s Tincture will cure it spiritually first which will lead to complete physical healing.
In a few months, after your system can tolerate Panaceia’s Tincture quite well, you can experiment with 4 or 5 drops of Vulcan’s Fire and 2 drops of Tincture daily and gauge your systems reaction before you continue.