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Sold Out!

Dear customer, we’re sold out at the moment.  There has been a carbon 60 industry supply crises recently.
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Please be patient– we’re on it!

Dear Customer, as mentioned on our Carbon 60 Olive Oil page, we’re pleased to announce that we have discovered a balance point in the pulverization process.

It was another happy accident which turned out to be a key for many things, including raising the frequency yet again of our pulverized product.

Thank you,
Red Lion team.

Please see our article on how to use Red Lion pulverized ethanol carbon 60.

Carbon 60 is naturally greasy and will will clump together.  Clumps of C60 are called nC60 in the scientific community.  Clumps of C60 will only dissolve around their edges.

Much of the C60 remains undissolved and is passed out through ones system.

Manufacturers get around this problem by adding 6 times (or more) the quantity needed, then remove the excess with a centrifuge.  They do not pulverize with glass or ceramic for health reasons.  No-one wants glass in their system!

To solve this, we pulverize carbon 60 in an inert oxygen free atmosphere.  It’s literally pounded millions of times for about 60 –70 hours.  The smaller a particle is, the easier it is to dissolve– which is why sugar or coffee is granulated.  Imagine using coffee beans to make a cup of coffee!

So using pulverized carbon 60 (PC60) negates the need for a centrifuge.  Nor does it need stirring for weeks on end.

Red Lion Pulverized carbon 60 is roughly 50% mono-molecular.  We have recently found a way to increase this figure.

Now imagine a 100,000nm diameter clump containing 600,000 molecules trying to dissolve in oil verses a single molecule dissolving in oil.

The most bio-available C60 you can buy…

Kae Elmer

Pulverizing carbon 60 increases it’s frequency significantly!  So not only does RLPC60 negate the need for very expensive equipment saving a lot of money, it also operates at a higher frequency making a high quality product for the home enthusiast.

100% water free.
No toluene.
No metal used anywhere in the process.
Red Lion Labs invented the machines necessary to pulverize carbon 60 as it’s a very hard molecule.  This is only one of a long string of innovations we’ve made, but we’re not content to rest on our laurels, not at all.

Please see our article on how to use Red Lion pulverized ethanol carbon 60.

Intended Use

Dear Customer, Red Lion Pulverized Carbon 60 is described as
vegetal carbon’ and is intended to be added to olive oil for research purposes only.

We don’t recommend any other use whatsoever.

Some are rubbing PC60 on their skin. DO NOT RUB PC60 ON SENSITIVE SKIN for example inner arm, wrist and especially do not rub PC60 on ‘undercarriage’ !!!  People with sensitive skin should avoid getting PC60 on their skin.

The nature of PC60 is electric/masculine.  Everything in the Universe is divided into masculine and feminine components, even metals plants, suns and black holes.

Carbon 60 is absolutely one of the most male/electric substances around.  This is why certain effects can be ascribed to it, for example the head is known to be masculine/electric, whereas the abdomen/saps area is known to be feminine/magnetic.

For these reasons, women need to be VERY careful.  PC60 should only be used only for making high quality C60 olive oil.

No-one should rub mono-molecular carbon 60 on their skin if they suffer with a mental condition, for example schizophrenia.

Pulverized Carbon 60 placed on the skin will not detox your body!!!  That’s why oil is used!!



Frequently asked questions

Do I need to use an ultrasonic bath?
Every step taken increases the frequency of the final result.  but you will still make a good and beneficial product without it.

Should I use 21khz or 40khz?
Again, 21khz is better than 28khz, but 40khz is weak.

Do I need to stir for several weeks?
No, an occasional stirring is fine.

Is stirring better than sonication?
No, there’s no comparison.

Where can I find an a 21khz ultrasonic machine?
You could buy a commercial one. If that’s expensive, it’s probably best if you have one made.
You could buy the transducers and have a stainless steel fabricator make an ultrasonic bath for you.
Or you can try to glue transducers on say a bain–marie, but 21khz is a rough frequency and this solution may not work well even if it works for 40khz.

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