What our customers say…

  • “pre-cancerous angry red mole on my scalp peeling off.”
  • ” I used the elixir and the [8 year eye] itching stopped and all the wrinkles left.”
  • Old ankle injury- healing.
  • “Ligaments and joints aching reduced and healing.”
  • “Improved digestion.”
  • “Muscle cramps/charlie horse healed.”
  • “less arthritic and muscle knots have disappeared.”
  • old whip lash and hip replacement injuries- “My neck feels great.”
  • frost-bite- “that is almost completely healed”
  • “half hour my breathing cleared & my throat was better.”
  • “THANK YOU for this opportunity again to get this elixir, I Love it so much and can really feel it the second I put it on my face. You are creating Miracles.”

Feedback from Ms. D.R.S thank you..

I was taking 5ml of other C60 products, THEN I tried your C60 and I must say it is significantly different than any other version I have tried.

I am almost through the 1st bottle and will tell you my early observations. First, at this time, I cannot take more than approximately 1.4 ml without it strongly affecting my physical self.

The response I have when I take closer to 2 ml is what I would label as a strong reaction that is a deep healing… Ms. D.R.S. Click here for full report.

Thank you Ms. K.T. for this feedback:

I just finished making my first batch of C60, using your concentrate with Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, and Rose Quartz…. and wanted to SINCERELY thank you.

I had been taking another company’s C60 in olive oil for 2 months now…with some beneficial results that came to a plateau after a while. I did NOT have an Emotional Response to their product.

When I tried your C60 for the first time…something amazing happened, and I’m not exaggerating…..I felt an allover feeling of tingling in my body and a inner focus and high feeling of “being in love” and happiness/peace!

I wasn’t expecting that spontaneous feeling. The next day when I took my morning dose, the same thing happened.

It sounds very kooky… and I would never tell my husband or anyone else, but wanted to give you the positive feedback on your creation.

You are definitely on the right track with something spectacular and unique in the marketplace, so please never give up. So many good people are in need of what you create.

PS…The ELIXIR made a pre-cancerous angry red mole on my scalp peel off and vanish FAST within days…I thought you would like to know. It has not removed other bumps yet…seems to be selective …may take longer for other things….seems to go where its needed 1st then moves on. Also New Hairs growing on my head all over…AMAZING!!

Please review a video by K.Elmer on Red Lion…

Thanks to Ms. E.K. for this feedback…

I would love to be able to order another jar as the gift option. Sadly the last jar I bought I was loving it and using it sparingly and I traveled to a seminar and on the way home it must have been Very hot in the baggage area on the plane because it melted and seeped out of the jar onto my clothes…

I didn’t care about the clothes, just that the jar was almost completely empty…THANK YOU for this opportunity again to get this elixir, I Love it so much and can really feel it the second I put it on my face. You are creating Miracles.

Gratitude to Ms. I.C. regarding the elixir (with permission):

I was away with friends last weekend when my throat started to feel like glass shards, my voice became hoarse, was congested & I started coughing uncontrollably. I felt like I was hit with the flu.

Typically, I always have mms & colloidal silver with me but this time I only had colloidal. I coated my throat [neck] with the c60 and the coughing stopped within minutes.

In about a half hour my breathing cleared & my throat was better. Each time it flared up I did the same thing. Each episode was less intense & less frequent. In a few days it was gone.

From Mr. L.B.

I would Like to have a chance at getting a franchise for the elixir here. Something I have learned about women sense I have been using it .

Women get more excited about vanishing wrinkles than Immortality. I’m the best advertisement because my face has changed so much people are shocked that have not seen me in a while.

I had an infection in my eyes that made them itch for 8 years. So imagine a man that has rubbed his eyes for eight years total mess. I used the elixir and the itching stopped and all the wrinkles left .

My wife was gone a few months in the states came back to a different man. I ordered 2 more bottles today and 4 before that all for woman and one man . I’m still using the little sample bottle this stuff last a long time .

Comments from Mr. A.C.

I have read up on your status reports, and would switch to the AC60 instead. I do have a few questions about processing AC60 in olive oil, but first I would like to share an experience with the elixir.

I only used it a few times over a couple of months, but about ten days ago I decided to apply it every other day.

I am 62 years young, and fairly healthy with two exceptions; an eye problem that has been building up over the last couple years, and an ankle injury several years ago – I have weaned myself off a walking stick.

I can walk around a mile a day without any pain, wearing an adjustable ankle support.

After that mile I endeavor to walk at minimum daily, I do feel a slight reminder if you will, which will gradually increases to pain level unless I rest.

About two days ago (after applying the elixir three or four times) I noticed that an ankle pain did not show up at the usual time – I did not connect this to the elixir, as I applied it on my slightly receding hairline, forehead, and around the eyes. [please be careful- not on eye lids]

However, after reading your updates it dawned on me that the elixir could have an influence in this.

So last night I applied the cream directly on my left ankle. It seemed to be working, as I felt a kind of pulling force in the application area.

Today I decided to put it to the test: NOT wearing my ankle brace I walked twice the distance. Only on the last quarter mile I could sense this slight nudge again, but I had been focusing on this very spot the whole time!

My conclusion? The elixir enhances the healing forces within the body, kind of amplifying our intent. Very encouraging. Looking forward to notice changes about my eye health, too.

Thanks to Ms. D.F. regarding the elixir:

 Yes, amazing improvements in digestion. I no longer have leaky gut/gluten intolerance symptoms. I also no longer have muscle cramps/Charlie horse issues at night, which is also amazing and I sleep better. I also experienced the dry mouth at night, but didn’t realize I wasn’t drinking enough water, so now I know.

 From Mr. E.T. Alaska..

In all seriousness 🙏 I found it to be excellent in clearing up a couple pre-cancerous type dry skin tags (from sun) that have been around for years that my doctor monitored and didn’t want to do anything with unless [it got worse] ….[now] Gone😳

Additionally I had a small bit of frost-bite last winter under my left eye. That is almost completely healed and feel will heal when I start applying the cream again. (Frost bite usually does not have the capacity to heal!?)

As a alchemist Marten have you found from your “feed back” from folks is greater (relative to each individual I know) that those who may walk a spiritual path have had better results with C60 and or Elixir now?

From Ms. S.D.

My results: the morning after the first application, my stiff joints and muscles felt better and have continued to feel less arthritic and muscle knots have disappeared. I’m 65 and have old whip lash and hip replacement injuries. My neck feels great. I have better range of motion in everything. My digestion has improved as well. My face feels fresher and skin feels tighter. Will I be able to order more?

Feedback from Ms. M.M.

So far, I applied a tiny bit to both knees (torn ligaments from trekking, etc.) the day before yesterday and – I can’t believe this – but the aches went AWAY almost immediately and they’re vastly improved. Putting on some more today.
What’s in this stuff? Wow!

Question: you said to put in fridge, which I did…and it’s rather hard so I have to scrape it off. Is that normal? Thanks!

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