C60 SEKHMET in coconut oil.

Please note: there is no difference between the female and male Elixir apart from the jar.
Limited supply- please allow a lead time of two weeks for delivery.



Elixir Of Asklepios- C60 Sekhmet Based Version

This Sekhmet version of our Elixir Of Asklepios is 3-4 times more potent than the regular version of the Elixir. But also it operates on a completely different level.

No solvents used anywhere in our manufacturing process- therefore no damage to the Red Lion carbon 60 molecule.

  • This is a combination of eight genuine Alchemical methods which raise the frequency of carbon 60 and coconut oil to phenomenal levels.
  • The coconut oil is also treated alchemically.
  • C60 goes through several extra alchemical treatments

Not for pregnant women.
Tell your doctor you are using this cream and ask them to supervise you- for use under medical supervision only.

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15ml, For Men- 30ml, For Women- 30ml, For Men- 60ml, For Women- 60ml, 60ml (For Women 30ml + For Men 30ml)