Red Lion Report- May 8th 2020

May 8th 2020

Dear Reader,

As I said in the the last report, when we make the elixir, the coconut oil is treated alchemically separate from the carbon 60.

But the carbon 60 goes through a very different complicated process. One follows another, the female is always larger and second as the fire clears the path.

If you’ve decided to wrap the elixir in cotton or silk and not let any one touch it or see it, try only unwrapping it when it is within your aura (usually arms outstretched in any direction).

Always act on something. it grounds it. Say you have a goal you are acting towards, so you are doing things to prepare for your wish to manifest but even if you act and are taking the wrong direction it doesn’t matter. That you are acting at all and that your intention is known is what matters.

Acting and action towards a desire makes it physical because action is physical unlike thought or emotion. Acting makes a thing material, it material-izes it.

De-materialization is completely different! Philosophers will tell you it’s a matter of the thoughtless state because any thought would use emotion and the two together would add up to material and material is what we don’t want when we de-materializing things.

Oddly enough, masters say de-materialization is easier with living things like plants, humans and animals. But you have to tell the plant this this is good for it!

House clearing

If you have cleared negative energy from your dwelling as per last newsletter, you may notice people in the house a little happier, a little lighter and a bit brighter.


Again please be very careful. Only a dot for a few weeks, then 2 dots a week but not on the same day.

Over time your body will get used to the elixir and can tolerate more.

Personally, my muscle mass or percentage weight of muscle in my body has gone from 20% to 40%. I expect the muscle mass to level out at about 50%.

My weight has also shot up by 10lbs even though I consume only 1500 calories per day. That is because muscle is heavier than fat.

Having said that I cycle but not much other exercise- too busy!

Fluid in my body has also decreased. I don’t seem to be retaining fluid in my body as it has become harder but in a very positive way- no flabby flesh and I feel much tighter.

For me this has been an incredible discovery. But if you try this method, don’t judge yourself using scales but by how loose your shirt and trousers are.

Women’s Libido

I got an email from a female customer about libido as we discussed men’s libido last time, so I looked into it.

Did you know women’s libido is 40% higher than men’s on average? Yes 40% higher!

And did you know men get only 5% of the pleasure!! Yes women get 95%!

But women should rub the elixir on the sacral chakra, the solar plexus area and the heart area to clear out psychological issues.

But if a woman really wants to tackle a libido issue, she should rub elixir on the outside part of her private area on the sensitive spot.

Weight loss

Here’s something interesting..

What makes you hungry?
The hunger hormone of course and what produces the hunger hormone?

The stomach. So the larger your stomach is the hungrier you feel.

So people who eat large or very large meals and have sandwich for afters lol, they feel much much more hunger than a person who eats small meals.

To the point the large meal eater is tormented by hunger on a scale light eaters cannot fathom.

By eating small meals or dividing your main meal in to halves and eating one half later, you make your stomach shrink.

Then you can go for hours without food as your stomach is not producing much hunger because it is small. This is why some people even forget to eat. They don’t experience a hunger craving.

This is also a great way to learn discipline.

Eating large meals is a type of addiction especially if one is ‘drained’ or a vampire is sucking your blood! Interesting word- drained.

Sekhmet Elixir

Ok this is a misnomer. Carbon 60 Sekhmet is used to make olive oil and C60 Sekhmet is used to make the elixir, but the elixir is vastly different in that 5 more alchemical operations have been performed on it totaling another 30 hours.

If you are a very sick person, only use a smear of a finger tip.

Two gentlemen, a father and son both with genetic issues around their heart used the elixir on their back and the father used it on his knees.

Apparently somehow the heart is related to the knees and causes burning because this guy, the father had a triple bypass.

Both of them complained of healing chest pains in the following days after applying the elixir. But they didn’t know they were healing pains.

But the father (Brendan) said he had a pain there but it didn’t feel like his heart was being squeezed. The pain was a different pain because it was a healing pain.

The son also had a slight chest pain too but luckily both of them only used the elixir once and left it for a week before applying more to the knees and back.

They both report a better back and less painful knees but it just goes to show the elixir will travel to the worst area first which in the case of these two gents was the heart.

Had they applied the elixir liberally all over their chest the healing power would have been too much and things may have gotten more serious.

So you have to be very careful if you have blocked arteries, a heart condition, high blood pressure or other serious illness.

At the moment they are using the elixir once a week and the elixir is hidden by wife the rest of the time! Men can be scallywags and will throw caution to the wind and end up in hospital!

But as I said their body is now getting used to the healing power and they will be able to take 2 smears a week eventually and even more- as their heart becomes stronger.

There is no long term damage if you are healthy and use a bit too much elixir. What will happen is you may feel a healing pain somewhere. If you do, back off for a few days and use less.

In time when it is healed, your body can take large amounts of elixir applied to say back area or face etc.

Placing thoughts and wishes into the elixir

Please don’t forget what the elixir really is. Experiment with it and don’t let Marten tell you what to do!

For example the elixir is capable of accepting wishes- especially addiction.

So if you are addicted to cigarettes or food or whatever, instruct the elixir to remove the addiction.

As usual you may find the addiction getting worse which is the ‘cutting to the point to clear it’ phenomenon. Then it heals.

It will work on all addiction like gambling, alcohol drugs etc.

The elixir has a two pronged approach working on healing the emotions which are the cause of the addiction and then the addiction itself.

There are other thing which you can instruct the elixir to do like work on confidence which will naturally make you very insecure as the old emotions are brought to the surface to be cleared and then- confidence will come.

Or abundance. The elixir will work on blocks to abundance and then it will flow to you.

A customer suggested: C60 Olive oil is not that good for women.

That is true of the old carbon 60 produced two years ago. At the time we were forced to buy commercial carbon 60

But women will love the new C60 olive oil for what it will do for them emotionally.

Crystals forming in the oil

Please click here for a video of crystals which have formed from alchemical carbon 60 which was made by K.T. thank you.

What is happening? The oil is getting stronger. In six months the oil and elixir will be 60-70% stronger than it is now but I’ll discuss that next newsletter.


Best Regards

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