Red Lion Report- 23rd April

23rd April 2020

Dear reader,

Sales continue to increase. We’re under pressure to fulfill orders but we’re ramping up production.

We’re about to ship many orders but restrictions have caused delays. However after these have been shipped (Monday), we should be up to date again.

Sekhmet Elixir

Delighted that people have taken to the new elixir so well. Quite excited to get feedback on this product, but trying not to say too much about it!

Alchemical operations have also been conducted on the coconut oil of the elixir- separate from the carbon 60.

If we were to sell alchemically treated coconut oil on it’s own with no C60- women would still love us!

But in fact the carbon 60 and coconut oil are both treated, the carbon 60 to a phenomenal level, hundreds of times more potent.

So the elixir is very different from the olive oil. No operations are conducted on olive oil, just on the carbon 60 in the olive oil.

One of the differences is that the elixir will not bring up negative emotion to be cleared like the oil will.

In many ways the elixir is more physical, but the oil will make you happier emotionally in the long run. Very different.

You will still get benefits applying the oil to skin but nothing like Sekhmet elixir.

We’ll be selling Sekhmet elixir for $149 for 15ml jar and we believe when people buy it, they’ll think the cost is nothing for what it is capable of.

Right now we have the 15ml jar of Elixir on special offer only available to newsletter readers for $49 but we’ll close that offer in a few days. Please see April 10th newsletter for more details.

In fact people will actually love or fall in love with the elixir.

Of course people loving a product unconditionally to that degree is an entrepreneur’s dream!

But it is a good idea because all that love goes back to it’s source- you. So love it with that intention in mind. It is a living thing after all.


For missing hair! Massage the new elixir into the scalp. Sekhmet elixir reverses things. It’s like sunshine on grass. Just don’t use any weedkiller!

I mean don’t use any other product on top of or with Sekhmet elixir or it may amplify toxins in commercial products.

Our research is showing hair growth to be 3-4 times faster than with the previous elixir.

However you may not experience the same results at all due to genetics or whatever.

For myself I noticed hair regrowth was good with the previous elixir over a 7 month period but it was very fine hair.

I’ve yet to use Sekhmet elixir for any length of time but I expect my hair to be thicker, to grow back 3-4 times faster and better quality.

Always clean your own house first

Have you ever gone into a deprived area? Or wandered through a dangerous part of town? You may have noticed the feeling is not so good there.

Negative people wallow in negative places and positive places makes their skin crawl.

This also happens with houses. Negative emotion/words can get stuck in corners of a room and affect emotional and physical health. Ancient people used to build round houses for this very reason.

Indian rugs are woven in such a way that no pattern is closed. According to theory, this prevents elementals getting caught within the pattern.

But you can clear a house by placing some elixir low down in the corners of a room or every room in the house.

The elixir may not be as powerful as say a magician uttering a formula but it is consistent whereas the formula will wane over time depending.

In the emotional world some elixir smeared in corners would look like a bright light getting rid of darkness and you’ll feel the house suddenly lighter.

This can also be done by sprinkling salt, burning sage a.s.o. but the elixir is many times more powerful than salt.

So if you want to rid yourself of someone in your house who is highly negative, remove the negativity and they will remove themselves!

Another good idea is to keep the elixir wrapped in a natural material like cotton. Also, don’t show it to anyone or let anyone touch it! Of course a hermetic magician would say that silk has always been the best insulator..

But you don’t have to observe these ideas. They’re not absolutely critical. The elixir will still work tremendously well regardless. It’s just better if certain laws are followed.

Thanks once again for another great report from Ms. K.T.

Hello Marten ,

It’s been a while, so I hope all is well with you and yours. 😀

Since last checking in, I still experience improvements in health and pain reduction every day, but lately seemed to have been missing that initial POW feeling when taking the C60 olive oil.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but when I read your latest newsletter I found my answer…

A 70 year old woman from the newsletter mentioned she needs more C60 than most people to feel better. A light went on in my brain!

I started that day taking MUCH MORE than usual (gradually) and that did the trick! I take a larger dose several times a day for my needs now. I feel like my old self again. It’s Wonderful!! I’m much more flexible, energetic and upbeat.

Now I would not recommend that for everyone, but each body processes differently. My DNA test indicates I am an “ultra rapid metabolizer,” so this may have something to do with it…Its my best guess.

Now I had to process a lot of old emotional pain stored up in my body, manifesting as disease, and went through quite a lot of down time to get to this point, but it was worth it.

If I were to put a number on it, I’d have to say I feel 5 years younger in the past 5 months. I still have a long way to go, since I was very ill to start with.

This is undoubtedly the most incredible and unique product out there…and Im so grateful to NOW have my health returning. Nothing my doctors EVER tried made a difference.

I’m just glad I realized I need more powerful stuff now, or a higher dose.

Thank goodness the new more powerful Sekhmet C60, and Sekhmet Elixir just arrived…

Wonderfully Perfect Timing!! 😎

Potion brings emotion!
So why is it people take our carbon 60 olive oil and after a while they don’t feel that bang they felt before?

This is a wonderful sign- not feeling it like before.

You see before one was on say a happiness level of lets pretend 24 out of 100. Then one takes the oil and the usual emotions are brought up to the surface to be cleared.

That’s the bang, the joy but it’s temporary because not all past negative emotions are cleared instantly.

You go from level 24 to 30 and back to 24 again. You take the oil and again feel that lift as you go to 30 and back to 24.

But all the while you’re clearing out old emotions and without realizing it, you’re becoming more joyful.

Sooner or later all the old emotions brought out by say 1ml of RL olive oil are cleared and you remain at level 30- permanently.

So no more bang!

But then someone might say OK why don’t I feel the kick I did before? Because you are already at happiness level 30- YOU’RE THERE!

That’s the whole idea. To make one happier.

After a while taking 1ml does little to increase emotional well-being because you have it already.

So then you decide to take say 1.5ml or whatever is comfortable for you and aim for happiness level 35 or 40.

You get the initial kick but eventually 1.5ml will give no kick at all because you’re at happiness level 35 or 40 and now take aim for 50 by taking 2ml!

Alchemy heals on three levels- spiritual evolution, emotional and physical healing.

Healing emotional upset is about only 8% of the original pain and when cleared, it is gone forever. IOW no pain no gain lol.

But if someone new to alchemical carbon 60 olive oil took 2ml, they’d probably be in a ball of depression, healing it is true but not a pleasant sight.

However the strong can take it and move to levels of joy much more rapidly.

Of course all these figures I’m quoting like 1ml 2ml etc. are just hypothetical. You have to find the right dose for you as everyone’s emotional level is different as is their physiology.

Deborah (who works at Red Lion) spilled raw C60 Sekhmet on the top of her finger, only a small amount and she had five vivid dreams that evening. Strange thing was she can remember every last detail.

I asked her if she ever has vivid dreams she said; never.

Here is an absolutely wonderful video by one of our customers D.I.

I can only look on in admiration for what this person has gone through and come out the other side.

Ms. D.I. and Ms. K.T. omg listen to their stories, if you think you’ve had it hard- think again! Amazing women.



Following on from last week, Sekhmet elixir is not the same as the previous elixir. Please do not apply to family jewels area at all.

First your body needs to get accustomed to the elixir for maybe 6-8 weeks on say your face then apply a dot the size of a full stop to your testosterone factory!

Men, don’t be a daredevil with this! After a few weeks, apply 2 dots but not on the same day. It may take a while to see a difference and you’ll think nothing’s happening but it is!

So please don’t be tempted to apply more just because you think nothing is happening.

Have your doctor monitor you and get used to the different effects. One effect I’ve noticed is my voice is deeper.

Tests are showing a dramatic increase in libido for men but be careful or it may take you into a dark place if too much elixir is applied.

C60 Sekhmet olive oil

We’re bringing out 2 versions of the oil. One will be less potent for $39 and one will be full potency for $68. But the less potent one will still be more powerful than the previous carbon 60 olive oil.

Right now we’re getting labels printed for both of them and for pulverized Sekhmet pulverized carbon 60.

Bright, uplifting cheerful, physical healing, emotional contentment, confidence also very potent for age reversal.

Action speed it is going to unlock peoples latent abilities that they do not know of so it is to do with spiritual awareness unlocking stuff basically else like it is just releasing.

The Future

Gather your strength by building confidence in yourself mentioned in a previous newsletter about lists.

Always cut ties first before you begin reading your list. You should have practiced cutting ties by now and gaining experience, finding new ways that suit you personally.

The key is intention. If you intended a thing to happen but felt you did it poorly it doesn’t matter, it’s what you intended is what matters. And just like everything else, practice makes perfect.

Ok we will have economic recession but is it the same as other recessions?

No, this recession is caused by a virus not economic causes or stock market causes.

These causes are very slow to heal but not in this case.

When this thing is over, I said already that we will bounce back so fast it will make your head spin and I still maintain that.

But not only bounce back very fast, we’ll all be pulling together for this goal but things will be AWESOME!

Our reality will be completely different and for wonderful reasons.

Best Regards

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