Red Lion Report- January 31st 2020


Dear Reader,

Nearly finished moving, now all we have to do is sort everything out!

Something big is coming for Red Lion in March- we’ll see.

I said last time the Latin root of the word matter is matr or mother which is female. Time relies on space and distance which are matr-ial therefore time is female.

So what use is that, time is female so what?

Well if we know it’s female we know the direction to go in if we have categorized time like this.

I’m just showing you how we can use alchemy and the laws of the Universe.

If we want to slow time we actually use the female principle, why? polarity!

Opposites attract while like repels like. So a female device will repel female time, slowing it down.

When the polarity of men is leaning towards the feminine, opposites repel which leads to dysfunction.

I was talking to he who bears the lightening sword the other day and masculinity came up and reminded me it’s something I’d like to talk about in future.

Thanks to Mr. T.Z. for this review..

I would like to tell you a similar story of my C60 experience. I used purple power first then listening to some YouTube videos that said it’s all the same stuff. I looked up prices and potency levels that one guy posted on YouTube and bought Good and Cheap brand. It was awful tasting compared to Purple Power. So next I tried Red Lion and it was buy far the best tasting. Very mild olive oil taste.
After taking orally for awhile I noticed having more energy and that I was moving around with a quicker step. Just feeling all around better.
So I get very dry skin in the winter. Having to put lotion on or oils after showering. I decided to start using the Red lion C60 on my lower legs and besides getting rid of the itching and dry skin it was healing. I had old hockey and work injury’s that caused bulging veins. They have completely shrunk down so they are not noticeable and are starting to go away. Like back into the meat of my leg. My wife can’t believe it. She thought I was crazy taking and doing this stuff but now she’s buying it.
Thanks for this miracle product.


I had somebody in my fb group saying he used c60 on cataracts I have them bad and was wondering if u would endorse putting c60 in olive oil in your eyes?

Absolutely not!
Please go to your doctor first. Remember the Elixir travels to where it’s needed. So rub a thin film under eyes, to the side and above eyes, but not on eyelids.

This issue may take a few months to sort itself out but personally my ‘eye health’ has improved dramatically.

How about treatment of varicose veins in legs and ankles?

This issue is particularly stubborn but please see the above review and keep going!

9 year rash healed overnight..

Thanks to K Elmer for all the excellent research he’s done in presenting this video.
It is an incredible testimony from a gent in Ohio.
Screenshot from 2020-01-31 19-50-07

Hair Growth

I have a slight receding hairline like many men. I’m not worried about it or anything. But I have noticed hair about half an inch long growing back.

For some reason hair is growing back on the left side of my forehead but not as fast on the right side.

But if we apply alchemical analogies it is the female principle which governs hair growth and the male- hair loss.

In a person who is left handed, their ‘electric’ or dominant side or masculine side is the left side of their body.

I am right handed so the right side of my body is male/electric. That’s why hair isn’t growing back as quickly on that side as opposed to the left.

I did say months ago after 3 months men would notice hair growth and at 5 months they would become frustrated but after 1 year they would feel like stars! I still maintain that view.

New version of Elixir

The female version of the new elixir will contain a male principle as it is too female.

The new male version is fine for gentlemen but other men, it would make them too aggressive.

So a small female component with a massive majority of the masculine principle will make men.


I’m sorry I cannot teach alchemy at the moment, I just have too much to do and work is increasing. But I have given the keys on what you need and where to find all the information you need.

You just need to work out what the keys are and google them, then you’re on the path.

I have a lot more to say about the new version of the Elixir but I’ll leave that for the next newsletter.


This is for people who are brave enough to take alchemically treated pulverized Carbon 60.

Start off with small amount like 1ml per week. You’ll go through downtime but as I said it is clearing and healing emotions.

After downtime is past, you’ll feel a little happier and more peaceful in general. Every time you do this, you clear out more negative energy which leads to downtime and more empowerment.

If you keep taking 1ml per week you’ll experience more downtime and more empowerment than last time a.s.o.

But after some time the amount you take can be increased because you now have less emotional baggage to deal with. You’ll notice the downtime is not so strong now. So you can move to 2ml and so on.

If you keep clearing in this way with alchemical products, after a year you’ll be a completely different person. After several years it could lead you to Mastery.

The most important time to be positive is during downtime. So those using the concentrate really should create a list as mentioned in a previous newsletter.

Before you are positive or read a list, you’ll feel like you’d prefer to stick a fork in your eye, but reading the list is like Kryptonite for downtime!

Being ‘down in the dumps’ is completely destroyed by the fire of positive thinking.

Therefore you now have a weapon to use against being ‘bluesy’ and can take even more concentrate.

Cutting ties the Red Lion way

Cutting ties is imagining for example a past hurt connected by a thread or whatever and cutting that thread, sinew to the hurt and watching it float away.

But where does it go? It’s best if you imagine the memory/person/past hurt/negative idea floating into the Akasha principle.

This should be imagined as a blue/black color and has the characteristic of being infinite, holy, unlimited depth.

Akasha is where all the elements come from and when you imagine the negative idea wandering into the Akasha principle, it is sealed and dissolved forever.


Best Regards

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