Red Lion Report- 17th January 2020



Dear Reader,

Sorry the report is a little late- tons of info to get through.

Things at Red Lion are going well. I have a few ideas up my sleeve but will keep them on the back-burner for now and just keep working steadily.

We’re still in the process of moving and anyone who says they like moving is lying through their teeth!

But in a way it’s cleansing too I suppose. Maybe Red Lion is going through putrefaction lol.

We have five individuals interested in large scale production- three gents in Europe and two in the U.S.

However offers and deals and promises of wealth are not going to influence us in the slightest. Either things are done our way or it’s the highway lol and we’re happy to keep going the way we are.

Sooner or later this will go Global and we know that because our objective is nothing less than a health pandemic especially for people who are compassionate and show ‘brotherly love’. These are the people in the cross-hairs!

Frequency generator

I did say that I thought the triangle wave was best but now believe that can backfire.

After much experimentation I believe a sine wave is much better. And it adds a light energy to the oil.

Sine waves will also help with dissolution making the C60 become part of the oil and will help with settling- after the 2 week heating method.

But please don’t worry if you don’t have a signal generator. It simply means settling of undissolved carbon 60 takes a few days longer.

Sine wave should be 41.5khz and should be between 4 and 10 volts. 8 volts is fine.

The above machine is excellent but somewhat expensive however the machine below is adequate, doesn’t need an amplifier and can be connected directly to an ultrasonic speaker such as used for pest control.
Please see our October 25th report for information on how to mix pulverized carbon 60 and olive oil.


I have some really good news on the elixir front. We have found an alchemical method to double or more than double the power/effectiveness of the elixir.

The technique can influence the male and the female principles. I could combine them (less work lol) but have decided not to because of what the female version will do for women.

Men find it much easier to cut ties than women do and this female version of the elixir will be a specialist at that.

We will keep the current version of the elixir and at the same price but bring out two new versions. One for men and one for women.

As I said they will be at least double the effectiveness, they will be more expensive but not double the price.
The female version will help women cut ties but is has a lovely creative energy building building very feminine energy. It’s light energy, it’s optimism it’s fun it’s confidence for women. Very pure female energy.

So the female elixir helps in dealing with emotions, regularizing feelings, balancing emotions, reclaiming vulnerabilities, reclaiming women’s own power but not as in power as we normally speak about, yes it stronger but this is about empowerment in women’s emotional being not power per se.

It also helps build emotional intelligence, healing past hurts. When women use this elixir for cutting ties, they should anoint the solar plexus the heart area and the third eye.

The male version will bring strength, direct force, and is very powerful. It will also bring
passion, enthusiasm, uplift and directness.

I don’t even know how to describe the new process because it has gone beyond the Elixir.

It makes the carbon 60 quite aggressive in a positive way.

Aggressive about getting your life sorted out, aggressive about being a good husband or father, aggressive about health, being successful etc etc.

Thanks to Ms. D.R.S. for badly needed feedback on the emotional side of things:

I started taking your C60 after hearing you speak to KElmer. I was drawn to your discussion of energy/vibration and intention and knew it was important that I take your version of C60. I have been taking C60 for approximately a year.

I started with Purple Power and I liked that version very much but could not afford it (I am a retired Elder who works part time to make ends meet). I tried 3 other kinds and finally settled on C60 Labs (from Iowa in the U.S.). I was not as delighted with it as with the Purple Power, but it was significantly better than the 2 other brands I tried.

I took about 5ml per day because that was as much as I could afford to consume and still be able to take it in a consistent manner. I felt it was helping with general health and energy and as an elder with a few persistent health problems, I was happy to have C60 in my life.

THEN I tried your C60 and I must say it is significantly different than any other version I have tried. I am almost through the 1st bottle and will tell you my early observations. First, at this time, I cannot take more than approximately 1.4 ml without it strongly affecting my physical self. The response I have when I take closer to 2 ml is what I would label as a strong reaction that is a deep healing and uncomfortable generalized unsteadiness that is hard to define [downtime? bringing up old emotions to clear them?]. If I stop all plans and setttle down to meditate, I can breath through it.

The meditation is usually quite profound and spiritual in nature. It has happened to me twice. Not that I knew what it was or what caused it the 1st time it happened. I just felt “weird” and off and did not go to work because I was unsteady in a general way (physical and mentally). The 2nd time I tracked it better and muscle tested my suspions. Yep, it was your C60 and me thinking I should up it to 2 ml.

I had started with 1 ml as you suggested in your enclosed paprwork. I thought that was very small but wanted to follow your directions and go up as needed to 1.4 ml. I did not feel tingles or a strong sense of energy etc but did feel more grounded. As time has progressed, I believe I am more balanced in my masculine/feminine aspects of self. I am less prone to excessive emotional responses (still emotional but more balanced and better recovery of emotional events like the death of a dear friend and the loss of a position at work due to attrition). I feel the emotions but can quickly come to a “glass half full” and “what have I learned” thinking/feeling approach to strongly challenging life events.

My health is stronger as in my immune response seems stronger, physical challenges feel easier to handle/recover from. Where I work, the physical environment is challenging (old building/poor air/ancient carpet not cleaned etc). Many people and much respiratory illness that spreads and then respreads as people get re-infected. I have gone through this set of events relatively unscathed and have not had a cold for this season.

You mentioned in one of your newletters that you have heard from your customers about physical changes but not much on vibration/balanced emotions/balanced masculine and feminine changes. I waited to write because while those kinds of changes are more subtle and harder to observe as changes, I believe I have witnessed them in myself. I meditate and work on my own self improvement pretty much on a daily basis. I think that consistent observation of self has helped me recognize and track the above subtle changes.

I am VERY grateful for your work and your approach to creating C60 and wanted to say thank you. As I continue to observe my own changes, if they are significant or even just a continuous but observable steady set of changes – I will keep you posted. I look forward to eventually trying your elixir (when I have saved enough money – it will happen, I have faith). Again thank you for the work that you are doing. Sincerely, [D.R.S] – North Carolina, United States

Delighted this lady has had such positive results. Ms. S. mentioned “more balanced in my masculine/feminine aspects of self”. That is true but one may notice both increasing.

So one is even more masculine and even more feminine at the same time but in a balanced way. The masculine helps burn negativity and the feminine brings joy.

You may find that as you clear emotions you’ll be able to take more and more alchemical carbon 60 olive oil.

Thank you Ms. K.T. for this feedback:

PS…The ELIXIR made a pre-cancerous angry red mole on my scalp peel off and vanish FAST within days…I thought you would like to know. It has not removed other bumps yet…seems to be selective …may take longer for other things….seems to go where its needed 1st then moves on. Also New Hairs growing on my head all over…AMAZING!!


As I said last time we purify three elements through separation purification and cohobation.

But the three things we separate are mercury salt and sulfur. These relate to body soul mind. All thing have a spirit, body and soul- metals, plants, animals and humans.

When we purify them using fire, the gross low frequency material is removed. All that is left is high frequency material.

This high frequency material then makes ones soul higher frequency removing or blasting out low frequency material.

Mixing anything with the elixir pollutes it! Whatever is added will not be purified spiritually emotionally or physically. I know I’m doing your head in again about this but please don’t mix anything with the elixir!

The Latin root of the word matter is matr or mother which is female. Time relies on space and distance which are matr-ial therefore time is female.

For your consideration..

What if your body decided not to listen to you anymore? It decided it knows best, where to get food and warmth and like a zombie starts walking off down the road taking you along with it.

Your body doesn’t understand what traffic is so you try your best to scream at it to stop and let you guide it. Sometimes the body says okay and sometimes it doesn’t!

But soon the body discovers it’s not very good at getting food and through painful experiences it decides to finally listen to you- the brains behind the operation.

Now you get the body warm, and fed and protected because it didn’t know how to switch the home heating system on or what a fridge is.

Then you guide it to work to earn money and take even better care of the body than before.

This is an analogy of the heavens and us. We are the blind body groping and grasping around trying to find stuff because we can be wilful and not listen to guidance or inspiration.

Like the body we can say hey- I got this I can do this and don’t need the brains.

But through hard knocks we eventually learn to listen to the head- our inspiration our very own Spirit.

The head is no good without the body because all it has are a bunch of ideas. Good ones for sure but if they wont be used what use are they?

The body can do stuff but without the head it’s just wandering around bumping into things.

So the head needs the body just as much as the body needs the head or nothing gets done. It’s a partnership. One needs the other.

So learn to be quiet so you can hear the head once in a while and life will be totally different for you.


My eyesight has been a little blurred all my life at long distances but I’ve noticed it has improved.

I have been using the elixir for the past five months and the improvement is very small, but my sight will continue to improve in increments over the next 5 months.

Eye health is extremely important and that is also improving.

What age am I now?

Don’t ask me how I know this!

But I began using the elixir in August and believe my age is now roughly March 2019.

Certainly I am at peak health but one thing I’ve noticed is- no colds or flu!

Colds and flu

For some reason I seem to be a magnet for the cold and flu virus. I get the flu every year and it’s there for months.

But not this year! At most I may have some flu symptoms which go away in a few days.

The Elixir enhances the immune system and also helps push the flu virus out. It is not a cure for the cold or flu virus but the effect is almost the same.

It also helps with coughs. Immune system really strengthened.

Now I feel I could be walking through a room of people, all of them infected and not get anything and for me this is one of the biggest blessings!

Love your faults, your insecurities they are part of you and make you who you are.


Best Regards

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