Red Lion Report- February 14th 2020




Dear Reader,

We have found several new alchemical techniques. You may begin to wonder if Marten is smoking his carbon 60 because this will sound very weird.


As you may know the elixir is a genuine ‘elixir of life’. So we discovered (or more correctly were given) an alchemical technique which boosts the potency of the elixir yet again.

At this point the elixir is said to have feeling. Like it is a living thing. It is very weird to think of an oil as almost breathing but that is the level we’re talking about here (says Marten snorting a line of alchemically treated carbon 60).

I kinda hate even saying this as I know I’ll get the usual abuse from haters (and narcissists), but then again I also know you’ll discover this in due course yourself.

The male side has been boosted by a very precise percentage and will make men much more masculine but without aggression.

If the male/electric side is boosted too much it will dominate the magnetic/female side and if it’s too little there could be adverse affects for men. We’re down to tenths of a percent accuracy here.

For women, the feminine or magnetic side is dominant this time but again by very precise percentages. If the elixir is boosted too many times here, the male side will increase and destroy the amazing benefits for women.

Red Lion- Making men, men and women, women! Surely a divestment from media goals?

But this isn’t the most significant discovery which I’ll get into next week, or I should say discoveries.

Another discovery is we’re now treating coconut oil separately before alchemical carbon 60 is placed into it. We can’t do this while AC60 is in the coconut oil.

This will make a wonderful skin product.

Corona virus

Was this virus manufactured in China? And unlike other labs in other countries, was it manufactured without a cure?

I feel it was being tested on snakes not bats and somehow found it’s way into the human food chain.

Is it karma? China has built their entire country on Western inventions and they create a weapon to use probably against those same western people? Not very nice.

Topically the elixir will help a certain amount if one has corona virus but C60 olive oil should be taken internally.

Will our C60 cure corona virus? What I would say is that it will not stop people from getting the virus but it will prevent death. The Virus has a life span and I believe it doesnโ€™t reoccur.

Because the virus is in the lungs, I did think that maybe alchemical C60 could be placed in alcohol and alcohol vapors could be breathed but that doesn’t work.

My theory was the alchemical nature of the treated carbon 60 would influence the alcohol but all it will do is make people quite ‘spacey’ and do zero for the corona virus.

We’ve also had a look at sublimation over our current separation technique but sublimation is not as good.

Many many thanks to Ms. KT for this thoughtful, insightful and analytical report.
On December the 6th we received this email from her..

In summary, I am a 47 year old woman, but my body has deteriorated since I was diagnosed with arthritis at 12. I have also had more than 5-6 concussions playing soccer as a young girl and eventually started having seizures at age 14. Medication for arthritis and medicine to control seizures leaves me like a zombie and my life potential was cut short with chronic pain. I had to drop out of the a university in my Senior Year.

As I have aged, the deterioration in my joints and knees have been complete and I am now disabled at 47 with bone on bone Osteoarthritis in both knees and other arthritis inflammation elsewhere making life unbearably painful 24-7.

Docs already want to replace my knees, but they have pretty much drained my life savings so I am at their mercy with pain medicine and $200 bills per month with debt, and no way to work with my many issues.

Over time the inflammation has led to more problems and other medical syndromes like Fibromyalgia etc. I can barely get out of my chair.

I have lost faith in my doctors for solutions, because they are not familiar with healing the body …only in masking symptoms with poisonous medications.

I have been taking c60 for a month (from another site already prepared) but wanted to make my own, so I looked for manufactures. I found you!! Or, better still …I was guided to your company by the Universal Energy.

I will forever be tied to your products because you are the ONLY ONE out there that is an Alchemical company. I have leaned that is so important to healing the body and spirit. Normal western medicine fails because they ignore this! I know!

I completely believe in Source Energy. Your methods screamed out to me. K.Elmer mentioned your site in a video on c60 and after reading your newsletters I knew you were right for me.

I am making a batch right now with Pulverized c60 and in the short week I used your serum it has been remarkable in my face. Night and Day Wrinkle reduction and so far some pain relief when applied to my knees already.

I know you will be very successful. I have every faith in what you do at Red Lion. I will recommend to anyone looking into C60, to purchase your product as it is far superior in energetic action than all others.

I am a customer for life. Thank you very much Red Lion!!

Then on February 4th, 2 months later we received this email:

Over the past 10 years I had developed so many medical issues that now have been resolving one by one… on an accelerated rate, that I am truly AMAZED.

It does not seem possible, yet I am healing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought I was pretty much dying, and had given up hope. Now all has changed. ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t mind the down time, because at night and during my dreams, I have processed so much negative energy I have been unable to shed for the past 40+ years. I think I owe you my life. Thank you Marten.

I really think anyone outside this forum would think these medical transformations are not possible…until they try your unique product…then they are sold. I know you and your staff understand this is the real deal!

Your UNIQUE Alchemical products are truly a gift to me and my health, compared to all the Western medicine I have been subjected to. I cant wait to share my results! I just wish more people knew that universal energy is an option for health. “They” have no idea.

I’m really excited when I speak about this…although, since you mentioned it, I have been grounding myself during the recent transformation….my emotional and physical energy is much more balanced. Thanks for the suggestion Marten.

Thanks again for everything you do,

Ok I’m just part of a team but I’ll take the thanks anyway lol, but this is what it’s all about.

Red Color

Many people have no issues with the color but people selling carbon 60 olive oil need the red color even if in their heart and soul they know it is a good product.

So I will try to find some time to putting the knowledge we already have into de-crystallize our carbon 60 so the red color reveals itself.


Imagine you could take an elixir which made you grow to three times you size in only 10 days.. This is what a seed does. In 10 days a seed grows into a seedling with leaves etc after only 10 days.

That is life force my friends, that is power. Not even Red Lion elixir would do that!

But you begin to see what true power is. There is phenomenal power in seeds, phenomenal life force which is why seeds are used a lot in alchemy.

But the elixir has the same type of life force within it, and that’s why it is capable of regeneration.

What an alchemist does is remove impurities, capture the life force found in seeds and take that life force, concentrate it into an elixir and consume it.

So what the life force does for the seedling, it does for the alchemist.

Best Regards

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