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Dear Reader,

Lots going on! I said I would explain about the new alchemical techniques which are astounding but I’ll have to leave it for next report.


As noted previously, the elixir is magnetized to the worst area first despite what we’d like it to heal.

But there is a work-around. It must pass through an area to-get-to the most damaged area.

So if you notice say a twinge in your ankle, apply the elixir in a very thin coat right around the whole ankle.

If the thing that needs healing most is your spine, the elixir will have to pass through your ankle first to get there and will heal it on the way so to speak.

The thinner the coating of elixir the better. Try to apply it to face and scalp but also find something on your body that needs healing and apply the elixir to that area.

Ladies, please don’t use any moisturizer or cream before putting the elixir on your face but simply clean your skin with witch-hazel or warm water and apply the elixir 1 hour before you go to sleep.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Corona Virus

Many people have discovered that they haven’t caught the flu this season because alchemical carbon 60 pushes the virus out and strengthens the immune system.

Corona virus is similar to the flu. As I said AC60 wont kill the virus or prevent one from getting it, but it really does prevent death and gives a huge chance of survival- a huge chance.

The corona virus was manufactured and was a very big slip-up on their part.

Pulverized Carbon 60

A customer complained that he couldn’t buy the concentrate in 1 gram amounts so I’ve decided to sell it in 1g quantities. All I need now is time to do it!

New product

We’re bringing a new product to market. This product will have gold nano-particles in it but I have to work out concentrations as effective as possible but try to keep the price as low as possible.

Spiritually gold is the master!

Gold can contain vast amounts of spiritual energies which is why the ancients coveted it so much- also alchemists and hermetic magicians.

On a practical level, gold enhances IQ by about 30-40 points with many studies pointing to same.

Gold also helps massively with hormone production for example the heart hormone testosterone.

Many guys drop dead from a heart attack and doctors have no clue why. But look a little deeper and one may find the victims all have one thing in common- low testosterone.

But combined with alchemical carbon c60, the gold activates the carbon 60 bringing many benefits. However I’ve no room to discuss them here, so I’ll talk more next report.

Red Color

I decided to explain something about the red color and lay some myths to rest.

LOL, spiritual people- go make yourself a cup of tea and come back in a few minutes after I explain this… It’s about to get technological!

Commercial C60 has a red color because solvent molecules are attached to it.

This is called cycloaddition where a solvent molecule attaches itself chemically to a carbon 60 molecule.

I mean we’re not mixing sand and water here, toluene chemically bonds with the C60 molecule. That’s what happens when something is dissolved.

Dissolution is chemical bonding and high heat/ high vacuum cannot break the chemical bond.

When you boil water and sand, the water is gone completely and there are no traces of water left in the sand. But the sand is not dissolved in water. They are separate things.

The bonded toluene molecules are called monoadducts or diaducts.

Below is an image of cycloaddition of benzyne to C60


When toluene or benzene molecules are bonded to carbon 60, the carbon 60 molecule cannot form grids and lattices because the toluene molecules stick out.

Only uniform shapes can form grids and lattices not irregular shapes.

In other words carbon 60 cannot form crystals with bits of toluene or benzene stuck to it!

So in effect toluene de-crystallizes carbon 60 and light cannot pass through it. But light can pass through the molecules themselves and that’s when the red color appears.

So what’s the true color of carbon 60? Well the answer is a dichotomy- it’s red and clear.

Through the molecule the light is red but with pure carbon 60 it is clear because the regular uniform shape of pure carbon 60 forms crystals just like a diamond.

This is called polymorphism.

Here we have a picture of bubbles. One group are all of the same size while the other group are different sizes.
You could say that pure carbon 60 is on the left but C60 with toluene atoms stuck to it is on the right. Because it has the same effect [as different sizes].

It cannot form crystals if there are solvents attached.

Here is an article on the crystallization of carbon 60..

Click to access 33.pdf

Manufacturers sublime C60 because they know it is not possible to remove a solvent like toluene completely.

So people who claim ‘solvent free’ should be careful not to open themselves to litigation.

Heating to high temperature high vacuum will not simply make toluene fall off or go away.

As my friend said:

Chemistry is fraught with the compounding effect of adding something and it changes the item to something else, a compound of the item.

So once a carbon molecule has been dissolved, it forms monoadducts through cycloaddition with the solvent.

In the Queens Uni report the Red Lion spike is much larger than the others and I now feel that’s because the other samples have monoadducts or diadducts of toluene.

This is why the Red Lion spike was so large in the Queens Uni report. Toluene molecules were attached through cycloaddition to the C60 molecule which allowed the light of the Mass spec to pass more easily.

Whereas there were no molecules of solvent bonded to the Red Lion C60 molecules and this meant less light was able to pass from the machine because RL C60 is packed more densely and showed as a large spike.

This is why our product is clear/yellow, but under artificial light it can look greenish. That’s because artificial light has a lot of blue in it and blue + yellow = green.

Solvents de-crystallize Carbon 60

Here is a report which notes the true color of carbon 60 is clear.

I don’t believe the guy is completely right, he says solvents cause the red color. Ok yes they do but not for the reason he thinks.

Solvents cause the red color indirectly due to them de-crystallizing the carbon 60 which then shows a red color.

C60 crystallises with some solvents in the lattice (“solvates”). For example, crystallization of C60 in benzene solution yields triclinic crystals with the formula C60·4C6H6. Like other solvates, this one readily releases benzene to give the usual fcc C60. Millimeter-sized crystals of C60 and C
70 can be grown from solution both for solvates and for pure fullerenes.[37][38]

Thank you once again to Ms. K.T., we are all learning on the back of your painful experiences and I think all are grateful for the priceless information you’ve shared:

My knees were much improved with regular usage and more flexible, so I took a road trip to South Carolina. This is something I have not done in many years since my pain has kept me confined to the house for the most part.
I did have to take regular pain medicine to be able to walk at the pace of a “normal person” but when the medicine wore off in the middle of the night…the inflammation and pain from overuse of my knees was so bad I was screaming! Pain level was a 10 out of 10 and I was shaking!
I was going to grab a heating pad, but I thought instead to have faith and try rubbing the Elixir all over my knees and ankles.
I sat on the couch and waited to see what would happen. Within 15-20 minutes, I could still feel some pressure and heat, like someone was pushing/pulling on my knees…but no more pain! It compared to the effects of a Cortisone or Lidocaine numbing shot. AMAZING!! I kid you not!
I ABSOLUTELY recommend to anyone with an injury or painful joints, to buy some Elixir, and keep in stock at all times, as part of a pain relief system. It is literally a life changer for me. This universal energy is more potent and faster acting for my acute pain, than any other western medicine I have tried.

Thank you so much for what you have done for me. My Best Wishes to you Marten, always. 😊

Thank you to Ms. J.L. for some very useful feed back:

Elixir—Love it. Have been using it every couple of days on a wound at side of foot that would scab over but, due to dry dermis, scab would fall off without full healing. (This has been happening for over 10 years!!!) Finally seeing progress by applying Elixir around wound as well as on top of scab and exposed healing skin. Thank you so much. Dermatologists would never help.

Cutting ties

Cutting ties is very important and a powerful technique even if it looks simple on the surface.

Try this:
Imagine the issue as a large ball, say painful memories etc but the ball is attached to you somehow by a sinew or cord etc.

Now imagine the ball is like a vacuum sucking all that painful memory out and all the painful feeling into it, like a vacuum cleaner.

Then cut the tie and watch the ball float off into the Akasha principle.

The Akasha principle is visualized as infinite depth and is a blue black color.

Like a colored drop on water falling into the sea, imagine the ball of pain being dissolved into an infinite akashic sea.

Do this again a few minutes later for the same issue. Each time you do it, you’ll notice the power of the memory/feeling decreasing or not there at all.

Now the painful issue is not merely cut gently, but severed forever.


Best Regards

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