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Dear Reader,

This week we’re still catching up on back-orders but production is flowing very well. It wont be long before we can implement new carbon 60 production techniques and I can finally take a break!


You must not mix anything with the elixir! I was horrified to learn some people are tempted to do this.

This isn’t because you’ll obviously weaken it’s power- it will be diluted and/or polluted..

You must remember this is an alchemical preparation and we need to take certain precautions. Peeps may think alchemical schemical but they’d be foolish to underestimate the elixir.

Elixirs are about removing impurities not adding them. Any oil, any plant, any thing which has not been prepared spiritually and energetically WILL pollute the elixir making an expensive cream worthless.

For example a good idea is to place the elixir on the solar plexus, why?

Because it’s alchemical!

Alchemical means it heals on all three levels not just one like regular drugs. It heals mental ailments, emotional hurts going right back to birth and for me it has healed my physical injuries.

By placing the elixir on the solar plexus it will do something similar to dandelion leaves (mentioned in last email) except more powerfully and ‘targeted’ or focused.

The solar plexus is the nerve center and the elixir will heal the hurts of past relationships and other past hurts.

So what happens when you mix the elixir with something else? The something else will likely will have a spiritual or emotional pollutant.

But the ELIXIR will boost this impurity and you could end up with something very powerful that will do you a lot of damage. This is tinkering with the nuts and bolts of the Universe.

Elixirs are not like anything else, they can’t be chopped and changed, dissected and put back together. They are precious and priceless.

Mixing anything, anything at all with the elixir will reduce it’s potency. It will ‘add’ to something but if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you don’t understand spiritual energies you may inadvertently create something not good for you.

So we will not stand over the elixir in any way if it is mixed, nor will we be held responsible for anything that happens to you as a result as we have now given you this warning.

Of course my advice will be completely ignored by some, but if you are one of those people, please make a youtube video to the resulting hilarious or tragic situation as an example would be very valuable to the rest of us!

You must drink lots of water when using the elixir. For me, drinking lots of water aids in the repair of my DNA and gets me out of my head!

My tendon is returning to better than it was before the injury- the cream is resetting my body- it is a life elixir.


As mentioned previously, we’re not allowed to make medical claims but I can tell you how the elixir has affected my Achilles tendon injury.

This is/was a very serious injury because when my Achiles tendon tore, I tore it a second time on the same day! That was back in September last year. I’ve had to wear a funky plastic boot for most of that time.

Every time I apply the elixir to the tendon area, my whole foot swells for several hours, but next day it feels better, looser, stronger, not as stiff.

When I placed it on a very deep scar on my finger it began to itch, then the itching went away. You may also notice this ‘clearing’ effect.

Funnily enough some of our women readers could be described as ‘living angels’. Not sure why we get this attention but there you go.

Here are emails we received this week from two women:

Feedback from Ms. S.D.

My results: the morning after the first application, my stiff joints and muscles felt better and have continued to feel less arthritic and muscle knots have disappeared. I’m 65 and have old whip lash and hip replacement injuries. My neck feels great. I have better range of motion in everything. My digestion has improved as well. My face feels fresher and skin feels tighter.
Will I be able to order more?

Feedback from Ms. M.M.

So far, I applied a tiny bit to both knees (torn ligaments from trekking, etc.) the day before yesterday and – I can’t believe this – but the aches went AWAY almost immediately and they’re vastly improved. Putting on some more today.
What’s in this stuff? Wow!

Question: you said to put in fridge, which I did…and it’s rather hard so I have to scrape it off. Is that normal? Thanks!

Try placing elixir at the top of the fridge door as it’s warmest there, or take the elixir out of the fridge 15 minutes before you apply it.

We could make the elixir ten times more powerful but it would be too strong and detrimental.

Carbon 60 olive oil
We manufactured a 30 liter batch of olive oil last week but are changing the formula by preparing it with what I call combination carbon 60 (2 alchemical methods).

The amount we used was very small but this oil has many properties. It will be ready in another 2 weeks so please be patient if you’ve order oil recently, it will be worth it.

What does it do? It cuts to the point and clears it! In other words It brings things up and then lets them go.

That could be emotional, it could be physical illness, wrinkles but it literally brings something out (like swelling on my leg) to let it go.

This oil is very powerful and is not at all like regular carbon 60 olive oil- very grounding.

But anyone buying this oil will find out exactly what it does!

Best Regards

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