Red Lion Report – November 8th 2019



Dear Reader,

We’ve been shipping hundreds of grams of alchemical carbon 60 and are now poised to clear much of the back-order list up to spring this year.

We’re expecting a Christmas rush so we’re also stocking up on carbon 60 olive oil and many jars of elixir.

Interestingly enough a lot of men are buying the elixir. Before I forget- there is no difference between the male elixir and the female one, except for the jars.

It would be an affront to a mans masculinity to sell him silver jars! Also the elixir for men is a double shell tough container- less likely to break.

This week I’d like to deal with some of the confusion around making carbon 60 olive oil- some of that confusion caused by me!

I said in the previous newsletter to add 2g of pulverized carbon 60 to 1 liter of oil when I really meant 2gC60 to 2 liters of oil.

You can adjust the ratio of oil to alchemical C60 if you wish but 2g to 2l will give you a potent product and you get many months use from 2 liters.

As regards how much to take, please experiment. A good place to start is .1ml per 14 pounds of weight per day.

We now supply only one carbon 60 olive oil and that is alchemical C60 olive oil, although we’re keeping the same label as before for now.

And we only supply one do-it-youself pulverized alchemical carbon 60 powder supplied in olive oil.

I’m trying to limit the amount of products we do because we could end up with 40!

We’ve yet to supply C60AB and have another spectacular product developed alchemically in a completely different way.

If this method was added to two previous methods there’d be a spectrum of products, all very different from each other.

From today, we’re now treating the olive oil and the carbon 60 alchemically, not just the carbon 60.


Alchemical carbon 60 we produce or regular carbon 60 produced by us is extremely fine, light and fluffy.

It’s akin to sugar and candy floss. I’m using the analogy of sugar as ‘commercial’ carbon 60 and candy floss as our holistic (alchemical) carbon 60.

It may look like nothing has dissolved because it appears as if there is lots and lots of undissolved carbon 60, but think candy floss!

Candy floss looks huge in quantity but it’s really not when it’s compressed (I hate the candy floss analogy but couldn’t think of anything else lol)

It’s as if our C60 has been ‘volumized’ like whipped cream (another horrible analogy).

If you got this volumized C60 and dissolved it in chemicals thus concentrating it, it would be a very small amount in reality.

But because the C60 we produce has such volume, it means it’s even smaller molecularly, even easier to dissolve and more bio-available.

So please don’t let what appears to undissolved carbon 60 fool you into thinking no C60 has dissolved. It has and you need to try the product!

We see this here in the lab when making the elixir- the ‘appearance’ of lots undissolved carbon 60 but anyone who’s tried the elixir will tell you there’s more to it than coconut oil 🙂

Some questions from Mr. A.C.

Would the AC60 eventually go into solution/suspension without the heating of the oil?

It would go into solution eventually- heat simply speeds up the process.

What do you mean by ‘settling of the product’?

I mean allowing undissolved carbon 60 to fall to the bottom of the vessel. If one uses heat all the time, the heat creates currents within the oil and the C60 being so light, billows up making the oil look black.

So it’s best to let it settle at room temperature.

To aid the C60 fall to the bottom of the flask, I mentioned a speaker and frequency generators last newsletter.

The correct frequency is 41.5khz for olive oil. Other oils would require different frequencies depending on viscosity.

Coconut oil is particularly difficult to work with due to it’s thickness, melting point and the billowing effect I mentioned.

Still haven’t had a chance to work on the red color because we’ve been concentrating so hard on the back-order list, but I know how to do it- finally.

And in fact we have several ways to break the crystalline structures and allow the red color to show itself.

Will there be a residue collecting at the bottom, that is a) not to be ingested, or b) to be stirred up prior to ingesting, or c) to be reused for another batch of olive oil?

It should not be ingested but wont harm you either.
You can try making another batch from it but you’ll find it wont be very potent- most of the C60 has been dissolved already.

Finally, the way you now store it in olive oil for shipping, can I store it as is without any time restraints?

Should be good for up to 5 years in cool even temps and probably longer.

Thank you for sharing results of your Great Work, and for your service to mankind.

Shucks, you’re more than welcome 🙂 Don’t forget I’m lucky enough to be the mechanic. It’s not my project. There are many involved. I am simply a link in the chain.

Comments from Mr. A.C.

I have read up on your status reports, and would switch to the AC60 instead. I do have a few questions about processing AC60 in olive oil, but first I would like to share an experience with the elixir.

I only used it a few times over a couple of months, but about ten days ago I decided to apply it every other day.

I am 62 years young, and fairly healthy with two exceptions; an eye problem that has been building up over the last couple years, and an ankle injury several years ago – I have weaned myself off a walking stick.

I can walk around a mile a day without any pain, wearing an adjustable ankle support.

After that mile I endeavor to walk at minimum daily, I do feel a slight reminder if you will, which will gradually increases to pain level unless I rest.

About two days ago (after applying the elixir three or four times) I noticed that an ankle pain did not show up at the usual time – I did not connect this to the elixir, as I applied it on my slightly receding hairline, forehead, and around the eyes. [please be careful- not on eye lids]

However, after reading your updates it dawned on me that the elixir could have an influence in this.

So last night I applied the cream directly on my left ankle. It seemed to be working, as I felt a kind of pulling force in the application area.

Today I decided to put it to the test: NOT wearing my ankle brace I walked twice the distance. Only on the last quarter mile I could sense this slight nudge again, but I had been focusing on this very spot the whole time!

My conclusion? The elixir enhances the healing forces within the body, kind of amplifying our intent. Very encouraging. Looking forward to notice changes about my eye health, too.

Thank you, but;

What intent did you have with your ankle?
The elixir will work on animals with no intent at all.

I’d suggest you rub elixir on your feet and your forehead/face. Then the elixir will not have so far to travel to the rest of your body.

Questions from Mr W.B.

What container do I use 1 Liter glass narrow top beaker with a stopper?

Great question. The flask should not be a separatory funnel as the sides slope inwards and the C60 being exceptionally light will refuse to settle.

The vessel should be a straight walled glass flask or vessel while it is separating. But it’s fine to use metal during the heating phases.

Glass makes it happy!

Can the stopper be made of rubber or some other material?


I have received 2 grams in a syringe, do I make just one liter first and keep the rest of the syringe for later?


What do other people take each day?

Everyone is different- depends on male, female, weight, physiology etc.

Does the beaker need to be refrigerated or can it be kept in a cool dry place?

Not too low a temperature, cool dry place like a cellar is fine.


What age can I Marten personally expect live to?

It depends on many factors e.g. toxic relationships. If i manage to avoid blood suckers and gaslighters draining me of life force, and live a balanced life and diet, then I should expect to live to 130-140 years.

If I make the philosophers stone, I can expect to live up to 290 years in very good health.

You think our Father designed a body which will only last 80-90 years? Think again.

Knots are energy blocks- try to remove them as much as possible or all the time to release the energy and let it flow away.

Try placing the elixir on the soles of your feet, on the root chakras because remember- healing on three levels, spiritual, emotional and physical.

IOW you’ll feel happy and healed!

For all you elixir people it’s time to cut ties with the past- drink water, it helps with clearing.

Burn the past and incinerate nostalgia because nostalgia is interpreted by your body as:
I have no glory now.

90% of our customers are spiritual people (thank God lol). Some might ask ‘where is your brain’ lol but I might ask back, where indeed.

We know where the speech center is in the brain, where logic is. We know which part of the brain controls motor movement etc but scientists have yet to discover where the consciousness resides in the brain.

Thing is they wont find it. So where is my brain? In my head. The question should be; where is my consciousness lol.


Best Regards

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