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This week I have some very good news. We’ve had our carbon 60 tested by Queens University Belfast. Dr. Panagiotis Manesiotis BSc MRSC– senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry and Director of Education conducted the tests and published a technical report for us.

But I’d like to address a question by P.L.H…
What is Red Lion recommending on C70. I may be looking in the wrong areas but I am not finding guidance on the use of C60 vs C70?

C60 is male electric which means it governs all masculine qualities for example motivation, a strong will, leadership, perseverance, confidence, a keen intellect, manifestation of faith, toughness, endurance, courage, fearlessness, self preservation, patience and so on.

C70 is female magnetic in nature so it governs all feminine qualities for example joy, love, balanced emotions, nurturing, relaxation, meditation, rapture or ecstasy but not hypnotic ecstasy, sympathy and attractive power in the astral world, sexual desire etc.

Wine/alcohol is male/electric/fire and people do indeed note it gives ‘Dutch courage’, confidence, fearlessness and so on.

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is female and will relax, give balanced emotions, sympathy, ecstasy, joy and so on. You wont find many people who take CBD oil go on stage, but you might find a few drinkers!

C60 should be taken in the morning so it doesn’t affect sleep with all it’s motivation and activating qualities.

C60 and C70 should also be taken on alternative days. However we are low on the supply of C70 olive oil and will have to take it off the website soon as it may be some time before we can manufacture more.

Queens University

Below is an image of the results, please click here to view the report.

HPLC-MS graphs of C60
We left out a c60 sample from another manufacturer as it was not very good.

The only suggestion I made was to include a combined graph to show all samples together.

The LC-MS instrument will show ANY impurities. For example toluene shows on all four graphs indicated by the circle below. If there was any other chemical- LC-MS would show it.

There are no other troughs or peaks indicating Sigma and Red Lion samples are very pure (according to Dr. Manesiotis).

The Sigma sample is advertised as sublimed C60. Amazing these guys can do this.

screenshot of C60 graphs toluene

It’s interesting that the Sigma sample below (far left) shows an abundance of 47,000.

c60 in toluene


We only supply our own C60 olive oil or the carbon 60 suspended in ethanol. So we can’t be held responsible for what peeps do with the oil they make. Water in oil is definitely your enemy ! But adding special stones and the like is fine.

Peeps are adding all sorts of weird and wonderful things but we’ve perfected the process and the combinations of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil is the result of advanced and long research. Adding things ( you ladies!) will simply take away from the perfection of this olive oil. How can you improve perfection?

The Koroneiki olive is the best olive oil, for this application as it targets the walls of every cell. This is because koroneiki oil has special properties required by all cells.

The addition of foreign substances means those substances or oils will not travel to every cell and still have it’s C60 dissolved in it. Adding different oils or using completely different oils simply detracts from the potency.

However olive oil is not suitable for topical application. Of course my guidance will be completely ignored as usual 🙂

I don’t wish people to trade in carbon 60- buying in bulk and selling on at a higher price. So we have to think carefully about what the intended purpose of buying in bulk is. We’d probably prefer not to sell to companies either.

Final note:
All samples were saturated, which means they’re full. If we add more C60 powder it cannot be dissolved as the toluene is ‘full’ and will fall to the bottom. So why is RL C60 such a deep purple?

Red Lion carbon 60 is 60% more potent than leading manufacturers as can be seen by the color and the graphs but machines can’t tell us everything. Our C60 has been prepared by alchemical means and the perfection included in RL C60 raises it’s frequency to a high degree. I’d have to say to the people who judge alchemists-
results don’t lie.


Best Regards

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