Red lion Report – July 6th 2019




Dear Reader,

Orders are continuing to be filled and Octobers order will all be shipped by the end of this week.

Septembers and Octobers orders were particularly strong. There were less orders in November and less orders in the following months so we should catch up more quickly from now on.

Everything in the lab is being perfected, enhanced, made more efficient, faster, safer even down to the smallest detail. Personally I’m working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week but I love being creative, so it doesn’t feel like work to me. Kinda like I’m on some sort of mission lol. But I’m pushing myself both physically and mentally.

The Rod of Asklepios

I think women will be very glad 🙂

We’ve created a new type of carbon 60 called C60RA and we’re putting it into a topical cream. We’ll be selling this ointment in the next few weeks hopefully and researchers like yourselves can help build a knowledge base. So feedback is most welcome.

Now we cannot make medical claims due to regulation in some European countries- regulation designed to concentrate power in the hands of large corporations. The only people who don’t understand this are the regulators!

So I cannot say this new C60 will do this for you and it will do that for you. That would be considered a ‘medical claim’. But I can relate my own experience to you and you can decide what that means in relation to you.

In my experience this C60 has changed my DNA. It is restructuring my DNA.
What does this mean? It means not only will my aging cease, but I will actually get younger.

This new topical cream is reversing my skin ageing and in fact my skin is getting younger! TBH I debated whether or not to tell you guys about this because it’s sounds crazy and as I said to my friends- too crazy even for me!

The results are noticeable and after one year of daily applications, I expect my skin to be a few weeks younger than when I started. But it wont reverse the age of my body, only my skin. So for women, this product may prove to be a boon.

If you use this cream, be careful. Only apply it sparingly especially on one’s face. To use it for one’s body, rub some on the top of each leg. This way the cream will affect all skin on one’s body, not simply where it is placed.

Also, don’t simply rub the cream on and go to work. You must lie down for an hour to let the ointment be absorbed by the skin. Other side effects I’ve noticed are- it helps with letting go of the past and especially good for family trauma.

I’ve found using the cream that almost every skin condition is healed. To me it forces the DNA structure to change, to be repaired and even upgraded, by about 15% I think. Will it help men with hair loss? As an intrepid researcher, you’ll have to find that out, but the process is a slow one.

The new ointment is dramatically improving skin aging on my hands and neck. I find my skin becoming younger is more pronounced in winter than in summer due to less perspiration and skin is drier in Winter. The cream is more effective in Winter for other reasons too.

Some crystals are made from carbon like diamond. So you could imagine these new versions of C60 like crystals which give off their own particular power and qualities.

I estimate C60RA to be between 5-9 times more potent than regular C60. the ointment is a good compliment to taking C60 olive oil.


More information about C60RA to follow in our next newsletter.


Best Regards

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