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Dear Reader,

Exciting times! I have some good news regarding ‘Elixir Of Asklepios’ or C60RA face and body cream below.

Continuing to ship orders and moving on to Novembers orders next week. I know it’s slow but we have a new technique which will dramatically increase production. It needs it! Desperately frustratingly slow.

Colors of C60

As stated many times, we do not use solvents of any kind and our product is holistic. But holistic products are not uniform like industrially manufactured goods.

So when Red Lion holistic C60 has been put in olive oil to dissolve, it may be a beautiful gold color or it may go an intense ruby red color.

The color has nothing to do with the properties!

Both red and gold carbon 60 olive oil have the same C60, are fully saturated and both are as potent as each other.

Consider the color like food dye. The dye does nothing at all to the food except make it look better.

We know this because Queens University Belfast tested both and both showed the same strong spikes. Except the Gold version would only show carbon 60 using FT-IR and would not show up in Mass Spec. The red version would only show in mass spec in negative ion mode.

So carbon 60 we sell may turn olive oil gold or it may turn the oil red, but you still got the best C60 on the planet and neither is ‘stronger’ or more potent than the other.

The C60 is as valuable whether it is gold or red, but people like the red color. So we’re working on making our C60 a red color when dissolved into oil.

Special Offer!

We’re not set up to sell C60RA yet (too busy getting orders out) but I’ve decided to add between 25% and 50% C60RA to all batches of regular carbon 60 from now on- as a special to our ‘amazingly supportive customers’; at the same price.

Come September we’ll be further along with shipping so we’ll have time to put C60RA on the website at the appropriate price. But it serves another purpose- people can test it and decide for themselves if there is any difference.

What will it do? It will makes people happy. It is happy! It has a light energy, joy, even giggly!

Women will particularly like it but I’ll let you find out what it does for yourself as I don’t wish to raise expectations.

Carbon 60 Olive Oil

As I noted previously, we cannot make medical claims, but I can speak from my own experiences.

Just a note on C60 olive oil but the more C60 I take, the more I believe my DNA will be rejuvenated. But there’s a problem with that- Sleep!

I’m currently taking 1ml per 100lbs of body weight. 8ml would energize me so much I would loose sleep. But if I was very sick, 8ml a day might be what I need.

I’ve said in the past that C60 should not be used to heal cancer. But our C60 is holistic and has not had it’s emotional content chemically stripped from it.

So I feel if I did get cancer, RL holistic C60 would ‘cut it out’, avoiding surgery- but not if the cancer was a result of genetics.

It will heal some diseases I hope I don’t get, but not all. I also feel it could aggravate a particular illness, so I have to be very careful.

There are two forms of cancer- one is genetic (a person born with the predisposition) and non-genetic, for example you handled radiation over a long period of time or ate too many fish from Japan!

If you are researching whether or not RL has healing powers, please mention it to your doctor and be gentle/very cautious with yourself- with your health because your health is priceless. Start with very small quantities.

This very much applies to the cream also. Try a ‘patch test’ say on your leg for a few days or a week before you apply it anywhere near your face. The cream has a coconut oil base. So if you have an allergy to coconut oil- you’re out of luck!

So our C60 is a totally different product than commercially produced carbon 60 and that’s why for me, it has healing powers. But you must make your own discoveries and if you do, please let us know.

Elixir Of Asklepios

We’re supplying both face cream and body cream in the near future. The face cream is double the strength of the body cream as the body does not need the concentration of C60RA as much as the face.

DNA Reversal

What we’ve discovered..

C60RA Coconut oil has healing benefits in my body. It is for men and women. It strengthens my physical body. Because it’s absorbed, it also affects my muscle tissue, joints ligaments etc. This means my facial muscles will also be rejuvenated.

I tore my Achilles tendon in September- my foot was still swollen in April! The Achilles tendon rarely has complete healing but the C60RA cream is relaxing and repairing my Achilles tendon at the DNA level and will return the tendon to it’s original condition.

In fact it is renewing my Achilles tendon- which is quite incredible. So healing properties are not just skin deep. It gives the body force. However it wont go to the kidneys, heart and other organs. The face cream is too concentrated for the body.

Hypothetically if i had hair loss or thinning hair, I would rub the cream on my scalp.

I’m testing the cream on some men with hair loss at the moment and here’s how I think it will go:
After three months I expect them to start noticing a difference.
At 5 months they will get impatient.
At one year they will think they are stars 🙂

It will do zero for grey hair. Grey hair is mostly genetic or family trait in my opinion and cannot be reversed.

The face and body cream cannot heal genetics or genetic illness. So the cream will not heal someone born with cystic fibrosis for example.

What is the C60RA cream doing to my DNA? It is energizing the strands, making the connections stronger, and the pulsations of the DNA to a finer degree.

But it’s not changing my genetics. So if I were prone genetically to arthritis, the cream would not help. But if if I got arthritis due to my living circumstances, the cream would help a lot.

If I use C60RA face cream for ten years, how much will I age?

Our research is suggesting regular Red Lion C60 olive oil works in the same way as the C60RA skin cream ‘for me’.

That is, it is restructuring and repairing my DNA but it is slower than cream because it is working from the inside out.

So using RL carbon 60 olive oil, I expect my internal organs to be only 1 year older after ten years of using it.

But after 10 years using RL C60 body and face cream I expect my face/body to look 2 years older.

But the combination of cream and olive oil works both inside and outside, so the results I expect are completely different!

If I used the combination of the cream and olive oil over a ten year period, I will REVERSE in age by about 5 years. That’s 15 years in total and I’m pretty average as humans go.

So the combination of the two will give me 5 years age reversal whereas individually they will only give a reduction of 8-9 years over a ten year period.

But don’t take my word for it. If you’d like to try the face cream and as a special to you our ‘amazingly supportive customers, we’re offering a small 15ml jar for a ridiculous 60% off at only $15 a jar. Please click here.

Question from K.M…
How do we know DNA reversal is true if no-one has lived for ten years using it?

We Know! The research has been done (as Jordan Peterson says). If scientific proof is needed, we’ll have to wait ten years 🙂


Best Regards


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