Red Lion Report- June 8th 2019



Dear Customer,


This week was full of petty obstacles slowing production which was quite irritating! The scale of our task seems quite daunting at times. We have all the equipment necessary to begin manufacturing C60AB but it will have to take a back seat for the moment.


We shipped between 100-200 grams this week but no-where near what we would have liked. However most of the irritating problems led to solutions which means long term production will increase. We’re working on shipping October’s back-orders at the moment.

C60 and libido

Hmm how shall I put this.. The new ‘holistic’ carbon 60 will effect men in a powerful way but it will effect women in their minds not their body 🙂
I have no idea yet what results from putting the holistic pulverized carbon directly on ones skin, but taking holistic C60 in olive oil increases libido. If you’re going to experiment, please do not rub on sensitive parts like ‘undercarriage’ or you’ll be sorry lol.

C60 olive oil manufacturing

The scientific community generally uses centigrade in my experience. I forgot to mention that in my last email. So thank you to K.E. and Elton for pointing that out.

It was also pointed out that heating to 85 degrees centigrade will make the oil taste bad, but we haven’t found that. We only recommend using olive oil with the addition of extra virgin olive oil as koroneiki olive oil is the best delivery system of C60 to all phospholipids.

But if the taste is affected, try 60 degrees centigrade or lower over a longer period of time. Remember we’re on a path of discovery just as you are and would appreciate results/observations from experiments you do.

I also forgot to mention that the oil should be filtered for a fine quality product. Please click here for instructions on the best way to filter.

Here is a recap:

First mix C60 and high quality olive oil- mix very well.
Heat mixture to about 85 degrees centigrade for a day.
Leave sit for ten days without heat.

• At ten days, mix very well and heat again one day.

Leave to settle for a further 4 days or longer.
Filter and bottle.

It’s just the nature of carbon 60 that not all will be dissolved [in oil] and there will always be some undissolved C60 which will fall to the bottom of the flask. To speed up settling at the end of the process, keep C60 olive oil at roughly 37 degrees centigrade for a few days until the oil is a crystal clear dark golden color. A heating pad used in alcohol home brew would be suitable. Click here for and example. You can add insulation around a flask or remove it to get the temperature you want.

If the oil is to be used for personal use, the above method of gentle heating will produce crystal clear oil. The longer it is left, the better. So filtering isn’t absolutely necessary- if you have the time.

I have been testing RL C60 daily, although I’d prefer people have their own experiences- which I don’t wish to color. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I can then add those experiences to the newsletter and build a collection of experiences and observations.

However what did spring to mind was, I remember saying people would take the new C60 and think it’s just like regular C60. But then they’d discover over time; it is not!

Image of black gold

Prices are still the same b/c i haven’t had a chance to change them. But at some point they will be increased as mentioned previously.


I have some good news on the testing front but on Monday, I have to speak with our testers. They were given soot and carbon 60 and not told which was which and the result is the soot sample has very little C60 in it. This means the separation process is working extremely well. But I should have some more good news on the testing front in the next newsletter.

Incidentally, C60 which is heavily oxidized will look a rust color. The blacker the carbon 60 the less oxidized it is- unless it isn’t!

Image of Ascension

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