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Dear Reader,

We’re still working on filling back-orders but we have a new technique which should in crease production by 9 times. It will be online within 2 weeks. Then we can really get to grips with the huge demand and back-order list.

It means I might catch a break probably in October- I could do with one lol.

Red Color

The World has never seen holistic carbon 60 before. There is no previous record of it anywhere.

Why does commercial carbon 60 turn oil red? Because it is badly damaged. It has been dissolved, cooked and redissolved in various chemicals and processed in various ways. This weakens the carbon 60 molecule as indicated by graphs below.

HPLC-MS graphs of C60
The large spike attributed to Red Lion carbon 60 is not because there is more C60 dissolved or a larger quantity.

It’s because the molecule is not damaged and produces a spike which shows the perfection of Red Lion carbon 60 molecules- their strength and uniform shape.
So what happens when tiny balls of uniform shape are put together? They form crystals and lattices. Like the image of an ice crystal below.


When molecules form grids, lattices and crystals, they allow light to shine through.

But what if the molecules are not uniform in shape but are damaged? They wont fit together and cannot form crystals.

Commercial carbon 60 is like that. So this jumble of deformed, oxidized, dissolved and processed carbon 60 molecules allow the light frequency of the color red to pass through but blocks all other colors because red light is the only wavelength which can fit through.

So because Red Lion carbon 60 molecules are so uniform, they form many crystal structures which allow light to pass through- just like crystallized honey or ice.

But as I said people like the red color and we have been working on a decrystallization process without damaging the C60 molecule.

However the potency is exactly the same- red or gold.

If I was bold I would say this light gold is the true color of naturally made carbon 60, with no solvents used at all.

So if you are not getting a red color like you used to with coconut oil, take a look at our face cream! Heat it gently to see the color!

There is no color in ours either and we use what I call combination carbon 60- the one which is 70 times more potent than regular carbon 60.

But the feedback we are getting on the cream omg! Lots of people writing in but we could always do with more feedback πŸ™‚

A few tips:
Don’t use coconut oil! It cannot deliver C60 to every cell.
Use olive oil with some extra virgin olive oil to suit taste.
C60 will dissolve fully in coconut oil in about 4 hours. It may need 2 weeks with olive oil but not coconut oil, it dissolves VERY fast.

That is part of the problem with coconut oil. It dissolves so well it does not like to give the C60 up to the body. It holds on to the molecule and is eventually carried out of the system.

Coconut oil is like a strong magnet. It will pull the C60 in easily but will not let it go.
Whereas olive oil is like a weak magnet- it must be forced into dissolving carbon 60 but like a weak magnet, will let it go easily too.

This is why oils which dissolve C60 easily are the worst for C60 delivery. Then there are oils which will simply not accept carbon 60 at all.

That’s why we researched and tested oils for a long time and found koroneiki oil was the best balance between no magnet at all and a magnet that’s too strong.

Using any other oil than olive oil is not particularly a waste of oil but certainly a waste of carbon 60 and C60 is very expensive. So why waste money/c60 on an inferior c60 delivery vehicle?

So it’s the same with oils. Some may have excellent properties, and much better than olive oil but they don’t have the ‘lubrication’ olive oil does when it comes to getting C60 to every part of the body. Lubrication in this case being carbon 60 delivery.

Some may feel this oil and that oil has magical mysterious properties and adding C60 will only enhance the oil…

However this is not true with skin. Olive oil is in fact not a very good method for the skin but coconut oil is very good.

If you have used coconut oil, it is difficult for it to settle. We found that above 32 degrees centigrade, the heat will stir up the C60 and the coconut oil will remain black.

But if you leave the coconut oil settle at a lower temperature, say 27 or 28 degrees centigrade, it will settle to a crystal clear liquid in 48 hours or so. Therefore there is no need to filter it.

C60Ra Face Cream

The body knows when a thing is bad and removes it from it’s system. But did you know the body also recognizes healing things?

It kind of makes sense- if the body can recognize bad things, why can’t it recognize good things and put them where they are needed? It does this all the time.

So the body will move healing things it’s recognizes to areas where they are most needed.

The face cream is so potent, don’t be surprised if a painful lower back begins to heal; even if the cream was applied to ones face. The carbon 60 will be brought by the body straight to the worst area.

The cream is so potent so powerful that to reverse age, taking carbon 60 olive oil internally is not necessary. For me I estimate 5 year age reversal but taking C60OO internally also will reverse my age by 10 years over a 20 year period.

Now we have to apply new Alchemical methods to C70! And just wait until this product comes out πŸ™‚

The face cream is hydrating but you may feel thirsty. So drink lots of water before applying it.

Try a patch test first on your leg for any contraindications.
Apply face cream at night.
The face cream should be kept in the fridge in hot climates.
First clean skin oils from face.
Apply skin cream in a thin layer.
Apply once every two days and allow time to build layers.


So far no-one has got this riddle! Ok now I’ll practically give it away..

The picture below shows soot sticking to a magnet.
Carbon is not magnetic no matter what form it’s in.
Magnetism creates electricity and electricity creates magnetism.
So the magnet is creating electrical currents in the soot.
These electrical currents naturally in turn create magnetism in the soot, which makes the soot magnetic and it sticks to the magnet.

What does this mean? It means the soot is probably more valuable than carbon 60 πŸ™‚


Best Regards

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