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Dear Reader,

The face cream has sold very well and of course we got even busier than we already are! However we are shipping hundreds of grams of carbon 60 tomorrow (Saturday) and Monday.

If you haven’t got a reply to an email don’t worry, we’re working on your order and will get to it asap- if it hasn’t already been dispatched.

We’re working non-stop on all orders. I know this is causing some frustration, but we are working steadily through the back order list and every order will be filled. Of course we can offer a refund with our apologies if needs be.


The reactor is working very smoothly. We’re getting to know it’s eccentricities for example 12 hour maintenance is now a very fast operation.

Everything as I said previously is being perfected and speeded up. We used flasks kept under a high vacuum to preserve C60 in the past, but this was a problem because such a high vacuum inevitably leads to leaks and ruined product.

Now we simply place the carbon 60 into a pressure vessel, place a candle in there, then seal the vessel. There is no need for vacuum or pressure.

The candle burns all oxygen within a minute or so and the C60 will be preserved that way indefinitely.

We no longer have to worry about vacuum leaks ruining carbon 60. And we don’t have to use vacuum equipment, the C60 is easily accessible and easily preserved again with the same tea light!

If you wish to do this yourself and don’t have a pressure vessel, try using a pressure cooker and candle, but you’ll have to block any holes in the lid 🙂


There I was talking about being sharp when I didn’t realize shipping was cheaper to send face cream to Hong Kong than is was to US!

An error was made on the shipping cost of the face cream, so we’ll be giving a partial refund to all those who purchased C60Ra face cream.

Combination carbon 60

This is a combination of two methods. One method increases the power by about 8 times and the other by about nine or ten times. But the combination results in potency of at least 70 times.

You might gasp at the price we’re asking for this product- $4000 per gram but this is meant for the big guys.

Even though the price seems extreme, when added to 70 liters of olive oil it works out at half the price of carbon 60 per bottle. If you understand what this is then you’ll understand the price is fair 🙂

Of course anyone buying it will have to verify that it really is what we say it is. How that’s done, I’m not sure but real world tests are probably the most important thing- how people feel when taking this ‘combi’ carbon 60 olive oil.

So testing should be done with people experienced with carbon 60 and who would notice immediately.

True Alchemy

Water is magnetic below 6 degrees centigrade and electric above 40 degrees. Why do clouds stick and clump together? What happens to water when it gets cold? It becomes magnetic which is why clouds form. If the air is warm- no magnetic water, no clouds.

This is why having a shower with the water as cold as possible makes one feel happy. The Water element rules emotion. When the water is cold it removes negative energy (emotion) from the body in a way hot water cannot.

Water cleanses by taking negativity (self sacrifice) into itself then removing it later. Fire transforms the negativity into something else.

So we can use magnetic water for all sorts of spiritual operations. Try having a shower using hot water until you’re too hot, then you’ll be glad to turn the tap to the cold position!

Also boost the cold water by imagining it really is magnetic (it is!) and it is removing black stuff (negativity) from your body. And the negativity is running away with the water down the drain.


But there is a magical point (discussed above) where water is neither electric or magnetic- unity consciousness, akasha point. That point is about 37.5 degrees centigrade.

Our body’s core is 37.5 degrees (98.5f) because our body is an incredible alchemical machine. Ironically this temperature is best for hatching eggs but that is not a coincidence.

We can use it in many ways for example ‘blood warm’ is the perfect temperature to help carbon 60 settle in olive oil.

You could use say a car head lamp bulb and place it into a box or drawer, then place the olive oil in there to be kept warm until the oil has settled.

Or better, use two bulbs joined together (in series) to lower the brightness and wrap them loosely with aluminum foil to prevent light getting to the olive oil.


So far no-one seems to know what is happening in the jar 🙂 If it’s true it’s big news. Click the picture for a hint.

Oh and can you please mark this email as ‘not junk’- the more that do this the better thanks.


C60Ra Face Cream

As noted last week, the face cream is 3 or 4 times more powerful than the previous version.

So it’s best if you use it every second day and the best time is just before sleep. Again, please use it sparingly, it needs time to build up in layers.

Please do not use cream on ‘undercarriage’!! Some suffer alopecia there and might be tempted to use it, but please don’t 🙂 The cream is too strong for sensitive parts.

It’s also best if you ask your doctor to supervise you while you are using the cream.

What is the new technique? First we compress the carbon 60 spiritually- putrefaction. Then we pull it apart (new earth). Then we funnel it into an infinite point, again spiritually but I’m not sure if it’s actually the point which is emanating through the funnel (a seed in the new Earth) or being sucked into a zero point or both at the same time (likely).

If you have old bone, muscle or other injuries, rub the cream on the affected area daily.

Below is the 30ml jar (not the 15ml we had on the site). It’s not for sale yet as I want to catch up on orders a bit more.


Best Regards

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