Red Lion Report March 1st 2019

Dear Customer,

Apologies if we haven’t answered some emails- we’ll get to them as soon as we can but carbon 60 production is now a 24 hour operation and we’ve placed ourselves under huge pressure. We’re at a critical juncture and every minute is precious. But soon we’ll have enough carbon 60 and the pressure will come off us somewhat.

Carbon 60

Carbon 60 is not as easy to produce as people think! One would assume using a welder and graphite is easy but the process in reality is far more complicated and intricate.

During the process, one molecule attaches to another and forms a C60 molecule “in vacuō”. Then a chain reaction happens at an astronomical speed. Trillions of C60 molecules are formed in a sort of chain-reaction wave as I said; at an absolutely astonishing speed.

This happens with the tiny explosions of the plasma arc. Each explosion sparks a ‘lump’ of red hot soot against the reactor sides. The carbon molecules are in a sort of flux and form C60 on cooling down. So when the hot lump of soot cools from red hot to a few hundred degrees, that’s when the C60 molecule chain-reaction happens, and when it does; it cannot be stopped.


The reactor is much slower than we suggested in a previous newsletter. The problem is heat. If we go faster, we’ll destroy an entire batch. So for the last week we were only able to make 3 grams of soot per hour (containing fullerenes). We’ve increased the cooling and I think at the moment we’re producing about 4gph of fullerene soot.

But we’ve automated the machine and it’s now working 24 hours a day. I literally check it at midnight, then 3am, then 6am until an employee can take over during the day. We had a few vacuum leaks and other irritating issues but they’re only blips on the radar.

We’re building a second reactor which will be water cooled because our current one is air cooled. Then we’ll build a third reactor which will be cooled with liquid nitrogen and should be at factory like production in about 9 weeks.

In a way we’re taking baby steps- learning about the reactor, while producing carbon 60. We could increase production speed by increasing power but the quality would be lower. Everyday we get another solution and another idea and by this time next week, the reactor setup will be completely different, just as it was last week.

We’re supplying carbon 60 and carbon 70 olive oil as normal.

Just because one can do a thing doesn’t mean one should. So we will be keeping our prices reasonable for many years. How could we profiteer from our unbelievably patient and loyal customers? unconscionable! Neither will we sell this business for any price.

Below is a picture of our third vacuum pump- forth including the one that failed! The cup is for scale. This pump will certainly get us to the type of vacuum required.

Alchemy Alert!

If you’ve had a negative background and don’t wish to pronounce judgement on Alchemists- please stop reading!

Following on from last week, place the leaves of the dry lemon balm plant in a mortar. Cut the twigs of the plant into small pieces and grind all as finely as you can.

The more the mixture is ground, the better the result as the smallest things are the most powerful. Many Alchemists will have blisters on their hands but this is not necessary at this stage 🙂

Take safety precautions with plant dust. Separate the pulverized plant material into two parts- use say 2oz and set 2oz aside.

It’s important that one isn’t upset by some daily irritation and that you are calm and happy. This is especially important with fecundation.


Wait until the waxing moon. Make yourself as positive as you can and then and slowly, very slowly pour the alcohol onto the plant powder keeping your thoughts clear or even practice emptiness of mind prior to the operation. This is a crucial stage.

Stop pouring alcohol when it is less than 1/4 inches above the plant material. Now seal the jar. The flask needs to be taller than it is wider. Preferably 3 times taller than the level of the plant material.

You can use a tall coffee jar or mason jar but it needs to be tall- “it ascends to the heavens and gather the powers of the superiors and of the inferiors and descends again to earth.”

Now leave the mixture to sit for about two weeks. Protect the flask from light and keep it at a balanced temperature (room temp).

Best Regards

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