Red Lion Report February 15th 2019

Dear Reader,

High drama at Red Lion! Dear Customer, The reactor was working well but we’re not experts on the vagaries of laboratory vacuum pumps. These type of pumps need special treatment as we painfully discovered when our vacuum pump failed last Friday.

For example they cannot be tilted more than 2 degrees from vertical or be switched on and off very much.

We ordered a new vacuum pump which cost tens of thousands, thinking the hose fittings would be easy to acquire- they’re not! The vacuum also needs metal bellows type hoses to reach an ultimate vacuum of 1X10-4 millibar.

We received a new vacuum pump from Germany on Wednesday and made our own fittings to connect it to the reactor, while we wait for professional fittings. At least this way we can still operate the reactor and continue production.

So the reactor is working beautifully again. It’s wonderful to watch the spectral light flashing and sparking as the plasma arc sublimates the graphite.

Being a complete bespoke system one worries if something will go wrong especially with that amount of power running through it, or even fail but the reactor kept working with no problems despite our unfounded concerns.

But this is not a quick process by any means. It takes 1 hour to sublimate 10 grams of graphite but this is only the soot. The amount of fullerenes from 10 grams is much smaller than that. Other manufacturers would create about 12% C60 (in a helium atmosphere) in this time, but thankfully our return percentage of C60 is higher.

Another new discovery. We’re not quite sure what to do about this. Personally it’s a little overwhelming but we’ve made another discovery. This product will be for men only (sorry ladies) and we will have to be very strict on how much a person can take. This will likely be half the regular dose.

C60AB is predicted to be 10 times more powerful than regular C60. But this new discovery/C60 product will be more powerful than C60AB- hence the precautions.

The product will be based on carbon 60 but it is so unlike C60 it could be described as a completely different product. But regardless of all that, we are concentrating on carbon 60 production and fulfilling back-orders from September right now. Again anyone can receive a full refund if they so wish- with our apologies. Otherwise please be patient. We’re a small lab attempting and succeeding at something no-one else has done.

A customer asked us why they cannot find any other manufacturer who supplies C70! Because we discovered it’s health benefits and are the only ones to manufacture it so far. We are continuing this spirit of development and the next few weeks should begin to see many back-orders shipped assuming we have no disastrous pump or other issues.

We said we should be supplying C60 @ 99.99% by the end of February and that may still be true. But life can’t be measured on a slide rule- especially with cutting edge research and development of this nature.

Alchemy Alert! Please read no further or permanent damage to your belief system may ensue!

How did Alchemy help us discover the new product? The emerald tablet of Hermes. Once one is open enough to accept different views of matter and energy, then one can make profound discoveries scientists can never make. This is why we choose a mixture of science (which helps us greatly) and alchemy which puts all the pieces together. Micro and macro views?

The syringes are working very well. This is a pity because we have about 600 new empty glass vials in stock. Oh well I guess we’ll find another use for them. We’re placing the syringes in foil bags to prevent light etc from getting through.

Why do we discuss alchemy? Because if we understand the fundamental nature of the universe, we can identify how to cure illness and other things. For example we don’t need to study whether or not C60 improves arthritis because as alchemists we know C60 is male electric and arthritis is a female/magnetic disease.

So we can safely say C60 will help- despite having zero research on the subject (apart from customer feedback). We can also predict other illnesses like cancer or depression, how to set up equipment, where discoveries may lie and appropriate the correct preparation to an illness or situation.

In alchemy, death almost never means physical death. For example if one was represented by the death card in the tarot, it may mean the death of poverty or the death of a difficult relationship. But it means these and other circumstances are utterly transmuted and will never nor can ever return to their previous state.

Alchemy practice For those who’ve expressed an interest in learning more about alchemy, here is some equipment you can begin to acquire:

Distilled water- one liter. A glass funnel. Cotton wool. A mortar and pestle. About 300ml of wine brandy or cognac. A crucible or high temp ceramic dish. A microwave furnace or gas bunsen burner. About 300 grams of dry lemon balm.

Notes Women need to be careful taking C60. When taking C60, it’s a good idea to have yourself monitored by a medical professional. If you have high blood pressure, C60 is not suitable but is helpful if you have low blood pressure. Carbon 70 is helpful if you have high blood pressure.

From a customer… I know it has been mentioned that C60 is not recommended if someone is experiencing an illness, but what about a physical injury? Do you feel it would be beneficial to take C60 for the healing process after surgery, or might it add to the inflammation and cause too much fire to that which wants to calm down?

We do believe C60 will aid recovery. The reason is the body uses huge amounts of energy fighting oxidative stress. This is why people feel more energy (younger) taking carbon 60 because their body no longer has to fight damage caused by heavy metals and free radicals. So recovery after surgery should be much faster as the body can use this extra energy to heal.

Is C6 anti-inflammatory?
No it is not anti-inflammatory but it doesn’t cause inflammation either. It’s the root cause that is important when identifying the nature of an illness, not the symptoms.

One would think C60 does cause inflammation if it is so electric. But inflammation is an immune response not a disease and is protective making the root cause of the inflammation magnetic/water. The female principle is protective, nurturing. So inflammation’s sponsoring cause is in fact female.

For example arthritis’s root cause is magnetic/female. It contracts and freezes but the joints become inflamed. Yet because the root cause of arthritis is magnetic and C60 helps significantly with arthritis even though there is inflammation.

Migraines are male/electric in nature and so C70 should help.

Cancer’s root cause is electric. The particular cancer may have been caused by toxins belonging to the electric principle and therefore C60 will only exacerbate it. Fire and more fire = even more fire. But C60 ironically will prevent cancer from forming in the first place due to toxin removal etc.

According to the alchemists, Male/fire and the female/magnetic principle both have a positive side and a negative side. Nurturing and protective would be female positive and depression insecurity would be female negative.

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