Red Lion Report February 1st 2019

Dear Customer,

The reactor is now working extremely well. We had to strengthen it somewhat and build a separate chamber in which oxygen is removed to preserve the fullerenes as much as possible during the subsequent processes.

We have just begun to ship pulverized carbon 60 (99.5%) to customers on back order from August. It will take time to get through these orders and then we’ll begin to ship back-orders from September. Very exciting!

We still have plenty of carbon 60 olive oil in stock and customers sick of waiting can exchange their pulverized order for carbon 60 olive oil if they wish or can have a full refund at any time.

We’re thinking of changing the way we ship our pulverized product by placing PC60 in syringes. Anyone who wishes for the old glass vials can leave a note with their order. We’re doing this for a few reasons. 1. Some customers opened the vials and the foil seal not realizing that the foil seal once broken will not re-seal with the lid very well and must be removed. 2. Glass vials will have PC60 clinging to the sides of the vial whereas a syringe empties all contents. 3. Syringes are completely airtight and the contents is measured.

The reactor is 38% better than we expected and are thrilled at it’s performance. Of course we’re only the mechanics not the original source of the ideas!

From a customer… Your recent comments about c60 being a male and c70 being female sounds very odd. I’m not buying into that nonsense, let’s stick to the facts, not hyperbole.

Why are we writing about alchemy? Because it was suggested to us by a famous youtuber!

If there is any interest, I’m thinking of giving basic alchemy lessons here. That is, practical experiments in the ‘solve et coagula’ and subsequent evolution of plants. I would appreciate feedback about this as alchemy is not for everyone.

At the end of the day all that really matters is that we make as perfect a product as we can whether or not we believe in alchemical theory.

Some Alchemical history Nicolas Flamel came across a book by ‘Abraham the Jew’ on the philosophers stone and spent 20 years deciphering it. He published a book called Alchemical Hieroglyphics in the late 1300’s.

‘Abraham the Jew extolled his captive nation to pay tribute to the Roman Emperors.’ This means the book which came into Nicholas Flamel’s possession was created in Roman times. But it is said this knowledge originally came from the Egyptians which is very old.

Other notable Alchemists are Carl Jung (1875-1961), Isaac Newton (1642-1726) who ‘devoted considerably more of his writing to the study of alchemy (see Newton’s occult studies) than he did to either optics or physics’.

Other notable alchemists include Sendivogius (1566-1636), Tyhco Brahe (1546–1601), Paracelsus (1493-1541 ), Roger Bacon (1214-1292), Agrippa (1486–1535), Archimedes (212 BC), Plato (427 BC) and many more.

Carl Jung for example spoke of the four elements; Fire, Air, Water and Earth, alchemical processes and it’s stages in his book ‘Psychology and Alchemy’.

Alchemists believe the Supreme Being created two polarities- male and female, electric and magnetic, light and dark, the light being electric and the dark being magnetic or Male and female again. The space between the two is the Air principle and all three combined form the Earth principle.
Ying yang symbol of male and female interpolation.

The above symbol represents male and female where the white is male and the female is black. The circle represents all that is. Notice the dot of one polarity in the other!

A small amount of male present in the female and vice versa. An example of this would be a tiny male organ in female genitalia and a tiny female representation in male genitalia but this principle exists everywhere.

This phenomena is very important for many reasons including Carbon 60 ab inferis exsisto (come back to life). So again there is a great thread of mystery from the hermaphrodite represented in this symbol to the World card of the tarot. In fact this symbol and the world card represent the same thing- balance.

Death is considered putrefaction in alchemy and necessary for transformation to occur. Therefore death = transformation.

In alchemy we cause the ‘death’ of the living elements to remove the lower frequency material (caput mortuum). The material goes through putrefaction like we do only to be born again but on a higher level.

From a customer… Hi Marten,
First, I want to make a plea: Please do not alter your present Carbon 60 Olive Oil product, especially its unique energy signature. Yes, you should continue to improve the manufacturing process as well as its overall quality, but please preserve its special (complex) energy signature.

Let me give you some background in my need for your Carbon 60 as well as Carbon 70 products. My research focus in the area of health prevention, targeting products having a unique energy signature. From my many years of testing and researching therapy products, I found products having a unique (complex) energy signature turns out to have interesting properties in enhancing the body’s immune system and providing positive health benefits. An additional benefit for high energy signature products, they seem to come with minimal or no negative health side effects!

In summary: Martin, I will be following your work in improving the Carbon 60, Carbon 60 AB and the unique energy structure of Carbon 70 products. Note, I will continue to purchase the Carbon 60 Olive Oil product at regular intervals to verify its unique energy signature, especially when the new reactor comes on line in February. Also, I am very interested in the plasma and pulverized process as it relates to the energy signature. Please continue the excellent and consistent product quality and the goal to make the best Carbon 60 product family! As a side note, your present Carbon 60 Olive Oil product was so energy unique, I had to redesign my energy test dome, increasing the outer shell from 5 to 10 meters in height.

Question from another customer The contradiction is you state your 99.5% PC60 product is C60 & C70 combined, yet you also state people should not take C60 oil and C70 oil together. How does one best explain the difference? Tiny quantities of the electric principle will destroy the female principle a bit like sunlight destroying moonlight. But the magnetic principle cannot destroy the male/electric principle so easily. Let’s say the above differently… C60 is male/electric ok? Tiny quantities of C60 will destroy C70. Or C60 will transmute C70 because C70 is the female principle.

So a blend where there is 99.5% Fire/Male/C60 will dominate any C70 that is there. In fact 5% of C60 mixed with 95% C70 will destroy the female frequency- let alone 99.5%.

Like throwing a cup of water into a smelting furnace!!

That’s why it’s best to clear ones system of C60 before taking C70 or the C70’s frequency will be destroyed. The C60 would be fine! C60 has a half life of 10 hours in the body.

Sunlight (C60) easily destroys moonlight (C70). But moonlight (C70) can’t destroy sunlight. That’s why it’s better if we let the sunlight (C60) go down before we see the light of the moon, and the moon’s light can have it’s FULL effect on us. La Luna- the moon, lunar, lunatic, lupus- a wolf.

From a customer… I am wondering the status my order of 2 grams of pulverized C60. The PayPal order number and details are below.

I hope your supply issues have been resolved and if not that they will be soon resolved. I just ran out of the C70 I received from you and will need to order some C60 in olive oil for my pets and myself soon. I especially want to get my 11 year old chow mix back on C60. She has been doing much, much better since a year ago when she went on C60, 10 drops a day in her morning food. She had begun to get slow in her movements and a walk of more that a couple miles was getting to be too much for her. A week into taking C60 and her movements became more fluid. At about two weeks her eagerness for walks returned. At four weeks she was once again doing 2 mile or more walks with pleasure.

I am 69 and so had slowed down quite a bit. With the C60 I am easily much more active. Last spring’s gardening was physically much easier and far more pleasurable than it had been for several years.


an image of transformation
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