Newsletter January 4 2019

Dear Customer,

Apologies if we haven’t got back to you by email- we’re at a crossroads! I thought this the best way to save time and answer questions on where we are regarding the supply of carbon 60.

Carbon 60 is as the Philosophers say fire/male/electric. The fire/male principle rules confidence, or confidence is a masculine quality. For example you’ll notice Gemini, Aries and Leo people are often quite confident. That’s because they have the Sun in their star sign.

Carbon 60 is like taking liquid Sun! Alchemical elixirs are very powerful which is why they’re so dangerous. Much more powerful than say ‘positive thinking’ because the fire principle is condensed and concentrated in physical form. So only tiny quantities of C60 are enough to affect a person in a powerful way.

Other qualities provided by the fire/masculine principle are motivation, focus, determination, individuality, forthrightness, clairvoyance and so on. So a person who is say depressed may take carbon 60 initially and then refuse to take it when they discover it ruins their depression! Because depression is a choice. It has many benefits which must be sacrificed if taking C60.

But for the depressed person, taking C60 is caring for themselves. It operates in three ways- purifying the body, bringing confident emotions and a positive mental attitude.

The body having more energy ‘feels’ good. So one leads to another in that the body is healthy leading to good feeling which is emotional, and a healthy body, and positive feelings lead to a good mental attitude.

C60 also operates in a circle. Not only does C60 create confidence and motivation, it’s health/energy benefits lead to positive emotions and mental attitude. Positive emotions and a P.M.A lead away from dis-ease to ease or health.

Situation so far
The reactor will be built by Tuesday. I’ve been speaking to the engineering firm and they have already started. It will produce a mixture of fullerenes. Then we can separate the soot out and recover C60 and C70. After that we separate the C60 from the C70. We also added last minute changes to the reactor to do with angles and degrees.

Obviously this initial experimentation will not be 99.99% C60 until we test, experiment, adjust and re-test. But we’re NOT using any solvents- we don’t need to. So initially we’ll likely be producing a mixture of 99.5% C60 and .5% C70.

C70 is obviously non-toxic and wont have any effect on the quality of C60OO produced from C60 @ 99.5%. Again there are zero solvents. So there can only be C60/C70 in these initial batches.

We’ve decided to offer these initial 99.5% batches to people who want it. This way we should begin fulfilling some back orders by the end of next week. Other customers who require 99.99% pure C60 will have to wait a bit longer until testing and experimentation lead to 99.99%.

Testing will take the form of our own tests in a HPLC but we’ll also be outsourcing samples for independent testing to other labs. One great advantage of the design of the reactor is that few dimers are formed for several reasons! We are building the reactor according to alchemical laws.

So there are a few options here at long last. Please let us know if you wish to opt for the above solution or wait until tests are completed.

C60 pyramids

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