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Carbon 70 is female which means it rules all feminine qualities. For example it should help a person with Parkinson’s disease as that is fire, indicated by the constant shaking. Too much of the fire principle for example alcohol (fire/electric) will lead to the same type of tremors as Parkinsons. Migraines are a fire/male/electric disease and so carbon 70 should also help.

We now have customs seals and specialized metals, in fact everything needed to build the reactor. All we’re waiting on is the engineer who said he will begin on Jan 3rd. We have the separation equipment also. We’re as frustrated as you! But all going well, we’re on schedule to begin manufacturing in January.

Carbon 60 AB
Carbon 60 Ab Infinis Existo or carbon 60AB is both male and female. This is the true goal of the alchemist- the alchemical wedding giving birth to new life where 1+1=3.

The World card of the tarot deck is the culmination of the fools journey as he wanders through the cards learning lessons until he comes to the the end- the World card.

The figure shows a hermaphrodite indicated by the purple sash hiding the genitals. The figure is dancing with joy as the magician has learned to balance the conflicts within himself indicated by the two rods which he/she balances.

The four elements are indicated in the four corners and the laurel stands for victory. The laurel also shows the Akasha principle as it is ‘inside’ the elements, but also the elements come from it.

This is the quintessence, the all in all, Tat Tvam Asi and so on. We’ve only applied alchemical principles to the carbon molecule, so it will have powers and abilities but it is only one element and therefore one sided and not the Philosophers stone.
But it is the carbon version of the stone.

C60 AB is very difficult to manufacture and much carbon 60 is destroyed in the process. Also the carbon 60 must be very good quality to manufacture carbon 60AB.

What will it do? Those who have latent abilities which need coaxing.
People will take carbon 60AB and think- hey this is the same as regular C60, but as they keep taking it, they’ll discover the benefits/differences and possibly abilities over time.

Does it contain healing powers? Yes it does. What they are, how powerful they are and what they may be specific to we still don’t know yet.

The fool in the book of wisdom, the Tarot cards ends up at the World and then what next? Another journey for the fool through another set of cards except on a completely different level.

C60AB is calculated to be roughly ten times more powerful than regular C60. Due to the difficulty and waste making it, it will not be the same price as regular C60!

We’re not sure if the C60 molecule is a genuine truncated isohedron as it’s generally believed but feel the bonds may be the same length, which means there are bumps or tiny pyramids made because hexagons and pentagons are not the same size.

So there has to be give somewhere which is where the 24 pyramids come in- being 12 pentagons with 2 pyramids to each pentagon. We believe these pyramids become inverted creating an inverted pyramid and because of the undeviating laws of the universe, they give the C60 molecule it’s feminine/water/magnetic attribute.

In space, black holes are feminine/magnetic. They certainly transmute the area around them. It is so difficult to believe tiny ‘black holes’ are sucking a certain type of energy (the One) into the molecule? This is where the theories about pyramid power in the 60’s come from and why we see pyramids in Egypt.

Happy Christmas!
Carbon 60 Status Report

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