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Women need to be careful taking C60. When taking C60, it’s a good idea to have yourself monitored by a medical professional. If you have high blood pressure, C60 is not suitable but is helpful if you have low blood pressure. Carbon 70 is helpful if you have high blood pressure.

Situation so far
In our previous newsletter, we mentioned that we felt the supply issue would be resolved by Christmas. This was because we were promised supplies by two different labs but we now believe companies will keep promising yet never deliver- because they cannot. We’ve searched Russia, India, Europe, Turkey and all western labs.

We don’t believe anyone will be able to source carbon 60 in the next 6 months or longer anywhere in the World- unless a lab is capable of making their own carbon 60. Which is why we’re focusing all our efforts on building the reactor.

Large corporations have no problem hoarding supplies for as long as it takes, because there’s no money for big pharmaceutical corporations in health..
“You’re not going to make fools out of us!”

Also carbon 60 is; “not in China’s interest”. Make of that what you will.

I was talking with my friend in another C60 lab and both of us (labs) were searching high and low the World over for supplies and my friend in the business remarked how all supplies dried up all at once.

We’re not looking in China but he was. He has good contacts in Japan. But he said the Chinese have told him they don’t have supplies even for themselves. Knowing the Chinese this is most unusual.

Helium is now a huge problem and there is a 5 week waiting list for it. The price of helium has tripled.

Balloon people are getting a mixture of helium and 25% nitrogen which is heavier than air but they’re now paying $800 a tank when they were paying $300.

But thankfully we don’t need to use helium.

There appears to be a concerted effort to completely strangle this industry at birth- and it’s worldwide. My friend is also putting a reactor together and I feel he’s going to work on that rather than wait for supplies.

We’re still waiting on custom silicone seals for the reactor and other small equipment. Unfortunately due to Christmas, postal services are stretched at this time so it’s likely January before we’re in full production of C60.

Today we took delivery of some very important equipment and supplies needed to separate the various fulllerenes- without the use of solvents. Some of the equipment needs to be modified but that wont be an issue.

Last week we also took delivery of other equipment needed to pulverize carbon 60/70. A customer has requested we supply pulverized carbon 70 and we’ve agreed to do that.

We had a problem with the plasma arc needed to sublimate graphite, but thankfully it’s now solved. What was happening was that the graphite was creating a short circuit due to the design, which meant no plasma arc. Of course solving the problem led to another problem! But that is now completely solved also.

So we have actually produced a few grams of carbon 60, which is a great relief and clears the way so to speak. Of course these few grams can’t be used, but I’m very happy with the design because one side of it is not wasteful at all.

Now we know what further attributes the reactor needs and have handed more details to the fabricator. The fabricator does not need any more information as the design is finished. But he is very busy and will have it ready as he said, before Christmas.

We’re also waiting on fused silica quartz so we can view what is happening in the reactor and adjust dynamically. This will also give us flexibility. We also purchased a 200 amp (63 volt) DC power supply which turns out to be plenty of power 🙂

Carbon 60 AB
With help from our friends, we’ve managed to introduce the feminine principle into the carbon 60 molecule.

The C60 molecule has 26 pyramids. But what is an inverted pyramid? It is a vessel and a vessel is female. So (with help) we’ve found a way to INVERT the 26 pyramids so they are now pointing into the C60 molecule rather than pointing outwards.

This introduces the female principle in the form of a shape and the most magical things in the World always contain both female and male principles (in the right measure) no matter what the subject or field. Shapes and numbers are fundamental laws of the Universe amongst other foundations.

What is space male or female? It is female and what universal characteristic does space have? So the feminine principle is the one with the energy and is the healing one and if this characteristic is used, it adds ‘strength’ to the carbon 60 and 70 molecule.


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