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We were told by our suppliers in August that we would receive supplies of raw carbon 60 in mid-late October but they said probably last two weeks in October.

Our supplier is in touch with the entire industry and is doing everything he can to get supplies. In fact, labs were going to each other for supplies.
The situation is completely out of our hands.
We are doing everything humanly possible to get raw carbon 60.
Predicting a shortage disaster would happen, we ordered large supplies in early July, long before the shortage but we were too late.
We’ve contacted companies in Europe, Asia and the US.
We refuse to buy from China for very good reasons!
We are working on building a reactor right now, but that is also going to take time.
We still have plenty of stock of carbon 60 olive oil and carbon 70 olive oil.

We feel the market will sort itself out by Christmas, but then all back orders with every C60 lab must be filled, including ours. That will take time too. If you wish, you can receive a full refund. We feel significant price increases are on the cards and we’ll have to pass them on. We’ve been warned about price increases by our supplier.

Manufacturers are aware of the huge demand and that’s why they are raising prices. So if you cancel, we will not be able to supply your order at the price you bought it at, but could be 50% more expensive.

Very sorry about this situation, but recently, there are several positive signs things are beginning to get sorted out.

US labs were selling a few grams a few weeks ago, now they’re selling a few tens of grams albeit very expensive, but it is encouraging. We have been offered this carbon 60 but at astronomical prices.

We have also been offered a few Kg’s of carbon 60 from a European lab. Their prices are not cheap but ‘reasonable’, and we are currently in negotiations with them.

On the International side, one company in Turkey is said to have supplies of carbon 60 and three in India. We’re not even looking in China!

Right now we’re building a carbon 60 reactor. It’s predicted to produce 99.99% pure carbon 60 but without the use of ANY solvents whatsoever. We have also found a way to separate the various fullerenes, again without the use of solvents.

The design has been handed to a fabricator, and we are testing different features as it’s being built. We now have a vacuum pump and other equipment needed but some specialized equipment is taking it’s time to arrive.

Pulverized carbon 60
Another new development is the pulverization process which has been improved enormously. Our previous method led to about 50% mono-molecular C60 but this new method will be a significant improvement. How much will be mono-molecular? Were not sure yet. This means higher quality and ease of manufacturing for the home or small business producer.

But the way we separate and pulverize carbon 60 and Carbon 70 has led to a 30% increase in frequency/potency. We are also using female/magnetic electricity which again leads to a more potent and higher frequency product.

Finally, we have made quite incredible discoveries in the field of carbon 60 which we’ll write about in the coming weeks. This will lead to a new product, which is carbon 60 but cannot be compared to regular carbon 60 and so we have named it
Carbon 60 Ab Inferis Exsisto or simply C60 AB.
We’ve been asked for more information on Alchemy and also it’s relationship to fullerenes. So we’ll be sending an a newsletter on basic Alchemy- please unsubscribe if you don’t wish to receive this type of information.


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