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The Power of Fire

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Oil of Tribulus with Ignis Potio

Please make sure children do not come in contact with this product.


Adonis RED

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Adonis RED is 5-6 times more powerful than regular Adonis.

3 bottles will be enough to heal 90% of men with impotence issues.

9% of men with more difficulty will need 5 bottles.

1% or men who have suffered sexual abuse or other deep trauma- no amount of bottles of Adonis RED will bring healing. The core issues, the deepest issues must be dealt with first before Adonis Red can help.


Adonis RED acts like testoterone- it is extremely MASCULINE and therefore will give one a very masculine attitude. This is reflected physically also because the Alchemical maxim states that: As above, So Below. Therefore, when the astral body is masculine, the physical body, becomes more muscular.

After several bottles, one begins to notice an increase in Vascularity.

Muscle tone like neck etc is tightened up and one will become physically stronger, one’s leg for example you can see solid muscle like on that of a bull who eats grass and doesn’t work out!

Any work-out’s one does has double the effect physically.

The Astral Body

After taking several bottle of Adonis RED, one’s aura develops a powerful red color which creates a fiery Aura. This is felt by other men who suddenly begin to respect you seemingly for no reason. You become Authority, the power in the room the one other men look to for leadership even if you don’t feel you have changed at all.

This is also reflected with women- they will sense this male power which acts as a magnet and they become helpless in the face of MASCULINE POWER.

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Adonis can make some guys dizzy. So, when you take it, don’t operate heavy machinery or drive. Sit down for 15 minutes after you take it.

Drink plenty of water.

Dizziness is a sign Adonis potion is working, but if you don’t get dizzy, don’t worry, it is building regardless- be patient.


Adonis is an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac, so much so that when you take it, it removes negativity in such a powerful way, a void is left in the body which feels like dizziness.

As we know, years of negativity manifests physically in the body. What if this was suddenly and brutally removed? This is why one can feel dizzy, but only for about 15 minutes.

This is like an empty feeling, a feeling that something has been removed and the body is trying to compensate for whatever has been removed. It’s like the body has to re-calibrate itself. One minds becomes clear and empty too.

One’s blood pressure could drop as a result, so be careful on how much you take or you may faint. Adonis is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac.

Adonis is Energetically Sticky

 Adonis Potion sticks to negative energy and negative physical matter and the body removes it.

That is why there can be a dramatic feeling of emptiness and the body has to rest and re-calibrate itself.

This negative sexual energy can come out of the body through urine, ear wax, through the breath, sweat, defecation, some people could vomit, but that is not a bad thing. Literally projecting the negative energy like for example impotence out of the body.


Men should begin with one drop and increase that every 4 days to a maximum of ten drops. No man should ever exceed 10 drops a day.

Adonis is like building blocks, one day builds upon the other. So 3 drops taken daily, after 7 days would not be the same as the first three drops taken originally.

We estimate after 3 bottles- one will be completely transformed.


  • Adonis Potion for men will cure any sexual abuse even rape, spiritually and emotionally which leads to physical healing.
  • It brings barriers down for men, defenses, barriers emotions a.s.o. It also has a significant bone healing capacity due to Ignis Potio.
  • Based on Tribulus, Adonis removes taboos, restrictions, inhibitions, stereotypes stereotypical behavior, hang ups, conditioning etc.
  • It makes men’s blood flow, opens up blood pores, opens up everything, everything is in close harmony, it is powerful sexually, but enormous desire for the opposite sex.
  • Removes anxiety of dating and gives a strong devil-may-care attitude.
  • One looses the need for a relationship and becomes even more alluring in the process.
  • This potion builds so much so that lovers reach the height of ecstasy and rest for half an hour, then it is time to reach the height of ecstasy again.
  • Huge confidence- it lifts, it is power and force. It is all-male, the Warrior!
  • When 1 drop is applied to the solar plexus of both partners, both solar plexus communicate with each leading to a mind blowing sexual experience. But only 1 drop each as 2 drops on the man could rub off on to the woman which would make her ill.
  • Adonis is about MALE POWER.

 Money cannot buy what this potion will do for men.


For men who wish to gain maximum benefit from Adonis Potion, they should take Panaceia’s Tincture on alternative days.

Panaceia’s Tincture will strengthen and highlight Adonis and allow a deep connection to one’s partner, which would take passion and pleasure to the next level.


Emotional Downtime
All alchemical potions will bring negativity up to be cleared. This may be felt emotionally as healing downtime- a feeling of boredom, feeling low down or quiet.
Then one becomes happy again and then more downtime. But all the while, the person is evolving and growing happier despite these high and low cycles.

Physical Downtime
However, besides emotional downtime, there is also physical downtime where libido or pleasure will feel low. then it will feel high again and so on.

Expect these highs and lows and welcome them. They are sure indications your healing is going well and according to plan.


Do not give this potion to women, it will make them very ill. If this happens, the karma for same would be severe as this is a magical product.

One needs to be in a relationship to use this product otherwise one can descend into lust and fixation on sex.


24 year old male…

Hello Marten,
Below is my overall review of Adonis. Feel free to include this in your newsletter if you wish, or for whatever you’d like.

I started taking Adonis back in September of this year. I started with 1 drop and gradually increased the dosage each week by a further drop. Previously, I felt I’d lost my mojo.

I’d been single nearly over a year, while I had been investing in myself physically and mentally throughout the year. I seemed to lack confidence and perhaps attractiveness, but this is difficult to say if it is true or not.

A few weeks later, i was maybe taking three drops a day at this stage, i noticed minor changes. My ability to directly talk to women felt easier, as if there was no mental blockade questioning “what are you doing?”.
In college, my classmates seemed oddly keen on me being inclusive in conversation. When it came to opinions mine seemed to be an interest to other individuals. I could sense that I started becoming somewhat of an authority figure.
The ladies in my class, some of them, began to change their behavior towards me. Some who would’ve been confrontational towards me, backed off.
It’s as if they began to respect me being present in their company. Others showed signs of intrigue or seemed more shy when I was around.
It’s important to state, around this time I had become a committee member  on the Dance society.
A society mainly composed of women. Compliments began to be thrown in my direction, arm brushing and physical touch started becoming gestures of appreciation and acknowledgment.
Maybe it was the Adonis working but I’m sceptical at best. Still, It couldn’t just all be coincidence
On the Physical level, my weight lifting abilities have increased since taking Adonis. There is much to be taken into consideration.
I would consume a pre-workout stimulant before lifting, however, I’d also been taking this before Adonis.
Currently I weigh 65KG and I can squat 80KG maximum so far, which is heavier than myself.
I find that pushing myself to lift heavier is like a rush, Perhaps it’s Adonis combined with my testosterone, but I find it’s a good outlet to channel energy into.
Another thing i find Adonis has inproved is my sex drive. I started seeing someone in November.
Around then I was on 5-6 drops a day. Prior to that I hadn’t engaged with another woman physically in a year. The woman I was with seemed overwhelmed by my ability to perform stating “It’s always the quiet ones” indicating how surprised and taken back she was.
Since then I’ve felt more confident in my sense of self and mentally I know what I can bring to the table.
Adonis, however, can affect the user hard sometimes. Becuase i felt more sexualy active I had to learn to control my impulses; this yielded more benefits than you’d think.
My need to [self stimulate] subsided, the need to lift and exercise became stronger.
Biting the bullet for assignments and editing work for clients was now prioritised well.
Some days would be difficult, I’d experience some depression on days when I wasn’t in full control of my thoughts and feelings.
However, it’s hard to say if this was a result of Adonis or the strength I’d been using. But i found i could talk sense into myself and overall became more aware of how i felt and began to control my emotions
Speaking of emotions, over the last few months it’s become easier to see how people feel. It’s as if I can understand what kind of person the individual is.
Both men and women I encounter or who’re close to me have become somewhat predictable. I can tell If a woman shares an interest in me.
I can see if a guy looks up to me or if he’s not interested in who i am. It’s an odd feeling, this isn’t meant in an egotistical way, just an observation.
I’m hoping to continue my use into the new year and see what other benefits arrive in my life as a consequence of taking Adonis.
Needless to say, so far the experience has been more fruitful than i initially anticipated and I personally feel is helping me heal but also grow into the person I’m striving to be.