Red Lion Report- June 19th 2020


June 19th 2020

Dear Reader,


I’d have to say that sales dipped slightly the week before last and I think that’s because people are worried.

I think people are being a bit more cautious around finances. We supply supplement shops for example and they’re telling us people have completely moved away from buying supplements.

Nobody is taking supplements or vitamin C for example. Now all they want are supplements for their mental health, to help them sleep and to deal with stress or that type of thing.

So there is a big shift going on at the moment. Still some fear but it’s nothing to worry about. Sooner or later the U.S. will go back on the gold standard and that will lead to a golden age just like the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

There really is no choice. Then you will see the economy take off like a rocket!

Every household should have a jar of the Elixir in their medicine cabinet along with plasters and paracetamol.

Ok I might be slightly biased here (lol) but I’d have to repeat, any finances generated are not to enrich me.

What? Marten is given this precious and divine knowledge so that he makes himself rich? I hope that’s not what you think.

Sure we deserve to be well paid for what we do but as I said last year, the main parts of financial reward will be spent on a much bigger project down the line.

Divine knowledge is not meant to enrich one particular being but All That Are.

Stress Energy

To say stress causes illnesses is medical 101. Hundreds of studies have concluded that people who are stressed develop certain diseases and have a shorter life span.

As far as I remember, dentists and insurance actuaries suffer the most amount of stress and live the shortest lives.

But what is stress? Can we measure it? Put a slide rule on it?

Not really. The most we can do is measure it psychologically because scientific proof doesn’t have the tools to measure emotional energy as yet. But it does exist, we know it exists because people die of it every day.

But few talk about happy energy or the energy of Joy and what it can do. The first thing it can do is make you happy! Which is why in making you happy, alchemical preparations first expel stress energy and it feels like downtime.

Plant material or metals or carbon 60 all have impurities in the form of energy impurities. They may look the same as alchemically treated plants, metals or C60 but they’re not.

What alchemy does is remove the ‘stress’ energies from the plant, metal or mineral and put in happy positive energy in it’s place, thus increasing it’s frequency.

We can take that energy from the Universe or we can create it ourselves (have I not Told ye, ye are Gods).

This is a simple explanation of how we make Carbon 60 Sekhmet
Sekhmet or C60Ra changes the vibration of Oil permanently. The oil will not go back to it’s original/natural state even if the carbon 60 is removed.

Our present alchemical C60 works primarily on emotions and letting go of the past but it also works on conflict, whether that is in oneself, it helps cut ties, or between people but it also helps people with emotional issues to move forward.

For a person it speeds things up, makes things happen but doesn’t go backwards.
From Ms. D.R.S. North Carolina thank you..

Emotional levels since using the elixir and taking my daily does of C60 in olive oil.
As I last reported, I have been taking 1.25 ml daily. I am up to 1.5 ml daily now. When I went up to 2 ml …well, it was quite intense (remember I was also using elixir daily on wound and mole). I felt like my body was being altered on a cellular level and it was NOT comfortable.

I did breath work, tried to meditate etc but it was intense. After 2 times of that happening, I reduced the C60 back to the comfortable 1.5 ml. I feel the C60 is still increasing my ability to gently work through stress/worry/world fears/Corvid 19 scares/world changes etc. I am much more capable of living in the moment and recognizing falling into negative thinking patterns.

Again that balance of masculine (over thinking) and feminine (over emotional) is so much better. You wrote back to me that I might find I am getting an increase in that balance (I believe you said I might become more masculine and more feminine) and I wasn’t sure what that meant.

I have a much better idea now as I feel a deeper well of both aspects with a continued stronger balance between the two. I have had one change but it may be a healing rather than a crisis.

I have a history of migraines and have had more in the last 2 months that has been my normal pattern for the last 3 years. It may be the crazy weather patterns (my trigger is barametric changes) or I may be healing the brain scars etc from migraines from the last 20 yrs.

It is hard to tell because too many unusual patterns that could be effecting them. I also had a wicked sinus infection (and I am not prone to sinus infections in general). So, a cleasning or just odd coincidences? I can’t tell so can only observe and perhaps in retrospect know more later as time gives me answers not readily available in the here and now.

Again I thank you and your team for all you do to produce these wonderful and powerful healing remedies. I am deeply, deeply grateful to you and your unique approach to the alchemy of C60 .
Sincerely – D.R.S. (North Carolina)

Weird unexplained and sudden symptom like a Sinus problem? My guess is that there was a hidden sinus infection there already and the elixir drove the infection crazy and healed it.

As regards migraines, I’m really not surprised they suddenly and inexplicably got worse because the poison is being drawn out. My guess is when the migraine healing crises is over, Ms. D.R.S. will never experience a migraine again- maybe I’m wrong? We’ll see 🙂


I’m talking about making a list as mentioned in a previous newsletter. The sentences slowly incrementally become part of your being and then they are circular.

When you read sentences and they don’t seem to have any meaning, that means you are going through putrefaction, ‘downtime’ ‘cutting to the point to clear it’ ‘healing crises- they all mean the same thing.

You must Read the sentence and not merely read it like a computer. You must understand it’s meaning.


The Elixir increases in strength as it’s used. It forms more crystals and it looses it’s purple color. But don’t worry, it is in fact more potent now than when you bought it.

One smear of elixir is equal to 1 week of positive thinking. When I say 1 week I mean thinking and feeling positive 24 hours a day for a week and thinking of Nothing else.

So if you have a skin blemish and apply the elixir once to it, it would be the same as thinking positively and feeling positively that the blemish will disappear for 160 hours and thinking of nothing else but that.

If you have questions- I’d like to invite you to put them on the blog in the comments section. That way other people can read them and it cuts down on the amount of questions I have to answer! lol.

Gratitude in your Actions is the key to more knowledge.


Best Regards

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