Carbon 60 Status Report- July 3rd 2020

July 3rd 2020

Dear Reader,


Sales this week are much stronger which must be a reflection of how people are feeling. Fear uncertainty and doubt seem to be waning and confidence is returning.

A question was sent in to us:

I am curious to know if a person could take C60 if they are also taking a prescribed medication?

Carbon is nontoxic and 18% of our diet is carbon, for example you see carbon when food is burned for example toast.

It’s makes no difference what the shape is for example a molecule with 60 carbon atoms is still non-toxic.

But my first concern would be- if a person is on medication, perhaps their body is not as strong as it could be and the healing power of the Elixir or oil could cause a strong healing crises which could cause a shock to the body.

My other concern would be that the medication would interfere with the healing power of our alchemical carbon 60. So if it was myself here, I would try to take RL C60 olive oil or the Elixir in the morning so that you can sleep at night and medication in the evening so that one doesn’t interfere with the other.

Medication will dampen down any healing powers of the carbon 60. If you have to take medication in the morning, apply the elixir or take C60 olive oil in the evening instead.

Also start off on a very low dose, say 4 drops per day and increase your dosage slowly until you feel strong effects and dial back the amount you consume to a tolerable level. An eye dropper has about 30 drops.

I speak a lot about emotional healing but of course the Elixir is quite amazing at healing physical injuries and illnesses. It’s especially good at healing walking issues and skin complaints and of course looking younger and feeling younger.

But it can, does and is healing issues which the medical profession cannot heal. For example we have a client with a very rare disease called Vasculitis.

It constricts blood vessels to the point it chokes blood supply to organs like the heart and kidneys. This client has only 6% of her kidneys functioning and became a dialysis patient 2 years ago.

What we advised her to do is put one smear of Elixir over one kidney only once a week and a smear over the other kidney the following week. So in effect she is using one smear a week but each kidney has a two week break.

Her immune system is shattered and this very very gentle amount was all that was needed but importantly she continued applying one smear a week for months. It’s the length of time that is important.

Only 3 weeks ago suddenly she became concerned because she felt dizzy as if the whole room was spinning and wrote to us. Of course I was delighted because this dizziness is a symptom of vasculitis and it meant only one thing- healing crises.

In my opinion the vasculitis itself seems to be healing along with her kidneys. Now she is using two smears per week again alternating between kidneys. But because the dizziness symptom has not returned, I believe the vasculitis is healing.

I don’t expect she will get the full function of her kidneys back but I do feel she can expect 70% and that is livable. The lady in question is over the moon. She also rubs Elixir or the corners of her bed weekly and in the corners of her bedroom weekly.

She has become much more positive because as you can imagine, she wouldn’t last a week with covid 19; elixir or no elixir- nothing could save her. So she has spent the last three months indoors.

But the Elixir has given her a fighting attitude in a desperate situation and when someone is this ill, attitude can mean the difference between life and death.
Becoming a warrior doesn’t always mean fighting with swords.

So this is a good example of how one should proceed with someone who is seriously ill.

Hate giving my age away- alchemists are nocturnal creatures, shy tending to avoid contact with humans lol. But lets just say I remember watching the show ‘Hawaii five O’ when i was young!

So I expect to be 7 years older than I am now in 40 years time if that makes sense. This is because my physical age is now 7.5 years younger than before I started using the Elixir and C60 olive oil.

Mind you I have made an even more concentrated Sekhmet elixir for my own personal use. It’s about 33% more powerful. I wouldn’t sell this, it might be dangerous for some. But as my body is well used to C60 olive oil, Elixirs and other things, I can take it with no harm.

So when I am in my mid nineties, I expect my ‘body age’ to be about 61 years old and I will look only 61yo.

Only thing I wouldn’t use this ‘personal use’ elixir is for testosterone! All men are brave, are potential heroes except when it comes to this lol.

Thanks to Ms. K.T. for this report. She is quietly making medical history and blazing a trail for others to follow:

Hi Marten,

I was wondering if you know of any information on c60 healing neurological issues like seizure disorders? I’ve had seizures since I was 14. I always believed it was something to do with heavy Aspartame use as a child, and concussions as a trigger.

My seizure medication increases GABA in my brain, to slow down my high brain activity like a sedative. I was always in a brain fog!

Over the last 3 months I’ve noticed a diminished need to take my seizure medication.

Basically, the daily “seizure aura” symptoms that always tell me I may have a seizure have almost disappeared.

I still take seizure medication of course, but the seizure activity signs are going away.

Are my brain neurons HEALING??? I did not think that was possible, but some healing is going on in the one place my doctor told me was impossible.

Has the [RL] c60 regulated or normalized my brain chemistry? That would be fantastic if true.

Since I’ve taken the Sekhmet Elixir, I noticed exponential improvement in this area.

Today I received, and took my first dose of pulverized Sekhmet concentrate.

Honest to GOD, I felt like I was physically lifted out of that brain fog I’m always in, because of my seizure medicine. Complete mental clarity!! I was awake for the first time in a long while.

I have not felt like this…with a clear undrugged mind, since Before my seizure medication started all those years ago.

It felt like my whole body was now above that low vibration…if that makes any sense? I feel fantastically normal! That’s all I ever wanted. 😀

I received one tube of the Sekhmet pulverized concentrate. I’m thinking I may test just the concentrate on myself for as long as it lasts and see what happens.

Do you have any advice for me or concerns?

Should I use the concentrate, and buy another tube to make a 2L batch??

Any of your feedback is always desired…during this trip I’m on.


Please do not do what Ms. K.T. did and take Sekhmet pulverized concentrate straight from the syringe. It was okay with the previous pulverized concentrate. I mentioned to K. that doing this would turn her upside down emotionally and she did admit ‘it did a number on me’.

But K. is well used to our products and has been building her dosage for some time now. So please don’t take Sekhmet pulverized concentrate neat or it will make you feel Fatally invincible and then do a number on you haha.

Sekhmet Elixir

As I said, a jar of Elixir should be in every household. It should be in the medicine cabinet along with paracetamol. But what I really want you to know is the spiritual level of the Elixir.

For myself I have changed a lot already. My psychic/intuitive side has become much stronger but I really don’t feel comfortable with other people putting it on their third eye.

People could loose their minds so I have to warn you against that. I have many years even decades of training spiritually and my body is well used to the Elixir.

On sexual parts it’s very good for both male and female and also good if people have digestive issues through nerves. So if this covid thing and the future is making you worried, apply some Elixir to tummy area low down just above the pubic bone area.

Elixir and Relationships
The Elixir is very good for couples and very good for letting go of past issues. Can you imagine if emotional issues are resolved for both parties, how that might improve a relationship?

And how the intimate areas of relationships are improved with less emotional issues, more immersive experiences and the Elixir is used on private areas for libido?

BTW there is no limit to how strong libido can get- unlimited despite what people may think, there is no limit. The only limits are peoples self imposed limiting beliefs.
Ms D.R.S said last week:

Perhaps the most impressive has been a mole that developed on my thigh in recent years. Slightly smaller than a dime, raised above skin level and definitely a new development in the last 2 yrs. I started putting c60 [oil] on until I got the elixir and then switched over to that. Results are very profound.

It began to dry out and shrink. It is probably 1/2 the original size and continues to quietly dry and shrink. It may need a few more months before it completely disappears but that does seem to be its path currently. I believe if I continue to lightly but daily use the elixir on it, it will disappear. Amazing!!

My guess is that Ms. D.R.S. doesn’t need to apply the elixir to the mole anymore because it’s already healed. Why it is still there is simply because the body is removing excess tissue but the problem is already gone.

The Future

I said before that everything would be far better than before. When restrictions are lifted and we can shake hands and hug each other once again- we’ll be doing a lot of that. Sometimes a thing needs to be taken away from us before we can appreciate it.

Cutting ties

Try this:
Every morning try to think of any outstanding past issue you have, cut ties with it and imagine it going into the Akasha principle as discussed previously.

You’ll find less and less issues every day and they don’t seem to have as much energy until you have no baggage left.

Grounding- The Red Lion way

This is a true secret which I don’t believe anyone in the world has right now. But I have permission to tell you guys! That’s not always the case so it’s a pleasure to reveal this method.

Grounding can be very important especially when clearing past issues and emotions. Not being grounded can cause one to be ‘in their head’ which leads to immersion problems for couples especially men. Being ungrounded can also lead to a lack of sleep and many other problems.

It’s very important to drink a lot of water while using the Elixir. 2 liters per day!

  1. Stand on grass with bare feet, not even socks. You can stand on sand or soil etc. Imagine your legs have become like roots going deep into the ground. Sort of plant your feet on the ground shoulder width apart, gripping with your toes.
  2. If you are right handed, then imagine earth energy coming up the right leg, filling up your body and pushing earth energy back out your left leg and back down into the earth. So this is a kind of circular. Do this for 1 minute.
  3. After circulating the energy for 1 minute- reverse it this time. Instead of earth energy rising up through your right leg, imagine it coming up through your left leg instead and again filling up your body and back out your right leg. Do this for 5 minutes.
  4. Now imagine all the energy has returned to the earth and your body is clear of it.
  5. Imagine earth energy coming up both legs at once and filling up your body and mixing together. Do this for 1 minute and then imagine all the energy leaving your body and you are completely clear with no earth energy remaining.

If you are left handed then the above exercises should be reversed. You might feel the first 1 minute part strangely difficult because your body will not have experienced such an energy before and might resist. But the second time you do the exercise it should go much better.

Doing the second 5 minute part, you might feel slightly dizzy.

The last 1 minute stage is so balanced and the icing on the cake and will really earth you.

If you have any questions, please make a comment in our blog so that other people can see the question and answer thank you 🙂


At the heart of every man lies a true Alpha Male.

Best Regards

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