Carbon 60 Status Report- 31st July 2020

31st July 2020


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We’d like to welcome Joanne to the Red Lion team. Joanne is from Dublin, Ireland and will be working as sales exec. and helping with admin here at Red Lion. We are delighted to have her support as she has vast experience in the professional World.


Communication with the Elixir

This week I’d like to concentrate on the Elixir and what it can do for communication, for example with couples.

The Elixir should be applied on the throat chakra as that is the area responsible for communication.

Communication is not only eloquence, i.o.w. the ability to put complicated emotional issues in simple terms but also sexual communication, spiritual communication and emotional communication.

Sexual communication doesn’t always mean starting with the emotional body. It begins with emotions and in the throat chakra and enables people to speak their truth.

Sometimes we hold our thoughts in and they come out as garbled gobbledygook. Using the Elixir on the throat area helps people to express themselves, take control of their conversation and control of the emotions rather than blurting them out!

People generally think of a chakra as a kind of spinning wheel. But in fact they are like mini tornadoes. The throat chakra is a sky blue color. Sometimes ‘stuff’ gets caught in these chakras liek negative emotion and the don’t spin as fast and their color dims.

The Elixir helps to express the unspoken word with gentleness rather than coming out as an irate tirade! It helps one who is maybe biting their tongue for 2, 5 or 10 years. Or even an employee to an employer- you haven’t treated me right and you know I feel hard done by, you haven’t treated me right as an employee.

This is the type of emotion the Elixir helps with and I think this is happening in the world too because of false news and all of these things and this expression of word is very important and the Elixir will help in a huge way to unblock the throat chakra first but secondly to heal the emotion which comes with the spoken word.


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