Carbon 60 Status Report- 14th August 2020

14th August 2020

Dear Reader,

August would be traditionally a low month for us- people going on holidays a.s.o. but sales are slowly and steadily increasing. The same thing is happening as before, people are not spending small amounts but buying large quantities.

The World may appear to be going postal but we are moving forward at a tremendous rate! A cure will be found for covid 19 sooner or later but in the meantime incredible change is occurring and for the better- I’m celebrating!

All countries are coming together and have you noticed there is no war and no prospect of war anywhere? People are coming together as one and slowly discovering the people around them and the World they live on.


Last week I spoke about what the Elixir can do for communication but this week I’d like to discuss what it can do for ones body and the physicality of the body.

The Elixir awakens one’s body. For example female hormones are balanced out making for a happy balanced person and this makes a person feel very attractive, even if they feel overweight.

So the Elixir is very strong in balancing female hormones and sensuality within themselves and they may find certain parts of their bodies a little more sensitive particularly if they apply Elixir to sensitive parts.

It is the same with men except men should apply the Elixir to the prostate area. Lack of virility is caused by emotional hurts. This is where cutting ties is so important for men and as you may know I discussed a wonderful method of cutting ties in a recent newsletter.

Also applying the Elixir to the prostate area aids health and prostate cancer is a risk for men in later years. So it’s best to keep it as healthy as possible. But applying the Elixir to that area will cleanse the sacral chakra and an emotionally damaged man will become virile once more.

Divine Providence

Our Father is in full control of the situation on earth. In the next 3 years all large negative corporations and governments will fall- I personally guarantee it!

Have a desire to go good in the world and you’ll be blessed with abundance!


Best Regards

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