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Dear reader,

I’m pleased to report we have finally caught up on all back-orders including all present orders up to last Wednesday.

After a year of being under huge pressure I can finally breath relief!

In hindsight we should never have taken back-orders but at the time we were promised a kilo of C60 was imminent, until it wasn’t lol. But it is what it is.

Kae Elmer of youtube fame has invited me to talk at a Webinar tomorrow.

Marten from Red Lion
Sat. Dec. 7 (8:00-9:00am HST) (1:00pm-200pm EST) / (6:00-7:00pm GMT)
Please join the webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone with this link.

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There may be a few orders we missed for example software might say they are on hold for some reason but they’ll be filled in due course.

OMG Karen and I spent two days just answering emails after the offer on the elixir last report. It was ridiculous!

We didn’t make anything on the offer but to me it’s an investment- don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

I’ll rescind the offer tonight 12pm GMT.

The volume of sales was massive but we tore into the work almost night and day. I really don’t want old orders remaining for the new year.

We also got 7 serious inquiries about distributorships/franchises on the elixir. So I thought I’d answer a few questions (and cut down on emails lol).

Elixir Franchise

I know what it takes to start a business, so initially we’ll offer a franchise business at a 25% discount for the first purchase and 25% for the second purchase.

What I mean by purchase is we supply the alchemical C60 (C60Ra) necessary to make the elixir at a 25% discount and give the franchisee 2 chances to put some money in their pocket and build a customer base.

After that the franchisee should have a lot more sales and we then ask for the normal price of C60Ra.

The franchisee buys their own organic coconut oil, mixes the ingredients together in a particular way, labels the elixir and sells it.

The quantity of coconut oil needed is roughly 5.3 liters. So obviously this will be a considerable investment for some. But people who have used it know they’ll sell every jar.

But we must insist that a small logo ‘certified by red lion’ be placed on the labels. We will make a random purchase of the franchisee’s product and make sure it is not diluted or anything weird put into it that we don’t know about.

We’re simply not having fraud committed using our products. But the franchisee should double their money or more and it is a generous offer.

Also there are no returns if we ship C60Ra and it is delivered. That’s because a crooked person could use half of it and fill it back up with something else and then return it for a full refund.

That’s not happening!


Please be careful with the elixir! Two customers left their jar in an orientation where it melted and seeped out of the the jar.

Thanks to Ms. E.K.

I would love to be able to order another jar as the gift option. Sadly the last jar I bought I was loving it and using it sparingly and I traveled to a seminar and on the way home it must have been Very hot in the baggage area on the plane because it melted and seeped out of the jar onto my clothes…
I didn’t care about the clothes, just that the jar was almost completely empty…THANK YOU for this opportunity again to get this elixir, I Love it so much and can really feel it the second I put it on my face. You are creating Miracles.

There is a foil seal on both male and female elixir jars and the lid wont seal well if there are bits of aluminum stuck to the rim.

So if you normally have the jar heated and the elixir is liquid, it might leak out if placed on it’s side.

Place the elixir in the fridge and when solid, remove torn pieces of foil seal- if you intend traveling or other.

I think we might begin to supply the elixir in zip-lock bags from now on, I’ll look into it.


Gratitude to Ms. I.C. regarding the elixir (with permission):

I was away with friends last weekend when my throat started to feel like glass shards, my voice became hoarse, was congested & I started coughing uncontrollably. I felt like I was hit with the flu.
Typically, I always have mms & colloidal silver with me but this time I only had colloidal. I coated my throat [neck] with the c60 and the coughing stopped within minutes. In about a half hour my breathing cleared & my throat was better. Each time it flared up I did the same thing. Each episode was less intense & less frequent. In a few days it was gone.

This is a perfect example of ‘cutting to the point to clear it’ or what alchemists call putrefaction.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. This is true also when we’re talking about emotional energy.

Often the elixir will bring up stuff to clear it. Symptoms will get suddenly and inexplicably worse.

The ‘bad’ energy must come out and it shows itself with symptoms. But it is clearing or cutting it out, right to the point and clearing it.

My guess is that Ms I.C. will never experience those issues again.

Here is a lovely review by a gent in Ecuador who shall remain nameless!

Hi Karen I’m Running low again You saved my Bussiness Last time by pushing my order up If you can do that again I would greatly appreciate it . If you cannot please let me know ..Hopefully that is Possible again.. Also I would Like to have a chance at getting a francise for the elixir here in Ecuador. Something I have learned about women sense I have been using it . Women get more excited about vanishing wrinkles than Immortality. Im the best advertisement because my face has changed so much people are shocked that have not seen me in a while. I had an infection in my eyes that made them itch for 8 years . So imagine a man that has rubbed his eyes for eight years total mess. I used the elixir and the itching stopped and all the wrinkles left . My wife was gone a few months in the states came back to a different man. I ordered 2 more bottles today and 4 before that all for woman and one man . I’m still using the little sample bottle this stuff last a long time .

Pulverized alchemical C60

If you heat olive oil to 212F or 100 degrees centigrade, please throw all of it out! Olive oil cannot be heated to this temperature.

Also the alchemical nature or the alchemical properties of the product will be, not destroyed but changed negatively.

But 85 or better 80 degrees centigrade is fine for less than 24 hours. You cannot heat it for 48 hours, it needs rest time of 2 weeks before heating again.

Lets talk about the concentrate! (Marten shakes his head).

I’m talking about the syringes with alchemical C60 in them which we’ve recently decided to use olive oil.

Some guys and yes it’s men who do this are squirting the contents of the syringe down their throat!

We really don’t encourage this but if it’s happening I may as well address it and discuss the issues.

But one is far better off injecting the concentrate into olive oil as it will go a long way and one will get much better value.

The pros

Men who are doing this immediately order more.

An alchemical preparation like this will strengthen your whole physical body.

Mentally your memory will become far stronger and you’ll be celebrating your memory.

If you’re awakening snake power/kundalini, it will awaken it, but watch out! You don’t want to end up in hospital. It is wise to have trepidation about snake power.

But taking the concentrate will also give you a tremendous boost.

It will make you very confident. It has a huge effect on confidence and spiritually things will flow much better for you.

Massive strengthening of ones emotions/emotional body, pushing old emotions away.

You may experience tingling in your body.

The cons

Above I mentioned ‘cutting to the point to clear it’ for a reason.

3ml is the utmost a man should take PER WEEK. It’s best if women do not take this product at all, but if they do they should not take more than 1ml PER WEEK!

Please do not go tempting fate by taking it twice a week. Of course I’ll be completely ignored as usual but I warned you!

If women take more than 1ml it will make them incredibly emotional- over emotional to an extreme degree which could be very detrimental. Please just put it in 2 liters of olive oil!

The effects on men who take more than 3ml- the worry is elation, overly zealous, it’s just too much.

Men who take more than 3ml will think they are a magician, they’ll think they can conquer anything and might come up with a lot of negativity.

That’s because the elixir will clear emotions from the past. Things like old relationships, memories, fears, insecurities and what happens when you clear insecurities?

Total confidence because you have no insecurities, but the ‘cutting to the point to clear it’ means initially you will feel Invinsible but all the old emotions will come up and you may end up in a ball of depression.

If a spirit was looking at this situation they’d say- oh look! that’s excellent, that person is clearing out old emotions and memories; that’s so healing!

And it would be healing but the person will not see it that way!

So if you take more than 3ml, there is a crash side to it, the disillusion side to it would be a huge crash and it’s like I want to get back to that again so maybe I’ll take 6ml now.

So if you do take too much, you are clearing!!! it’s actually not depression at all. That will be of some comfort. But the clearing will only last a few days.

Men who take 20ml will they think they could jump off a building, that’s the type of elation I’m talking about.

This isn’t madness, they would not be out of their minds like an illicit drug. It would be the opposite- total clarity.

So I don’t mean mad- they’d be thinking outside the box; I can achieve this, I can do anything, they’ll be the most un-grounded people so it would be quite dangerous but the downtime would be far long lasting with 20ml.

Downtime or clearing would be for weeks for someone who took 20ml and that would be painful. They would still be clearing, it would still be healing but I wouldn’t like to see the wall they’d hit in doing so.

20ml guys could have weeks of depression it could mess up serotonin in the body, the happy part of the body.

With 3ml you’ll get a little down time but I don’t think one would suffer with depression.

But each time these painful emotions are cleared, one is cleansed more and more.

Remember this is a genuine ALCHEMICAL elixir. It works on three levels- physical, emotional and mental.

So please heed the warning and only take a small dose like 1ml per week to begin with.

Or simply mix with 2 liters of olive oil, the best solution 🙂

Final words

I have a lot more to say including spiritual information on ultrasound, but I think I’ll leave that for the webinar tomorrow.

It’s time to lay the ghosts of the past to rest and move on to a new life.



Best Regards

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